How to make Nescafé coffee with milk (can you make Nescafe coffee with milk + more information)

Making instant coffee at home is very easy, especially when using Nescafe. However, most people ask, “can you make Nescafe instant coffee with milk?” Read till the end to find the answer to this question.

Yes, you can make Nescafe instant coffee with milk. My husband and I love reading in the evenings while we drink coffee. Sometimes, we forget to order coffee and just make it at home. I use Nescafe instant coffee at home since it is one of the strong instant coffees.

Last week my husband told me that he loves coffee that has milk, and this got me thinking about whether I can make Nescafe coffee using milk. I researched and even asked my parents about it since they worked at a coffee shop. I have written this article to inform you how to make Nescafe coffee with milk, so read on to find out.

What equipment do you need to make Nescafe with milk?

Making Nescafe coffee with milk is very easy, and it is just like making instant Nescafe coffee. The equipment needed to make this coffee is highly available at the market, and most kitchens have them. The equipment needed for making Nescafe coffee with milk includes a microwave, a coffee mug, a water kettle, and a teaspoon. Let us look at each piece of equipment.

Microwave: It is used for warming up the milk. When making Nescafe with milk, you have to warm the milk but ensure that it is not too hot so it can be creamy. Therefore, it is best to use a microwave since you can set a timer. Warm the milk for about 20 seconds. If you do not have a microwave, use a stove and be careful not to boil the milk. Also, with a stove, you can heat the water you will use to make coffee.

A coffee mug: It is obvious that you have to have a coffee mug into which you will pour the coffee and drink. Choose the mug size that is convenient for the amount of coffee you want.

A teaspoon: It is used to measure the Nescafe coffee granules you will use while making the coffee. Also, you can use the teaspoon to measure the amount of sugar in the coffee. Also, you can use it to stir the coffee granules and sugar in the coffee when dissolving them.

Water kettle: the water kettle is used for boiling water while making coffee. The water should boil to 100 degrees Celsius and cool to around 80-85 degrees Celsius. This enables the coffee granules and sugar to dissolve in the water easily. It is also best for a hot cup of coffee.

How do you make Nescafe coffee with milk?

You can easily make Nescafe coffee with milk at home with just the equipment in your kitchen and highly available ingredients. You do not have to spend much money buying coffee since you can make a cup that tastes good at home.

When making the Nescafe coffee with milk, you can make it vegan or non-vegan the type of milk you use. You can use plant-based milk for a vegan cup of coffee or dairy milk with 2% low fat to make it non-vegan.

If you want a sugar-free Nescafe coffee, you can choose not to add sugar. The coffee will not be very bitter since the milk added to the coffee balances the bitterness of the coffee in it. Adding milk to your Nescafe coffee makes it nutritious and tastier.

Equipment needed while making Nescafe coffee with milk

  • Microwave
  • water kettle
  • Teaspoon
  • Coffee mug

Ingredients needed while making Nescafe coffee with milk

  • NESCAFÉ Gold Instant Coffee
  • Hot water
  • Whole milk
  • Brown sugar

Directions on how to make Nescafe coffee with milk

Step One: Using a kettle, heat the water to 80-85 degrees Celsius and set it aside.

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Step Two: Put two teaspoons of Nescafe coffee granules in a coffee mug.

Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee 200g


Step Three: Add three teaspoons of brown sugar to the coffee mug.

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Step Four: Add hot water to the coffee mug till it is halfway.

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Step Six: Stir the ingredients in the coffee mug until the coffee granules and sugar dissolve.

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Step Seven: Add warm milk to the instant coffee in the coffee mug.

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Taste the coffee to know if it is sugary enough and if not, add a little more teaspoon of sugar and stir. Enjoy the coffee you make.

FAQs Section

Does Nescafe coffee taste better when made with milk?

Yes. The taste of the Nescafe coffee with milk is better since it makes the coffee creamier, and the

sugary taste becomes dominant.

What is the best temperature for milk when making Nescafe with milk?

The best temperature for milk while making Nescafe with milk is 50-55 degrees Celsius. You only need to warm the milk to bring out the taste of the coffee. Warm milk has its sweetness; hence, it can add a little flavor to the Nescafe coffee.

What is the ratio of water to milk when making Nescafe with milk?

The ratio of milk to water when making Nescafe coffee with milk is 1:1. You should use the same equal amount of water to that milk. Adding more milk than water is best to make the coffee tastier and creamier. However, milk contains a lot of fats and sugar, and if you want a healthier Nescafe coffee, you can use a little more milk than water.

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