How to order red eye from Starbucks (what is a red eye at Starbucks + more information)

Do you like strong coffee but are watching your calorie intake? If yes, you can consider ordering red eye. What is a Starbucks red eye?

A Starbucks red eye refers to brewed coffee with a shot of espresso. Some Starbucks customers wonder how to order red eye when it is not part of the main menu. I love teaching, but I dread working late marking exams. I was looking for a strong drink that could help me focus when I discovered red eye.

I learned that it was part of the secret menu and ordered it easily. This drink came in handy since I managed to mark numerous papers without feeling sleepy. I created this post to inform you of how to order red eye from the store and through the app. Enjoy!

How do I order Starbucks red eye in store?

You can either order it by asking the barista for a red eye or simply ask for brewed coffee with an extra shot of espresso. Though you may not find the red eye on the regular Starbucks menu, this drink is easy to order. Starbucks red eye is quite popular and is available at most stores under the secret menu.

Since it contains few ingredients, you can easily list them out if you are ordering it from a new barista who is not yet familiar with most terms at the coffee house. Starbucks red eye contains only three ingredients: brewed coffee, water, and ground espresso.

The baristas are keen on the ratio of ingredients when making the beverage. In the preparation, a single cup of brewed coffee comes with an extra shot of espresso. The baristas pour the shot of espresso directly into the brewed coffee and then stir.

You can either order Starbucks red eye in a store hot or iced based on your preference. Consider the weather before ordering Starbucks red eye in the store. If, for instance, the sun is scorching, an iced red eye would be quite refreshing. You can also make the beverage more interesting by ordering it with a flavoring such as cinnamon to make it spicy or with a sweetener to change the taste.

How do I order red eye from the Starbucks app?

How to order red eye from Starbucks

Start by downloading the Starbucks app on your mobile device. You can then pick brewed coffee in the roast that you prefer. Avoid dark roast if you don’t want the drink to be very bitter.

Once you choose the brewed coffee, specify the cup size and then go to the espresso and shot option. Pick one shot of espresso.

You can choose to customize Starbucks red eye differently. If, for instance, you have a sweet tooth, you can order the drink with a sweetener. Some people also order this drink with a dairy product such as creamer or milk.

Once you finish the order, select the nearest Starbucks store, close the app, and go pick up the beverage. Using the Starbucks app is a great way to save time and avoid queuing at the store since you will find your order ready as soon as you arrive.

What does Starbucks red eye taste like?

Since this drink is made from ground coffee, it has a mild sweetness. The ground espresso added to the drink also gives it a bitter strength and makes it darker compared to a regular brew. Many Starbucks customers like this beverage since it has a richer flavor compared to regular coffee.

If you don’t like your beverages bitter, get the drink in a light roast or ask for a sweetener. The flavor of Starbucks red eye coffee is punchy and strong. According to most Starbucks customers, red eye made using Pike Place or Blonde roast have a great flavor.

How much caffeine does Starbucks red eye have?

This is a powerful drink that contains around 200mg of caffeine. It can therefore keep you alert and improve your energy levels. If you don’t intend to stay up for long at night, avoid ordering Starbucks red eye at night since it may make it hard for you to sleep.

Since coffee experts recommend taking no more than 400 mg of caffeine daily, you should avoid ordering many cups of Starbucks red eye. The espresso used to make this beverage is a concentrated type of coffee that is brewed by forcing water through ground coffee beans. Since this beverage does not have any calories, it is great for anyone on a keto or low-sugar diet.

Final thoughts

Starbucks continues to impress coffee lovers by offering delicious drinks with different caffeine levels. If you like the energizing effects of this stimulant, you should consider ordering red eye through the store or app. At the store, you can order by simply stating the drink’s name or listing its ingredients. If you prefer ordering Starbucks red eye through the app, follow the guidelines we have highlighted above.

FAQ section

Does Starbucks red eye have syrup?

No. Starbucks red eye does not come with syrup, but you can order it with syrup if you wish to sweeten it.

How many shots of espresso does Starbucks red eye have?

A cup of Starbucks red eye comes with only one shot of espresso. This is what distinguishes it from black eye coffee, which has two shots, and green eye coffee, which comes with three shots of espresso.

Can you make Starbucks red eye from home?

Yes. If you wish to save some money, you can learn how to make this beverage at home rather than always buying it from the store. You can make red eye with a drip coffee maker or espresso machine. Begin with a single cup of coffee and pull a single shot of espresso. You can either utilize cold or hot coffee while making this beverage. Using quality coffee beans can help you make a delicious red eye that is close to that of Starbucks.

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