20 Dutch Bros Hot drinks (top ranked Hot Drinks at Dutch Bros you will enjoy + More information)

This article will provide you with a list of the best Dutch Bros Hot drinks you will surely enjoy.

The festive season is here with us, with winter’s harsh cold. I am not a fan of cold weather and often feel down during this season. However, since I discovered Dutch Bros drinks, especially their hot drinks, I have a reason to smile instead of being all doom and gloom. I have been exploring various hot drinks on the menu and decided to write this article about the best ones. If you are interested, keep reading.

Can you get hot drinks at Dutch Bros?

Yes, you can. Dutch Bros has a variety of drinks on their menu that they serve hot. Within their menu, you will find Americano Coffee, teas, lattes, mochas, and chai. The unique thing about Dutch bros is that most of their drinks can be served hot and cold. Therefore, if you prefer the hot version of your favorite drink, you will find it in the Dutch Bros menu.

Are there kid-friendly hot drinks at Dutch Bros?

Yes, there are. Dutch Bros has a category in their menu that is just for kids. Within this category, you will find two kid-friendly drinks: the strawberry smoothie and the not-so-hot hot cocoa.

The strawberry smoothie is made of the classic Dutch Bros strawberry smoothie, topped up with whipped cream, and served in kid-size cups.

The not-so-hot hot cocoa is simply chocolate milk steamed at a cooler temperature, perfect for kids.

How much are Hot drinks at Dutch Bros? (draw a table showing the size and price of the drink)

The following table illustrates the hot drinks that Dutch Bros offers and their prices.

Dutch Bros Hot DrinksPrices
Kicker$ 3.75
Caramelizer$ 3.75
Annihilator$ 3.75
Cocomo$ 3.75
Double torture$ 3.75
9-1-1$ 4.25
Golden Eagle$ 3.75
Americano$ 2.00
Peach Tea$ 2.25
Double Rainbro Tea$ 2.25
Passion Fruit Tea$ 2.25
Strawberry Tea$ 2.25
Tropical Tea$ 2.25
Vanilla Chai$ 3.75
White Chocolate Latte$ 4.25
Double Chocolate Cocoa$ 2.25
Caramel Cocoa$ 2.25
White Chocolate Cocoa$ 2.25
Vanilla Cocoa$ 2.25

How we choose the best Hot drinks at Dutch Bros

When choosing the best hot drinks at Dutch Bros, we started by considering the most prominent feature, the temperature, before we looked at other features. Firstly, we ensured that the drinks we chose could be served hot. In the Dutch Bros menu, you will observe that some drinks can be served both hot and cold. Therefore, we chose only the drinks that can be served hot aside from cold or blended like the Dutch freeze drinks.

We also ensured that we chose a variety of hot drinks. Among the list, we have coffees, teas, chai, and even lattes. We wanted to make our selection varied to include people with different tastes and preferences.

We also conducted extensive research by analyzing customer feedback and patterns to ensure that we had the best hot drinks on this list.

20 Best Dutch Bros Hot Drinks

The white chocolate annihilator

20 Dutch Bros Hot drinks

This drink is made of a blend of strong espresso, white chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and half-and-half. Chocolatey and nutty flavors combine amazingly well, so if you are looking for a drink to give you that vibe, plus a string caffeine kick, go with this one.

Flap Jack Breve

One of the most distinct flavors of flapjacks is caramel, contributed by the caramel syrup drizzled generously over a piping hot stack of flapjacks. Well, this drink will remind you of this. It contains flavors of salted caramel as the main one, white chocolate, vanilla, and half-and-half instead of plain milk. If you love caramel, don’t skip this one.

Dutch Crunch Breve with White Coffee

This hot drink features the nuttiness of hazelnut and the fruitiness of strawberry as the primary flavors. You may think they don’t blend well, but this drink proves otherwise. Apart from strawberry and hazelnut, it has half and half white coffee. If you aren’t a big fan of white coffee, you can switch up your order to have espresso instead.

Snickers Mocha

Hot Drinks at Dutch Bros

I have never met a person who does not enjoy a snickers candy bar. Who could say no to a beautiful combination of caramel, chocolate, and nuts? Well, this hot snickers mocha embodies the snickers candy bar flavor so wholesomely you’d think some snickers chunks have been included in your drink. If you are worried about it being too sweet, you can ask for the sugar-free version instead.

White Zombie Mocha

If you are looking for a drink with a spooky vibe, then you should get this one. It has mocha syrup flavoring, white chocolate, and chocolate milk. If the sweet chocolate flavor is too overpowering for you, you can choose the sugar-free option or switch the chocolate milk to plain milk.

