Tim Hortons Gift Cards Guide (How To Check Balance, Redeem, Use + All You Need To Know)

Tim Hortons boasts some of the best Timbits, donuts, Double-Double coffees, and their Iconic Original iced coffee blends, and I can’t seem to have enough of what they offer. However, something else has caught my attention this year – their gift card called the Tim Card. Given my love for gifting and knowing that my friends and family appreciate a good cup of coffee, this gift card has been beneficial. I’ve gifted a few of them the card, and it is a gift that keeps giving.

In this guide, I’ll share helpful information about Tim Card and how to use it and spread the holiday cheer with your Tim Card.

Does Tim Hortons offer gift cards?

Yes, Tim Hortons offers gift cards under the trademarked name Tim Cards. The Tim Horton’s TimCard is available in two primary forms – a digital E-Gift Card and a physical gift card. The digital TimCard is a personalized gifting solution for family and friends. You can choose the Thank You, Birthday, Just Because, or Holiday gift card in English or French.

You can also opt for the physical TimCard. This physical card is easily personalized and carries sentimental value since you can add your photo, a photo of a friend, or your furry friend. So, you can always carry this physical card and use it to pay for your meal at the restaurant.

How to apply for a Tim Hortons Gift Card?

Tim Hortons Gift Cards - How To Check Balance, Redeem, Use

You can apply for your Tim Card online on Tim Horton’s website or the Tim Hortons App.

To apply, visit the Tom Hortons official website, then open the Create My Account option on the homepage. Register, then sign into your account. Successful sign-in takes you to the Tim Card Page, where you can choose your preferred gift card before loading it.

If you have a problem signing up or registering, you can call their toll-free number – 1-888-601-1616 or send a message with your details or complaint using this web form. For issues like the inability to add funds to your card, you can put in your complaint through this form or this form if you are having trouble adding the Tim Card to your account. They also offer a problem-specific web Tim Hortons FAQs page on Tim Cards also has many answers to common questions. The LiveChat option on the website also works fast and assures you of a relatively fast response.

Click on the Tim Card tab on Tim Horton’s official website to buy a gift card. On the new page, select who the gift card is for. If the card is a friend’s, enter their name and your name, then pick it. Next, choose either the digital or the physical card. The digital card themes include Just Because, Congrats, Birthday, and Thank You.

Next, you’ll select the card’s value – the cards are worth $15, 25, $35, $50, $75, and $100. After selecting the amount to load in the card, select the number of cards you wish to buy (don’t change the quantity information if you need just one card), then confirm the subtotal for your card order.

Finally, add a message, delivery address, and date or time for delivery. After confirming all the details, including the shipping details, click Add to cart.

Follow the same steps above when sending a physical card. And if you wish to buy a card for yourself, you’ll click on Buy Card, select the For Me tab, click Pick a Gift Card, then choose if you want to buy a physical or a digital card. From here, complete the checkout process as above.

Where to buy Tim Hortons Gift Cards?

You can buy Tim Card online on Tim Horton’s website or physically from any of Tim Hortons’ participating restaurants and authorized dealers across the US and Canada.

Many other sites sell gift cards by Tim Hortons. These sites include Amazon, Storefrontdirect, giftcardgranny, and eBay. However, be careful when buying a Tim Card from a third-party website because some sites aren’t authorized. Purchase your Tim Card from the Tim Hortons website for a genuine card.

Can I use the Tim Hortons gift card to receive the cash?

No, you cannot redeem the card’s remaining value for cash in any of the Tim Hortons restaurants unless it’s a legal requirement.

When required by law, card owners only receive the cash if their accounts have a specified or less than the specified about on their cards. Even then, you’d have to visit an authorized Tim Hortons restaurant in your area for the cash-out process.

How to check the balance on your Tim Card?

You can confirm the balance on your Tim Card online or at a Tim Hortons restaurant.

To check your physical Tim Card balance, visit your nearest participating Tim Hortons restaurant or dealer. You can call Tim Hortons in Canada at 1-866-TIMCARD or (846-2273). The best part is that you don’t have to buy anything to check your account balance.

Online, you can use the self-service portal to check your balance. Click on this link to access the portal. Once here, Tim Hortons asks for your email, which they’ll use to send a secure link to the portal, giving you access to 4 main options – Check Balances, Resend eGifts, View eGifts, and Get Delivery Status.

