Why does Starbucks want to Unionize? (How many Starbucks Locations are Unionized?+More Information)

A union is in place to ensure that workers get proper treatment and pay at work. A wave of unionization has swept across Starbucks workers everywhere. Why does Starbucks want to unionize?

The reason, like most workers in other organizations, is to have an intermediary between the company management and the employees. Employers whose employees are not unionized make one-sided decisions about employees’ welfare. When I first heard of Starbucks unionization, I wondered why the employees wanted to be under a union. From what I had heard, employees at Starbucks are called partners and have amazing health covers, paid vacations, and paid sick leaves. In this post, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the ongoing Starbucks unionization. You might want to stick around to find out why Starbucks employees suddenly want to unionize and if it’s a good or a bad idea.

Is Starbucks Unionized?

It is safe to say that Starbucks is now unionized. This is after 60 locations across 17 states voted for unionization in 2021. This wave swept across the United States in December after the pandemic. According to Forbes, employees in some Starbucks in New York claimed that they simply wanted better. They claimed that the company increased their pay rate during the pandemic when they were categorized as essential workers, but reversed the rates after the stores were ordered to open normally.

This wave hasn’t stopped yet; many more Starbucks workers are expected to join the unionization. A worker in Seattle said that the turnover was great at all Starbucks stores and that most employees were new. The new workers said that the Starbucks job was the best they ever had. The old staff did not share these sentiments and said that the job was good, but it could be better.

How Many Starbucks Locations are unionized?

How many Starbucks Locations are Unionized?

As of March 2022, the number of unionized locations stood at 150. Many more are expected to unionize by the end of the year. There is no looking back for these workers. They appreciate their job, but they feel that they can get better perks. Some complained about understaffing, others talked about low wages, while others complained about an unfavorable working environment. These workers believe that a union is their answer to all their woes. We can only wait and see how these events will turn out, but as it is, Starbucks is headed for unionization across all its stores.

Final Thoughts

A wave such as this is inevitable especially if there are substantial reasons. The company loses nothing; in fact, Starbucks gains as this is bound to reduce the high turnover rate. Employees perform better when the working conditions are right.


What does a Union mean at Starbucks?

It means that the employees at Starbucks have an intermediary between them and their employer. This comes in handy whenever there are issues involving the infringement of employee rights.

Is Unionization a good thing at Starbucks?

Yes, it is. The union is there to protect the rights of employees such as by negotiating contracts for better terms.

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