Starbucks Cold Cup (size, where to buy + more information)

Starbucks has several different cups that come in different sizes and materials. However, have you ever wondered, does Starbucks have Cold cups? Read on to find out.

Like any Starbucks cups, Starbucks cold cups are a type of cups from Starbucks that are usually used to hold different drinks. Since cold beverages are my absolute favorite, I have always wanted a cup that perfectly holds my drink as I enjoy it. I couldn’t find the perfect cup for the longest time until a friend suggested I try looking it up on Amazon. I immediately went to check it up on amazon stores and bought a pack of my favorite cold drink. To date, I sit and enjoy any cold beverages happily as I do not have to worry again about the cup I am using. Are you wondering how to get these cups and the sizes that they are available in? Please stick to the end, as I will explain in detail how you can get the great Starbucks cold cups and how you can even customize them to fit your preference.

What is the size of Starbucks cold cups?

According to its official website, Starbucks has listed its cold cups as seven of them. These cold cups are the Siren Tail Stainless-Steel Cold Cup, iridescent Plastic Cold Cup, Tinted Bling Plastic Cold Cup, Siren Stainless-Steel Cold Cup, Reusable Plastic Cold-Cup Straw pack, the Siren Logo Plastic Cold Cup, and the Cold To-Go Cup. Let us now look at each of these cups separately. These cups usually come in one size and can hold 24 fl oz. Additionally, these Starbucks cold cups are usually washed by hand only to maintain the quality of their material and shape. You should also not microwave these cups, as they are not plastic.

What is the material of Starbucks Cold Cups?

Starbucks Cold Cup

The Starbucks cold cups are usually made with a Stainless-steel material to ensure that one appropriately holds the cold beverages that are usually poured into them. The primary reason why Starbucks chose to make their cold cups with stainless steel material is that a stainless-steel cup is double-wall insulated, which keeps your cold beverage cold for even up to twenty-four hours, without changing its temperatures. This will allow you to drink your cold drink at your own pace without worrying about changing to a warmer or hot temperature.

Can you personalize Starbucks Cold Cups?

Yes, you can customize your Starbucks cold cup by putting your name and a ring pattern of your choice. Suppose you are a fan of astrology or know anyone who will love an astrology-customized cold cup. In that case, you can personalize the cup with any astrology sign of your choice and make your cup look more beautiful and unique. However, you should note that Starbucks does not customize or personalize customers’ cold cups, and you will be required to visit stores that do it, such as Etsy. You can also customize your Starbucks cold cup on the official amazon website by clicking the ‘customize & Add to cart section. After completing the process, your cold cup will be customized and delivered.

Can you put hot coffee in Starbucks cold cups?

Although there are no negative consequences when you put hot coffee in a cold cup, it is not advisable to put hot coffee in your Starbucks cold cup.

Can you microwave Starbucks Cold cups?

Starbucks Cold Cup

No, you cannot microwave Starbucks cold cups because you may end up spoiling them. You are only required to put plastic cups in a microwave, and the Starbucks cold cups are made of stainless steel.

Can you put a Starbucks Cold cup in a Dishwasher?

Although research shows that your Starbucks cold cup can be put in the top rack dishwasher, it is not advisable to put these cups into a dishwasher because it might alter its materials. The safe way you can wash your Starbucks cold cup to maintain its quality is by washing it using your hands only. This will ensure that the quality of your cup is retained.

Where can you get Starbucks Cold Cup?

You can get a Starbucks cold cup of your liking from different stores near you, Amazon store has a variety of Starbucks cold cups, and you can get them through this link.

FAQ Section

Are Starbucks Cold cups popular?

Starbucks cold cups are trendy due to their attractive designs and colors.

How can you tell if a Starbucks Cold cup is fake?

Although it is hard to tell whether a Starbucks cup is fake or real, you can tell by looking at the lid and top. A real Starbucks cup should have dots around the top, and its lid should also have a rubber band around it.

Do Starbucks Cold cups change color when you put hot liquid?

Yes, some color-changing cold cups will change color when you put hot liquids in them due to temperature changes.

Do Starbucks Cold cups come with a straw?

Yes, some Starbucks cold cups come with straws.

Are Starbucks Cold cups eco-friendly?

Starbucks cups are not eco-friendly because they are lined with a plastic coating.

Is it safe to drink from Starbucks Cold cups?

Yes, drinking from Starbucks cold cups is safe because they do not pose any danger or harm.

Do Starbucks cold cups contain BPA?

Yes, Starbucks cold contains BPA materials.

How can I get a stuck lid off a Starbucks cold cup?

It can get frustrating when you want to clean your Starbucks cold cup but cannot open its lid. The best way to get the Starbucks cold cup lid off is to place a towel on your counter and bang your cup on it upside down. This will send your lid rolling out of your cup.

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