Does drinking Starbucks every day cause weight gain? (How drinking Starbucks every day can affect your health + FAQs

It depends on what you consume from Starbucks every day. Though Starbucks coffee can lead to weight loss, most drinks can cause weight gain due to the high calories and sugar.

Do you find Starbucks drinks hard to resist but are trying to watch your weight? I know the feeling. Though I have always loved the energy I got after consuming most Starbucks caffeinated drinks, I noticed most of my jeans were starting to feel a bit tight after a month of consuming Starbucks. I came up with this post to help you understand how drinking Starbucks everyday affects your health.

What Starbucks drinks make you gain weight

How drinking Starbucks every day can affect your health

Research shows that every 2 in 5 people consume tea or sweetened coffee drinks every day. Starbucks is famous for its delicious drinks and gives customers a chance to order their drinks differently. If you are a Starbucks fan, you should be careful with how you order your drinks since some could lead to weight gain. They include the following.


This is one of the most ordered drinks at Starbucks. Though having a cold Frappuccino on a hot day can be quite refreshing, it is not the healthiest option. Drinking a Frappuccino from Starbucks every day can lead to weight gain since it has many calories. For instance, a grande size Frappuccino contains around 370 calories. This is a sugary drink that can increase your waistline.

Besides the calories, it also contains a lot of sugar that contributes to weight gain. Starbucks reveals that a 16-ounce cup of Frappuccino contains more than 50 grams of sugar. According to nutritionists, you should not consume over 36 grams of sugar daily. Apart from making you add weight, taking this Starbucks drink every day could lead to health issues like diabetes, acne, and digestive problems such as bloating.

Caramel Macchiato

Such fancy Starbucks drinks also lead to weight gain in most people. The grande size Caramel Macchiato has 250 calories, leading to weight gain. Though this drink is delicious, its nutritional value is minimal. Consuming this Starbucks drink every day also adds fat content to your body. This drink has 64 grams of sugar which are way above what health experts recommend.

Vanilla latte

Starbucks makes latte with milk foam, steamed milk, and espresso. This can also cause weight gain since it is a sugar-dense Starbucks drink. It also has a high-fat content of about 10.6 grams. A large cup of vanilla latte could have up to 17.9 grams of fat. Vanilla latte is also an addictive drink that can negatively interfere with the blood sugar control in your body.

Pumpkin spice latte

Before ordering this drink, you should know that it has 50 grams of sugar. This is unhealthy, especially for people on a weight loss journey since it does not have a lot of protein. It can negatively affect your blood sugar and prevent you from feeling full.

Why some Starbucks drinks will make you gain weight

Most Starbucks drinks can make you gain weight due to the high calories and sugar. Though the body can easily break down the sugar you consume from Starbucks drinks into glucose, excess glucose gets converted into fat. Taking a Starbucks drink with high sugar content can make you intake empty calories that can prevent you from feeling full.

After taking Starbucks drinks, some people start experiencing sugar cravings and become dependent on them. This increases the risk of obesity in some customers. Apart from the sugar and calories, taking some Starbucks drinks too late can also contribute to weight gain. If, for instance, you take a highly caffeinated drink before bed, this can negatively affect the quality of your sleep.

Disrupted sleep patterns have a negative impact on your weight. Though cutting back on your favorite Starbucks drink can make you feel sick for a while, you should stop taking those with high-calorie content to prevent excessive weight gain.

Can I drink Starbucks and still lose weight?

Does drinking Starbucks every day cause weight gain?

I mentioned that not every Starbucks drink causes weight gain. A good example of a Starbucks drink that can help you lose weight is black coffee. This drink is healthy and can help you lose some weight since it contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The caffeine in this Starbucks drink can help your body burn some extra fat and promote muscle growth.

Unlike other drinks, black coffee from Starbucks does not contain a lot of calories. This drink can also make you lose weight since it enhances your metabolism and minimizes your appetite. Consider drinking black coffee without sugar.

Consuming plain espresso from Starbucks can also help you lose weight since it does not have many calories. Minimizing the cups of Starbucks drinks that you take every day can also help you lose weight. If, for instance, you have been taking three cups of Starbucks iced tea every day, sticking to one cup can prevent you from consuming lots of calories. Ordering your drinks in small-sized cups can also help you consume fewer calories.

Taking drinks without any extra ingredients can prevent you from gaining weight. Consider skipping on syrup pumps, drizzles, or whipped cream to minimize your calorie intake every time you order a Starbucks drink. You should also assess the nutritional value of a Starbuck drink before consumption.


Though Starbucks allows you to customize your drinks, you should be careful with your order. This is because some Starbucks drinks can lead to weight gain due to high calories and sugar. You can maintain an ideal weight level by ordering simple drinks without adding some fancy ingredients.


How unhealthy is Starbucks?

Most Starbucks drinks are not very healthy since they contain high sugar and fat content. The fat in most drinks does not lead to satiety. Starbucks drinks also cause health complications.

How bad are Starbucks refreshers for you?

Though Starbucks refreshers come in some delicious flavors, they are bad since they have lots of sugar and less fruit. Most refreshers have 130 calories.



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