Can you drink StarbucksPassion Iced Tea while Pregnant?(Safe Starbucks drinks for pregnant women, plus more)

When the doctor advised me to lower my caffeine intake during pregnancy, I felt as if I was being punished since I was addicted to Starbucks.

I started looking for caffeine-free alternatives when I came across passion iced tea. Though this looked delicious, I was disappointed to hear that I could not consume it too.

If you are pregnant and feeling limited in terms of the Starbucks drinks, you can consume, this is for you. Start by avoiding Starbucks passion iced tea since it could cause a miscarriage.

Read on to learn which drinks are safe to take during pregnancy.

What is in Starbucks’ Passion Iced Tea

This refreshing tea is often in high demand in most Starbucks stores. It is a herbal tea that is made from a combination of different ingredients. Some of the major components used to make this tea include:

  • Apple
  • Lemongrass
  • Hibiscus
  • Citric acid
  • Fruit juice extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Licorice root
  • Ice

Unlike most Starbucks drinks that contain caffeine, passion iced tea is caffeine-free. This herbal tea also comes in a passion fruit flavor. Starbucks makes use of an iced tea concentrate to make this drink.

The Starbucks baristas make this drink in a shaker with equal amounts of water and tea.

They then add ice and a sweetener before shaking and serving the drink. Shaking passion iced tea is important since it chills the tea evenly and mixes the sweetener thoroughly.

This tea is served in a 16-ounce cup. Passion iced tea is quite popular among Starbucks customers since it is easy to customize.

Why is this tea unsafe during pregnancy?

Do you feel nauseous after taking water while pregnant? If yes, you may prefer taking tea to stay hydrated. Though tea may have a soothing effect, you should know that not every herbal tea available at Starbucks is safe during pregnancy.

Most herbal teas are not FDA regulated and can negatively affect the baby.

Starbucks iced tea is unsafe during this phase since it contains licorice root that can lead to developmental issues in the baby. It also contains lemongrass, which is unsafe during pregnancy. This component can stimulate the uterus, leading to a miscarriage.

Apart from that, passion iced tea also contains hibiscus, which can also lead to development problems in the baby and mess up with your hormones.

Hibiscus can encourage the flow of blood to the uterus, triggering menstruation. It can make the uterine wall shed, cause cramping, or even lead to early labor.

We also mentioned that Starbucks baristas add sweeteners to passion iced tea. The excess sugar in the drink is also unsafe during pregnancy.

You should therefore avoid taking Starbucks passion iced tea until you deliver. If you insist on taking any herbal tea, ensure that you consult with your doctor beforehand.

Starbucks iced drinks that are safe for pregnant women

Being pregnant does not mean that Starbucks is off-limits. You can still get some safe iced drinks that will not affect you or the baby during this phase. Some of them include:

Iced black tea

Can you drink StarbucksPassion Iced Tea while Pregnant?

This is not only safe during pregnancy but also delicious. It comes in a rich and energizing flavor that you can enjoy.

The iced drink has a lot of health benefits since it can help minimize indigestion and even minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

This iced drink can also help lower cholesterol levels in the body and offer relief for respiratory conditions such as asthma.

You should, however, avoid taking lots of black tea while pregnant since it contains caffeine. Consider taking this iced drink while it is unsweetened.

Iced green tea

Can you drink StarbucksPassion Iced Tea

Would you like a pregnancy-safe iced drink with a light flavor? If yes, you can consider this tea available at Starbucks. This is safe and quite beneficial since it contains some powerful antioxidants.

For instance, the presence of polyphenols in this tea can protect your body from diseases.

It can also eliminate bacteria in the teeth and minimize the risk of getting diabetes. Most pregnant ladies also choose this iced drink since it has low caffeine content.

Despite this, you should not take more than three cups of ice green tea while pregnant.

Iced ginger tea

StarbucksPassion Iced Tea while Pregnant?

If you are going through morning sickness, you can also try taking ginger tea. This is quite refreshing and delicious since it is made with ginger and pineapple flavors.

What kind of tea can I drink at Starbucks while pregnant?

Starbucks is quite popular since it helps meet the needs of everyone, including pregnant ladies. If you don’t like iced drinks, you can still find different types of tea that are safe during this time. Some of them include the following.

Pumpkin spice latte

tea can I drink at Starbucks while pregnant?

This latte comes in a pumpkin sauce flavor and is safe and sweet. It also contains spices such as ginger and cinnamon that can reduce nausea, common during pregnancy.

Chai tea latte

This is also another type of tea from Starbucks that you can try without putting your unborn child at risk. Since chai latte has some caffeine, you should take a few cups of this tea in a day.


Choosing a safe herbal tea during pregnancy is often challenging. You need to check the ingredients used to make it before purchasing the tea.

One of the herbal teas that you should never drink while pregnant is Starbucks passion iced tea.

This is unsafe since it has licorice root, hibiscus, and lemongrass that could lead to a miscarriage or cause developmental problems in the baby.

If you have to take tea, only buy pregnancy-safe teas or make your own at home.


How much caffeine is in Starbucks Passion tea?

This drink does not contain any caffeine.

What kind of tea can I drink at Starbucks while pregnant?

You can drink green tea, black tea, peppermint tea, or ginger tea from Starbucks while pregnant. Such types are safe since they contain ingredients that cannot harm the baby.

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