How Long Does Starbucks Creamer Last? (Does Starbucks Coffee Creamer Have To Be Refrigerated? + More Information)

Bottled Starbucks creamers make delicious smooth toppings for homemade coffee, but do they stay fresh for weeks? How long does Starbucks creamer last? Read on to find out.

Starbucks creamer lasts for seven days when refrigerated, but you can stretch it to 14 days. If you want to buy a Starbucks creamer, check its expiry date and keep this shelf-life in mind. Lately, I enjoy homemade cappuccinos and macchiatos, so I need a caramel-flavored creamer from my favorite coffee shop, Starbucks. However, my first Starbucks creamer went bad after a few weeks, yet I had hardly used it. I found out I had to use my creamer in 14 days from Starbucks’ website. If you’re looking for coffee creamer, knowing its shelf-life will ensure none of it goes to waste.

Does Starbucks Creamer Expire?

Yes, Starbucks coffee creamers expire. All food products inevitably spoil; when you use expired creamers, you may fall sick or have coffee that tastes terrible. So, how can you spot an expired creamer? A stale creamer has a curdled appearance instead of a smooth consistency. You’ll also notice a bad smell, taste, and mold when your creamer is past its expiry date. If you suspect your creamer has gone bad, pour some into a spoon and have a slight taste before you add it to your coffee.

Does Starbucks Coffee Creamer Have To Be Refrigerated?

Does Starbucks Coffee Creamer Have To Be Refrigerated?

According to a Starbucks shelf-life cheat sheet, you should refrigerate your dairy and non-dairy coffee creamers to maintain their freshness. The vegetable oil, heavy cream, and sugar in its coffee creamer may shorten its shelf life. That’s why Starbucks stocks its creamers in the fridge section at your local store. According to Starbucks, The ideal fridge temperature for storing Starbucks coffee creamers is 33°F and 45°F. Do not store your Starbucks creamers in a freezer.

How Long Does Starbucks Creamer Last In The Fridge?

Dairy Starbucks creamers have an expiry date that dictates their freshness, regardless of refrigeration. You can use these dairy creamers for 14 days, but their expiration compromises their shelf life considerably. Non-dairy Starbucks coffee creamers lose their mint condition after seven days in the fridge. You can still use the creamer since Starbucks has a rule of thumb that you should consume all its dairy-and-non dairy creamers within 14 days after you open their packaging. Although refrigeration prolongs a creamer’s shelf life, it will go still spoil, eventually.

FAQ Section

Can you use Starbucks creamer after 14 days?

Starbucks can guarantee its creamers are in mint condition for 14 days. After this period, the quality of the creamer may deteriorate. Since Starbucks sells creamers in one large size only, you may have a lot left after this stipulated time. The leftover expired creamer may feel like a waste; your frugality may tempt you to use it, but you should throw it out. If you decide to use the expired creamer because it looks and tastes fresh, do so at your risk.

Can expired Starbucks coffee creamer make you sick?

Yes, expired Starbucks coffee may have mold or bacterial contamination that can make you sick. If the creamer is way past its shelf-life and has all the signs of a spoilt product, don’t use it; you’ll increase the risk of food poisoning.

Can coffee creamer go bad before its expiry date?

Yes, a coffee creamer can spoil before its expiry date, especially when a store doesn’t store it appropriately. In this case, you can return to the store and ask for an exchange.

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