How Much Is a Pump of Syrup at Starbucks? (How many milligrams are in a pump of syrup + More Information)

Syrups are common sweeteners that you get at Starbucks in hot and cold beverages. If you have ever had to watch what you are eating, you may have wanted to know how many milligrams are in a pump of syrup.

There are two types of pumps: a small pump for cold drinks that dispenses about 7.4 milligrams, which is equivalent to 1/4 ounce, and a larger pump for hot drinks that dispenses about 15 milligrams (1/2 ounce). This means 4 of small pumps make an ounce or about 30 milligrams of syrup.

I learned this recently when I needed to reduce my sugar intake and was curious to know exactly how much syrup was in my cup. By knowing this, you will be able to determine the significance of each pump you add or reduce to your drink and manage your diet better.

How much does Starbucks syrup cost?

At Starbucks, there is no extra charge for additional syrup if the drink already has syrup as standard. However, if it did not, you will be charged $0.80 for any number of syrup pumps, regardless of whether it is one or several. However, replacing a sauce with a syrup flavor, or a syrup flavor with a sauce will also cost you $0.80.

Where can I get Starbucks syrup?

How many milligrams are in a pump of syrup

You can get Starbucks syrup with their beverages or buy Starbucks syrup in 12.17 fl. oz (360ml) bottles in-store, from retailers and grocery stores like Walmart, Fred Meyers, and Target, or online from Amazon. Flavors available for at-home use include Caramel, Hazelnut, and Vanilla natural flavored syrups. Specialty and seasonal syrups are not offered for sale.

What is Starbucks’ syrup policy?

According to Starbucks’ syrup policy, you can add an unlimited number of syrup pumps to whatever drink that is normally served with syrup for free. If a drink does not contain syrup by default, you can add your choice of syrups for a one-time fee of $0.80.

Final Thoughts

Extra and alternative syrups are some of the free things that you can get with Starbucks beverages, which is a nice touch. Do you feel like you need a different flavor? Just ask. The baristas will switch it up for you, and if you are in the mood for a whole load of sugar, simply ask, will cost you just $0.80 if the drink was not designed to have syrup. On the other hand, if you need to reduce your sugar intake, you can always get the Sugar Free Vanilla, or let the barista know you want fewer pumps.

FAQ Section

Are all Starbucks syrups sweetened?

Yes. All Starbucks syrups are sweetened, with the sugar-free syrups using Splenda instead of sugar.

Does Starbucks have vegan syrups?

Yes, most of the clear syrups, such as Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Irish crème are vegan syrups, which contain no dairy products.

Are there some naturally sweetened syrups at Starbucks?

Yes. Starbucks has some naturally sweetened syrups, including Caramel, Vanilla, and Hazelnut classic flavored syrups.

How many varieties of syrup does Starbucks have?

Starbucks currently has close to twenty syrups that include classic, specialty, or seasonal syrups. These are Caramel syrup, Chestnut praline, Cinnamon Dolce, Classic, Honey blend, Irish crème, Liquid cane sugar, Peppermint, Apple brown sugar, Brown sugar, Chai syrup, Funnel cake, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Sugar cookie, Sugar-free vanilla, Toasted vanilla, Toffee nut, and Vanilla syrup. 

Does Starbucks charge for syrups during refills?

Starbucks does not charge for syrups in iced coffee, iced tea, and cold brew refills.

How many kinds of syrup can I get with every purchase?

You can get as many syrups as you wish with every purchase.

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