What Is Highlander Grogg Coffee? (What Kind of Coffee Is Highlander Grogg + More Information)

If you’ve been on coffee forums lately, you must have stumbled on Highlander Grogg coffee. The coffee community has been buzzing about this coffee for a while now, but what is Highlander Grogg Coffee?

Highlander Grogg is a unique-tasting flavored coffee that is inspired by the highlands and liquor of Scotland. When I first tried Highlander Grogg coffee in the early 2000s, I knew it would be an instant hit. It’s pretty different from the types of coffee we have in the American market, so it does need some getting used to, but if you love nutty, caramelly notes in your coffee, consider this flavor. This article will tell you all you would need to know about Highlander Grogg coffee and even give some fantastic options on where to purchase it.

What Is in Highlander Grogg Coffee?

Highlander Grogg coffee is made from 100% Grade One Arabica coffee beans, flavor oils, and extracts. The Arabica coffee beans are sourced from South America has the best farming environment for this sort of beans. After roasting, the beans are soaked with flavorings and extracts and hand mixed to infuse them with flavor. The extracts may be natural or artificial and are typically vanilla, caramel, and Scottish whiskey or rum. Manufacturers’ recipes may have slight differences, but that is the general composition of Highlander Grogg coffee.

What Does Highlander Grogg Coffee Taste Like?

Highlander Grogg coffee tastes of coffee, butterscotch, caramel, vanilla, rum, and whiskey. In addition, it has notes of brown sugar, toffee, maple, and brandy. Highlander Grogg coffee is a rich-tasting coffee that favors decadent dessert treats. Highlander Grogg, being a Scottish coffee blend, tastes of classic Scottish Highlands essence. It is also very smooth on the palate with low acidity and bitterness, making its aftertaste pleasant. Additionally, this coffee variant is incredibly aromatic. With this in mind, coffee brands may alter their ingredients to customize the flavor profile of their Highlander Grogg coffee.

What Roast Level Is Highlander Grogg Coffee?

What Is Highlander Grogg Coffee? 
Highlander Grogg Coffee. Image source: Pinterest

Highlander Grogg coffee is typically a medium roast. The coffee reaches an internal temperature of between 410°F and 428°F. This allows the coffee to maintain a light body while still having a rich flavor. The medium roast also helps acidity levels and prevents Highlander Grogg coffee from having a bitter aftertaste. The coffee’s caramel and toffee flavors are also enhanced by the medium roast.

Does Highlander Grogg Coffee Have Alcohol?

Despite its alcoholic flavor notes, Highlander Grogg coffee does not have alcohol in it. While the coffee can taste of rum, whiskey, and even brandy sometimes, don’t expect to get tipsy off of it. This coffee’s flavor profile is inspired by liquor but isn’t made with it. The flavor oils and extracts used only mimic the taste.

How Much Caffeine Is in Highlander Grogg Coffee?

Although the amount of caffeine in Highlander Grogg coffee can vary from coffee brand to coffee brand, it has approximately 70 mg of caffeine per 6 oz serving. In the caffeine spectrum, Highlander Grogg coffee is somewhere in the middle. High-caffeine coffee usually has 200 mg or more of caffeine per 6 oz, while low-caffeine coffee has as little as 10mg for every 6 oz serving. The recommended daily caffeine intake for adults is 400 mg, so it can reasonably be concluded that Highlander Grogg coffee has a relatively moderate amount of caffeine. There are also decaffeinated versions of Highlander Grogg coffee available in the market.

Where Can You Buy Highlander Grogg Coffee?

What Kind of Coffee Is Highlander Grogg 
Highlander Grogg Coffee. Image source: Pinterest

Countless manufacturers and coffee companies offer their version of Highlander Coffee, so you are spoilt for choice. Many of these brands sell them online via their respective websites. You can also find some on Amazon or pop into your nearest specialty coffee shop. Since Highlander Grogg is growing in popularity, it’s not hard to find. Check out some of these options below:


Is Highlander Grogg coffee good?

Yes, it is. While Highlander Grogg coffee may not taste like the regular coffee you are accustomed to, it is a delightful beverage when you want something special and unique-tasting. The flavors and notes work well together, and there is something so irresistibly decadent about the drink that will keep you coming back.

How many carbs are in Highlander Grogg coffee?

Highland Grogg coffee has no carbs! Typically, this coffee comes unsweetened and therefore lacks carbs. If it is sweetened, it may have some carbohydrates.

How many calories are in Highlander Grogg coffee?

Highlander Grogg coffee has almost no calories. This is good news for the health-conscious. A 6 oz cup of Highlander Grogg will carry only 2 calories of the recommended calorie amount (2000 calories).

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