How do coffee experts rate Starbucks (Starbucks reviews + more information)

 Starbucks is among the most sort after with its variety of menu that appeals to different audiences. How do coffee experts rate Starbucks? This review seeks to answer that question. Read on!

Coffee experts have a lot to say about Starbucks. Most describe it as overrated but claim it only does well because of the phenomenal job it has done in marketing and in creating a strong brand image across the world.

Are you the kind of person who wakes up in a terrible mood every single day, and nothing but good coffee can fix it? I know I am! I am not a morning person. I hate that I always have to cut my sleep short. However, the thing that takes all my pain and regrets away is hot well brewed coffee with well-done accompaniment.

For a long while, I would go in search of coffee shops in New York every morning, and it wasn’t easy. I heard of the over spoken multinational chain of coffee houses, and I had to find out what it was all about. After all, I was looking for my saving grace. Starbucks has a varied menu that I have always enjoyed. I also like their coffee, but I have tasted better coffee. I will dive into the details of Starbucks products and reveal how coffee experts rate them.

How do people rate Starbucks coffee?

Starbucks coffee is described by many coffee lovers as overrated, with many who believe that the company overroasts their coffee and masks the burnt taste with sugar, cream, and syrup. It is allegedly only hyped because it has a well-known brand image.

Because this is also a multinational chain of coffee houses, it is hard not to notice it wherever you go, making everyone curious to know what it entails. However, many agree that Starbucks coffee is decent, yet there are other coffee shops that have higher ratings than just decent.

Do people like Starbucks food?

How do coffee experts rate Starbucks

Yes, most do. The best thing about Starbucks is that it identifies a niche and acts upon it. Not only does it have food for meat lovers, but it has also addressed the growing population that is moving towards meat alternatives. This, therefore, has led to many customers clinging to the Seattle-based coffee shop chain, to satisfy their desires. However, most of its food is junk and nutritionists advise against having a plate of food from Starbucks very often in a week.

Why is Starbucks coffee so popular?

Because people find Starbucks to be familiar and convenient. It is not many people who are ready to try new coffee shops but they would rather go with what they are used to. With Starbucks, you can locate it everywhere you go.

What do customers say about the price of Starbucks coffee?

Customers claim that the coffee price at Starbucks is overpriced. Most also agree that because the quality of the coffee is not that good, it is too expensive for no reason. It might also be pricey because of its brand identity and how it has grown over the years.

What are some customer reviews of Starbucks coffee?


Everywhere you go, you cannot fail to spot a Starbucks coffee shop. Starbucks customers say that it offers convenience and consistency where you can walk into the coffee shop and enjoy a cold sugary drink or a good meal once in a while.


Starbucks reviews

Most of their drinks and foods are agreeably overpriced and cannot be enjoyed as often. Customer reviews indicate that good coffee does not have to be pricey to prove it is legit. Moreso, people have proved to get affordable yet better coffee from other coffee shops around them.


Customers also claim that Starbucks coffee is overrated and that there is nothing much to rave about it. This is because it does not maintain the taste of coffee, and people only keep buying it because it is a huge brand, and many think it is cool and classy. It has been described by many as watery and flavorless.

According to customers, Starbucks coffee is not about the beans but simply about the lifestyle. Many people keep going back only because it is a part of their lifestyle and not to enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

It relies heavily on sugar, cream, and on milk

Their coffee is too sugary and filled with additives to keep the flavor of the coffee. The sweet tooth appreciates the existence of Starbucks, but real coffee experts who would die to enjoy a real taste of coffee agree that coffee should not be this sugary.

It is said that the only way to identify a good cup of coffee is to strip it off of its additives and see what it is left with. For Starbucks coffees, what remains after all the additives is not much to enjoy as the taste of coffee becomes inconsequential.


It is agreed by coffee experts and even Starbucks’ customers that the coffee is overroasted and burnt more than it should be cooked and prepared. Starbucks coffee beans seem stale and this is because coffee beans go stale very fast. Roasting involves cooking the green beans to light brown coffee beans. However, Starbucks cooks the beans until it loses their color and takes a dark burnt color. Many believe this is how it should be but it is not as it needs to retain a light brown color.

Immediately after roasting, coffee tastes good for up to 15 days, and if stretched, up to 30 days. For a large franchise like this one, ensuring this happens is difficult, so coffee quality drops fast.

Prioritizes caffeine over taste

Customers believe that Starbucks has changed the real meaning of coffee and that the coffee shop now prioritizes having strong huge mugs of coffee instead of focusing on the rich taste of coffee. This new focus has completely changed what people look for in coffee.

FAQ Section

What do customers say about Starbucks’ coffee taste?

Starbucks’ coffee taste is described by many to be too sugary and filled with additives that remove the whole legit taste and flavor of the coffee. It also sometimes has a burnt taste that is masked by excessive sugar, and a real coffee expert in search of the taste of good coffee cannot enjoy it there.

Why do people think Starbucks coffee is bad?

Starbucks coffee is said to have too much milk, cream, and sugar which changes its whole taste. It also overroasts its coffee beans thus losing the real taste of coffee.

Do coffee experts like coffee from Starbucks reserve?

Yes, coffee from Starbucks reserves is considered delicate, and coffee beans have been experimented with on a smaller scale. They are usually roasted in small batches, and distributed to a limited number of Starbucks locations over the world. For coffee experts who have had the privilege, they agree that it is different and better than the usual coffee at Starbucks.

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