Christmas Morning Chai

There’s no other perfect way to usher in the festive season apart from a warm, cozy drink in hand. Let this one be it if you are looking for the perfect one. This hot drink has white chocolate half and half instead of milk. To make it even more Christmassy, top it up with cinnamon, nutmeg, and whipped cream.

Golden Eagle

Hot Drinks at Dutch Bros you will enjoy

If you are looking for a creamy, sweet drink with a strong caffeine kick, then the Golden Eagle would be your top pick. It is a breve kind of drink, meaning it has espresso and half and half instead of milk. Aside from this, it has vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle on top.

911 Irish Crème Breve

This drink is probably called 9-1-1 because you need to get it asap. This hot drink favorite is made of half-and-half Irish cream syrup and six whole shots of espresso. One sip of this gives you energy for the rest of your day.


Another match made in heaven is the one between chocolate and coconut. This hot drink combines both flavors and is topped with bold espresso and whipped cream. For a killer tropical yet rich flavor, choose this drink.

Double Rainbro Tea

Dutch Bros Hot drinks

Those who prefer tea to coffee need not look any further; this might be the best tea ever. Double rainbro tea is a blend of green tea and vibrant coconut, strawberry, and peach syrups flavors. After a few sips, it will feel like you’ve leaped a rainbow.

White Chocolate Chai Latte

Another tremendous hot drink, perfect for the festive season. It is made of Dutch Bro’s spiced chai tea, white chocolate sauce, and milk. The best part of it is that you have the freedom to choose the type of milk you would like. Also, don’t forget to top it off with a good dollop of whipped cream to make it extra festive.

Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

For lovers of the sweet, simple, and subtle flavor called vanilla, you will fall more in love with it after a sip of this drink. It is a magical combination of Dutch Bro’s spicy chai, vanilla syrup, and your choice of milk, not forgetting the whipped cream on top.


top ranked Hot Drinks at Dutch Bros you will enjoy

This hot drink is also known as the caramel mocha drink. It is made of the Dutch bro’s strong espresso, exclusive chocolate milk, caramel sauce, and whipped cream on top. All caramel flavor lovers should try this drink.

Double chocolate Dutch cocoa

It would be unjust to list the best hot drinks at Dutch Bros and ignore the hot chocolate. It is made of chocolate milk, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream for extra creaminess. If you do not believe in something called ‘too much chocolate,’ this one is for you.

Caramel Dutch cocoa

Aside from the classic hot chocolate, this drink takes it up a notch further. It features chocolate milk, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. You could even add a drizzle of caramel sauce for more sweetness.

Dirty Chai latte

If you are looking for a latte with a spicy twist, then this drink is for you. It is made of Dutch Bros spicy chai, espresso, and the milk of your choice. The spiciness of the chai and the slight bitterness of espresso balance each other out to create a wholesome drink.

Christmas morning chai

Hot Drinks at Dutch Bros you will enjoy

One of the best ways to usher in the Christmas season is by getting this drink. As the name suggests, taking a sip of this will feel like a crisp and festive Christmas morning. It is made of the Oregon chai tea latte base, white chocolate syrup, and half and half.


This drink is the simplest on this list. It is made of espresso and water. However, do not let its simplicity fool you. You will get a strong caffeine kick, enough to give you energy for the entire day after just a few sips of this drink. If you like to keep things simple, go for this one.

Double Torture

This drink is similar to the 9-1-1 drink in terms of the strong caffeine boost it will give you. It resembles a mocha with Dutch Bros chocolate milk, vanilla syrup, and espresso shots. The cup size you want will determine the number of espresso shots you’ll get. Get a larger cup size for more espresso shots for a more decisive kick.

Hazelnut Truffle Mocha

top ranked Hot Drinks at Dutch Bros you will enjoy

This drink was originally a seasonal drink, but it was so popular that Dutch Bros decided to add it to their regular menu. It is made of hazelnut syrup, steamed chocolate milk and topped off with a caramel drizzle. You can get salted caramel drizzle instead for a much sweeter drink and to hide the coffee flavor.

Informative Section

What is the cheapest hot drink on the Dutch Bros menu?

The cheapest hot drink at Dutch Bros is the Americano. The small size costs $1.50.

What is the most popular hot drink on Dutch Bros menu?

The Golden Eagle is the most popular hot drink on the Dutch Bros menu.

How long do Dutch Bros’ hot drinks stay hot?

They stay hot for up to four hours.

Does Dutch Bros deliver hot drinks?

Yes, they do. You can order your favorite hot drink through the Dutch Bros. app or a delivery company like Postmates.