What is the hex code for Starbucks green? (What is the name of Starbucks green + more information)

Starbucks is one of the most iconic brands in the world and one of the things that makes the brand recognizable, is its unique green logo. So, what is the hex code for Starbucks green?

The hex code for Starbucks green is #00704A. The Starbucks logo has been a major topic, with many people asking about the siren as it is commonly known. The designers wanted the color to be a representation of the positive way the coffee house treats both its customers and partners alike.

I am particularly very fond of the color, and I have tried so many times to replicate the color, and most of the time, it doesn’t come off. By the end of this post, you will be able to get a perfect color match and how to do it.

Starbucks hex color codes

Hex refers to a hexadecimal format for identifying colors. It is used by designers, to determine how much red, green, and blue exist in a particular color. The Starbucks logo is made up of green and white.

Starbucks hex color codes are #00704A for Starbucks green and #FFFFFF for white.

The hex colors are as seen in the table below

Color Name

HEX Color Code

Starbucks Green




Starbucks color codes RGB

This refers to a system that denotes colors that are used on electronic displays. They consist of red, green, and blue with their numbers ranging from 0-100% according to intensity. Starbucks’ RGB color scheme is (0, 112, 74) for Starbucks green and (255, 255, 255) for white.

The table below shows the Starbucks color codes RGB.

Color Name

RGB Color Code

Starbucks Green




Starbucks color scheme CMYK

What is the name of Starbucks green

CMYK is the subtractive color model consisting of cyan, magenta, yellow, and key or black.

It is called subtractive because for you to arrive at white, you will need to subtract some colors.

Starbucks CMYK color codes are (100, 0, 78, 42) for Starbucks green and (0, 0, 0, 0) for white.

The table below shows Starbucks color scheme CMYK.

Color Name

CMYK Color Code

Starbucks Green




Starbucks Pantone colors

Pantone is a matching system used to identify specific colors. The colors are arranged into a long list of numbered swatches for easy identification.

Starbucks Pantone color code is PMS 3425 C for Starbucks green.

The table below shows Starbucks Pantone colors.

Color Name

Pantone Color

Starbucks Green

PMS 3425 C

Final thought

The green and white double-tailed mermaid emblem is as artistic as it is iconic. The color scheme used on the logo appeals to people in different fields including, the automotive sector where some die-hard fans of Starbucks always want to replicate their beloved emblem on their vehicles. With the color schemes available, it’s not so hard to recreate the color.


What color code is Starbucks?

The Starbucks color code is #00704A for green and #FFFFFF for white.

What is the name of Starbucks green?

The Starbucks green is called Pantone 3425 C.

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