How many carbs are in Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup? (what is in the Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup + more Information)

If you enjoy taking Starbucks drinks with sugar-free vanilla syrup, you should be keen on its nutritional facts. How many carbs are in Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup? Read on to find out more!

30mg Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup contains 1 gram of carbs. Many Starbucks customers wonder whether sugar-free syrups are healthier than syrups that come with added sugars. I used to have the same concerns when I began my weight loss journey.

I started paying more attention to the nutritional details of the syrups and drinks I got from Starbucks to avoid taking unhealthy things. After researching more about Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup, I created this post to share what I learned. By the end of it, you will learn the carbs in it, how it tastes, and its ingredients.

What is in Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup?

Sugar-free vanilla syrup is made up of maltodextrin, sodium benzoate, sucralose, cellulose gum, citric acid, natural flavors, xanthan gum, and water. Each ingredient in this syrup has a specific purpose. For instance, sodium benzoate prevents it from spoiling, while maltodextrin gives it its taste.

Though this syrup does not come with any added sugars, it has sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener made from actual sugar. The presence of this ingredient makes sugar-free vanilla syrup not very healthy since it can lead to a spike in your blood sugar. It can also negatively affect your weight loss progress if you take too much of it.

What does Starbuck sugar-free vanilla taste like?

what is in the Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup

This syrup is deliciously sweet, and it has a rich flavor. The main ingredients that lead to its taste is the sucralose and maltodextrin I mentioned above. The syrup has a great vanilla taste with no bitter sweetener aftershock. Many people reveal that though it is sweet, it is not too sweet. Its taste makes it pair well with some Starbucks drinks, including brewed coffee and latte.

Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup nutritional facts

Two tablespoons of this syrup are about 30 grams. This amount contains 0 calories, 1 gram of carbs, 8.1 mg of potassium, o grams of fat, and 0 grams of protein. Though this syrup seems healthy, it can increase your appetite and make you crave sweets more due to the ingredients used to make it.

Another problem with sugar-free vanilla syrup is that it contains chemicals that the body struggles to break down. Taking too much of this syrup can cause gastrointestinal issues such as bloating in some drinkers. This is because the body may not fully digest every nutrient in sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Final thoughts

Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup is quite popular at the coffee house. Two tablespoons of this syrup have 1 gram of carbs. This syrup is delicious and pairs well with some coffee beverages. If you like it, remember to take it in moderation for the reasons we discussed above.

FAQ section

How many pumps of Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup are in a venti?

A venti cup comes with five pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. However, you can order it with fewer pumps if you don’t want your drink to be too sweet.

Can I order just the vanilla syrup at Starbucks?

No. Starbucks does not sell just vanilla syrup but sells it with drinks. If you want just this syrup, you can either buy it online or learn how to make it at home.

Does Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup have caffeine?

No. Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup does not contain caffeine, but you can use it on caffeinated drinks.

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