Starbucks vs 5 to go: what is the big difference?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks globally. There are different coffee-related companies worldwide and it is interesting to know how they compare.

Coffee is made using different methods in different regions using coffee beans from different countries. Being a coffee enthusiast, I enjoy learning about coffee from different nations. Some coffee chains have established themselves internationally, while others operate within their country. Some coffee lovers do not know what the difference between different coffee chains is. This article will help you learn how Starbucks and 5 to Go differ. Read on!

What are the differences between 5 to Go Vs Starbucks?


5 to Go



A friendly, urban space with Scandinavian accents where you can relax and socialize.

Has a welcoming atmosphere, has art on the walls, warm lighting, and encourages interaction.


Has 280 locations in 34 cities in Central Eastern Europe

Has more than 33,833stores in over 80 countries


The beverages menu is not diverse

The food options are very limited

Includes many specialty drinks and even has a secret menu

The food options are somehow limited

Price range

Affordable pricing

Most products are expensive

Beverage sizes

It ranges from 8 fl oz. and 22 fl oz.

It ranges between 8 fl oz. and 31 fl oz.

Environmental consciousness

No mention of the company’s strategies aimed at reducing its footprints on the environment.

Recycles cups and uses dishwashers to minimize water usage.

5 to Go Vs Starbucks – How they compare

Starbucks vs 5 to go


Starbucks stores have a welcoming atmosphere, beautiful art pieces on the wall, warm lighting, working desks, charging outlets, strong Wi-Fi, and a seating arrangement that encourages interaction. 

On the other hand, 5 to go stores offer you a friendly, urban space with Scandinavian accents. Additionally, baristas at 5 to go will warmly receive you once you enter the store. 

Starbucks wins in this category because its stores are more ambient compared to 5 to go stores. 


Starbucks has more stores. It has approximately 33833 stores in more than 80 countries worldwide. 

On the other hand, 5 to go has fewer stores. It has 280 locations in 34 cities in Central Eastern Europe. 

Starbucks wins in this category because it has more locations than 5 to go. Starbucks has 120 times more stores than 5 to go. 


Starbucks beverage menu includes specialty and secret menu drinks. Its beverage menu is diverse because you can customize drinks to your liking.

Starbucks also has food items, which include hot breakfast, lunch, bakery, lunch, snacks and sweets, oatmeal, and yogurt. 

5 to go beverage menu is not that diverse compared to Starbucks. The company also offers its customers limited food options such as snacks.

Starbucks wins in this category because it has a more diverse beverage and food menu compared to 5 to go. 

Price range

Starbucks products (beverages, food items, and merchandise) are more expensive. 

On the other hand, 5 to go offer its customers fair pricing for all products. It is cheaper than Starbucks. 

5 to go wins in this category because it is the cheaper option. 

Beverage sizes 

Starbucks offers its customers beverages in small (8 oz.), tall (12 oz.), grande (16 oz.), venti (20 oz.), or a tenta (31 oz.) cup sizes.

On the other hand, 5 to go offers its customers beverages in 236 (8 oz.), 330, 473, 500, 650 (22 oz.) ml cup sizes. 

Starbucks wins in this category because it has more and larger beverage serving sizes compared to 5 to go. 

Environmental consciousness

Starbucks encourages its customers to reuse their coffee cups and mugs to reduce its footprint on the environment. Additionally, it uses dishwashers which reduce water waste. 

On the other hand, there is no mention of 5 to go’s strategies aimed at reducing harm to the environment by the disposal of plastic coffee mugs. 

This category is a draw because both are environmentally conscious.

5 to Go Vs Starbucks – A Comparison Overview

5 to Go Overview


5 to go’s story goes back to 2015, at its initial launch. Its founders’ -Radu Savopol and Lucian Bădilă-decision to start the coffeehouse chain was driven by the desire to offer coffee lovers quality coffee-based products at affordable prices. The company is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. Radu Savopol is its current CEO.   

Over the 6 years, it has been operational, 5 to go has expanded significantly to 280 locations in Romania and abroad, in France, Belgium and UK.  

5 to go stores specializes in coffee but has other drinks and food items on its menu. 5 to go offers its customer base premium-quality coffee, food, and merchandise and has several awards to show for it.

The company has a unique approach to business. It utilizes the fixed price strategy; any product (coffee-based, pastry, and fresh beverages products) costs 5 RON. Additionally, its stores provide customers with a friendly, urban space with Scandinavian accents, where they can relax and socialize. 

Starbucks Overview

5 to go

Starbucks’ story began over 50 years ago, in 1971 when three individuals Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin, and Gordon Bowker had aspirations to create a coffee house that would offer high quality beverages. The three founders opened the first Starbucks coffee shop in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. Howard Schultz is the current CEO at Starbucks.

The coffee chain has expanded extensively over the 50 years and now boasts over 33,000 outlets globally. Starbucks is unarguably one of the biggest and most popular coffee chains worldwide that has a wide international market.

Starbucks is famously recognized for its delicious and high quality coffee but it also specializes in other drinks and products, including tea and chocolate, food, coffee blends, and company-branded merchandise. One fun fact about the organization is that the first store did not actually sell coffee drinks but specialized in selling teas, spices, and fresh-roasted coffee beans, from different countries for home use. 

Final Verdict: So, Which is Better? – 5 to Go vs. Starbucks

Overall, Starbucks is better than 5 to Go. It is hard to beat the extensive beverage menu that Starbucks offers. Starbucks’ menu includes cold coffees, hot coffees, hot drinks, frappuccino blended beverages, iced teas, hot teas, and cold drinks. 5 to Go only offers coffee, cold drinks, hot drinks, and soft drinks on its menu. Starbucks also has a wide variety of options to choose from in each category. Starbucks also has many locations worldwide while 5 to Go is yet to establish itself internationally. Apart from an extensive menu, Starbucks also keeps things interesting with seasonal and holiday drinks. 

FAQ Section

Is 5 to Go Coffee stronger than Starbucks coffee?

Starbucks has an extensive beverage menu and that makes it have more variety with more caffeine than 5 to Go.

Does Starbucks coffee taste better than 5 to Go?

Starbucks offers a wide variety of options and caters to different taste preferences, making its coffee better. 

Do Europeans prefer 5 to Go over Starbucks? 

While 5 to Go has not been in business for long like Starbucks, it has become the most accessed franchise in Romania and the biggest coffee chain in eastern Europe. It would be safe to say Europeans prefer 5 to Go due to its affordability and since people want to support Romanian brands. 

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