How many calories are in Starbucks caramel syrup? (What is Starbucks caramel syrup made of + more information)

If you’re a fan of the Starbucks caramel syrup, you’ve probably wondered at some point, “How many calories are in Starbucks caramel syrup?”

The Starbucks caramel syrup has 90 calories in a serving size of 2 tablespoons or 30ml. I love the Starbucks caramel syrup and I enjoy it in almost every drink I have at Starbucks from frappuccinos to iced coffees. I usually ask my barista for 3 to 4 pumps of this syrup anytime I visit the coffeehouse. It wasn’t until I recently got on a diet and started watching the number of calories I was consuming, that I got interested in the nutritional value of this syrup. In this article, I have shared everything you need to know about Starbucks caramel syrup after in-depth research, so keep reading to learn more.

What does Starbucks caramel syrup taste like?

The Starbucks caramel syrup is sweet, delicious and smooth, with a savory, buttery, warm and burnt sugar flavour. It tastes like butterscotch. At the same time, some Starbucks customers have found this syrup to have an extremely artificial and intense sweet taste, with a loaded, rubbing alcohol underlying aftertaste. In terms of consistency, Starbucks caramel syrup has a thin, runny consistency, making it ideal for stirring into beverages. Note that taste is subjective and while others may enjoy the intensity of the caramel syrup, others find it too much. It is therefore advised that you have a taste of the syrup and see whether or not you’ll enjoy it.

What is in the Starbucks caramel syrup?

What is Starbucks caramel syrup made of

The Starbucks caramel syrup is prepared with sugar, natural flavour, water, potassium sorbate (preservative) and citric acid. The company uses their brand of caramel syrup, however, it is believed that Fontana manufactures these syrups for Starbucks.

How can I make the Starbucks caramel syrup?

To make the Starbucks caramel syrup at home you’ll need sugar, water and caramel flavoured extract. To recreate the Starbucks caramel syrup at home will take patience, a watchful eye and a bit more time compared to other homemade syrups since sugar, in this recipe, requires more time to caramelize on the stove. To prepare caramel syrup for coffee and other drinks, follow the following steps;

First, dissolve sugar in half the amount of water you’ll be using. Do not stir. Simply place the mixture in a pan over medium-high heat and let the sugar dissolve slowly on its own. If you stir, the sugar might crystalise. Once the mixture starts boiling, reduce the heat to medium.

Secondly, wait for the sugar to caramelize. This is after the mixture has bubbled over medium heat until it begins to appear light golden brown. At this point, you might also notice frothy bubbles. Remove the mixture from the heat once it has turned light golden and this is usually after about 10 minutes. If you leave the mixture on the heat longer than that, it’ll quickly turn dark brown and it’ll then have a somewhat burnt flavour, which you don’t want.

The last step is to add caramel flavouring and the water that remained. Immediately you remove the mixture from the heat, add about a teaspoon of Watkins caramel flavour (or any other caramel flavoured extract you have) and simultaneously stir in the remaining water. Be careful when stirring in the water as the hot caramel syrup will splatter if the water is cold. To prevent this, warm up the water beforehand or wear a big oven mitt to avoid getting burnt. Also, if the syrup begins to harden, just return the pan to the stove over low heat until the lump dissolves. You’ve successfully recreated the Starbucks caramel syrup in your kitchen.

To store, let the syrup cool down then pour it into a glass container or a squirt bottle. If you aren’t sure about which measurements to use, try working with ¾ cup of sugar, 1 ½ cup of water (divided in half) and 1 teaspoon of caramel flavoured extract. You can then reduce or add the mentioned amounts depending on the serving size you want.

What are the nutritional facts for caramel syrup from Starbucks?

The following are the nutritional facts for a 30ml serving of the Starbucks caramel syrup; Calories – 90, total fat – 0g, which is 0% of the required daily value percentage, sodium – 0g (0% of % daily value), total carbs – 22g (8% of the %daily value), total sugar – 22g (44% of the %daily value), potassium – 6mg (0% of the % daily value) and protein – 0g (0% of the %daily value). These values are based on the recommended daily diet of 2000 calories.


Is the Starbucks caramel syrup sweetened?

Yes, the Starbucks caramel syrup is sweetened with sugar. The amount of sugar in the Starbucks caramel syrup is 22g per 30ml or 2 tablespoons serving, which is 44% of the percentage daily value, based on a 2000 caloric diet.

Does the Starbucks caramel syrup have caffeine?

No, the Starbucks caramel syrup is caffeine-free. The only ingredients in this syrup are; sugar, water, citric acid, natural flavour and potassium sorbate, a preservative. However, the drinks the caramel syrup is added into might have caffeine, so if that is your concern, be sure to check with your barista beforehand.

Can I buy just the caramel syrup from Starbucks?

Yes, you can buy just the caramel syrup from Starbucks, although it’s not guaranteed that the store will have extra bottles of the syrup besides the ones baristas are using to prepare drinks. Simply ask the barista if they have an extra bottle they can sell you.

If you’re not able to find a bottle of caramel syrup at the Starbucks store, check on leading online stores like Amazon, you should find them there. Additionally, you can also get this syrup on the Starbucks website or their app. Note that the Starbucks caramel syrup isn’t sold with syrup bottle pumps, so be sure to buy a pump or two when purchasing the caramel syrup online.

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