5 Starbucks orders that Make You A Karen (Starbucks orders to avoid if you don’t want to be a Karen + More)

Karens are everywhere, even at Starbucks. However, you can become one if you make certain orders. Let’s look at Starbucks orders that makes you a Karen.

My friend and I walked into a Starbucks to get a drink. So, I asked for a Caramel Macchiato and requested the barista to add extra caramel syrup. She smiled weirdly but went ahead and did that. My friend burst into cheeky laughter and said I did not know you are also a Karen. I was shocked because I never knew some Starbucks orders could make you a Karen.

She then went ahead and showed me a TikTok video and explained why my order made me a Karen. You probably have made some Starbucks orders that made you a Karen, and you never knew about it. This post will show you some Starbucks orders that make you a Karen.

How does an order at Starbucks make you a Karen?

There are several ways a Starbucks order makes you a Karen. First, if you assume a drink is made of some ingredients and insist on having them extra while the drink does not contain such ingredients in the first place.

For instance, you become a Karen when you assume that the Carmel Macchiato has caramel syrup and demand an extra of the same. Secondly, when you ask the baristas to make an extremely complicated order, that takes the baristas a long time to make, thereby holding the line. Thirdly, ask the barista to make a drink using methods that are not allowed.

Finally, ordering a drink from the secret menu and expecting the barista to know how to make every drink on the secret menu and getting offended if they don’t.

How we choose the Starbucks orders that Makes You A Karen

The Starbucks orders in this list were chosen based on feedback from ten baristas from different stores. The baristas are the people who directly deal with customers and understand the customers and their attitudes.

So, we interviewed the baristas, and each listed the orders they considered to make a customer a Karen. We then took the list to five other baristas for their thoughts about the orders. We finally settled on the orders proposed by the ten baristas and confirmed by the other five.

5 Starbucks orders that Make You A Karen

Carmel Macchiato with extra caramel syrup

Despite having the name caramel, a caramel macchiato does not contain caramel syrup. The drink’s main ingredients are caramel sauce, vanilla syrup, brewed espresso, and milk. Therefore, whenever you order the drink and ask for extra caramel syrup, the barista always wants to clarify whether you mean vanilla syrup. Many customers get agitated when baristas seek this clarification. The order makes you a Karen if you insist on having the caramel syrup.

Soy extra hot no foam matcha latte

This is an order that will make you a Karen. First, it is impossible to steam soy without it forming. Extra hot soy will foam, so if you need the no-foam matcha latte, the baristas will have to wait for it to cool down to lose foam.

So, having your order extra hot and with zero foam is tricky. Your order may take a while as the baristas struggle to make it to your satisfaction, and losing your temper because of the delay, makes you a Karen. So, this order makes you a Karen.

A venti Peppermint mocha Frappuccino Blended beverage split into three tall cups

Starbucks orders that Make You A Karen

Baristas are aware when you try to rip them off with a cleverly devised order. For instance, if you ask for a Peppermint mocha Frappuccino Blended beverage in a venti cup serving, then request the barista to split it into three tall cups and add extra cream and caramel on each tall cup, you are a Karen.

While the drink is normal, the way you order it appears to have a sinister motive. Such a method is not allowed and is mainly meant for the customer to get more than they have paid.

Nonfat, no vanilla, vanilla Caramel Macchiato

Making a drink extremely complicated when there is a simple name for the drink makes you a Karen. For instance, a nonfat, no vanilla, vanilla Caramel Macchiato is simply a skinny caramel Macchiato. Making it complicated may confuse the baristas, and you may not get what you want. Therefore, you become a Karen when you make an order by complicating a simple drink.

A drink with half heavy cream and half nonfat milk

Starbucks orders that Make You A Karen

If you insist on a combination that does not make sense, then you are a Karen. For instance, if you order a drink with half heavy cream and half nonfat milk, your combination makes no sense because nonfat milk is supposed to make you avoid fat, but the heavy cream adds the fat right back. You should ask for whole milk. You are a Karen, especially if the barista tries to make clarifications or help you, but you insist on such an order.

Informative Section

Do Starbucks baristas hate Karens?

No, Baristas do not hate Karen. Starbucks baristas are highly trained and understand how to handle Karens without getting emotionally affected by their behaviors. Although they may be frustrated or angered by their orders, they do their best to serve them.

Can Starbucks baristas be fired for refusing to serve a Karen?

Starbucks has a structured disciplinary process that cuts across issues. If a barista refuses to serve a Karen, the administration will consider everything that transpired, and the right course of action will be reached. Each case is different and is handled differently.

Do Starbucks baristas make fun of Karens?

Yes, baristas make fun of Karens but in a way that the Karens will never know. Many argue that it ensures they continue their job without getting emotionally affected.

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