Alternatively, you could check your card balance on their official website or mobile app if you have a digital Tim Card. On the mobile app, tap the Scan to Pay button on the home page. Note that for these online checks, Tim Hortons has added a layer of security to the card to secure your personal information and online and mobile access to the account balance information. So, access to the account balance is only possible after inputting the 16-digit card number and the scratch-off security PIN at the back of the card.

How to redeem Tim Hortons Gift Cards?

How To Check Balance - Tim Hortons Gift Cards

You can redeem your Tim Card by swiping or scanning it once loaded.

Swipe your Tim Card

To redeem your Tim Card when paying for in-restaurant purchases or purchases in any other of their participating locations.

Note that every time you use your Tim Card, they deduct the value of the purchase from the card’s balance, and the card reader displays the new balance. If you need a receipt to reconcile the balances later, you can ask a Tim Horton’s team member to print a copy of the receipt for you.

Use Scan & Pay Feature

This new feature allows Tim Card users to pay in just one step and earn points in the same fast and straightforward checkout process.

  • Download Tim Hortons’ official app
  • Log in to your account or register your account
  • Select Scan & Pay
  • Click the Scan tab at the bottom of your app
  • Enter your card’s number and the PIN code
  • Turn on the Scan & Pay function Switch.
  • Start Scanning
  • Add your preferred payment method, and the setup is complete.

Now, you can scan and pay for your orders.

Contact the support team by clicking here if you’re having issues with the Scan & Pay feature or any other digital function.

Where can you use Tim Hortons Tim Cards?

You can use the Tim Cards at any Tim Hortons restaurants that accept the card and at authorized Tim Horton dealers.

Use the Tim Hortons locator to find where you can use your card. Visit the Tim Hortons store locator for information like operating hours, locations, and contact information.

Do Tim Hortons Tim Cards expire?

No, the Tim Hortons gift card, Tim Card, will not expire. However, if your Tim Card’s balance remains zero for two years, Tim Hortons will deem it inactive, and you won’t use it anymore. So, keep some money in your Tim Card since you never know when you’ll need it, and avoid the inconvenience of buying a new gift card.

More Information

Does Tim Hortons accept gift cards or e-gifts from other brands or companies?

Yes, Tim Hortons UK accepts e-gits or gift cards from other brands or companies, like Blue Light Card and the Defence Discount Service, across all their stores. To confirm eligibility, email TellTims@timhortons.co.uk.

Does Tim Hortons have a student discount?

Yes, Tim Hortons has student discounts. However, they must first verify the student’s identity on Tim Hortons’ official website. For confirmation of the discounts, you can use LiveChat, which has a very short wait time.

Does Tim Hortons have sales, deals, or special discounts?

Yes, Tim Hortons has sales deals and special discounts. You can visit their website on this link for information about their offers. They currently have $1 offers on Medium Iced Capp, a free Medium Cold Drink offer, and a special offer called the Timbits Tuesday.

Can I scan my Tim Hortons Tim Card on my phone?

Thanks to Tim Horton’s mobile app and the new Scan & Pay function, you can scan your Tim Card on your phone.

Log into your account, select and switch on the Scan function, select your preferred payment method, confirm, and complete the payment.

This app is supported on iOS and Android devices.

How do I check the price on my Tim Hortons Tim Card?

You can look up the price on your Tim Card by using the Scan & Pay feature. Alternatively, use Tim Hortons’ self-service portal to check prices and for more account information. In either case, you must log into your account to access this information.

Can I transfer my Tim Hortons Tim Card to someone else?

No, you can transfer your Tim Card to someone else; however, you can transfer a gift from your gift card to theirs if they need to use it. Tim Horton’s allows this via their Tims It Forward service.

Can I send someone a Tim Hortons gift card online?

Yes, you can send a Tim Card online using this link. Select the Buy Tim Card Option on your account, then fill in the friend’s name on the page that asks who you are buying the card for.

Can I cancel my Tim Hortons Tim Card?

No, you cannot cancel your Tim Card after purchase. You cannot return it either. If you lost your card or it’s been stolen, call Tim Hortons immediately at 1-866-TIMCARD (846-2273) to report the loss or theft. Note that you’ll be required to provide your card number and answer some questions about recent account activity. Unfortunately, even with a notification, Tim Hortons will not replace or refund the balance on the lost or stolen Tim Card. Then follow the prompts for personalization, payment, and delivery.

Can I use my Tim Hortons Tim Card a day after it is expired?

Since Tim Cards have no expiry date, you can use your card whenever needed, even after long dormancy periods. However, this only applies to cards with balances, especially if the card remains unused for at least 2 years or more.

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