How to order chocolate milk at Starbucks (is chocolate milk available on the Starbucks app + more information)

Starbucks chocolate milk is a delicious beverage you can get in a Starbucks drive-in, order at home, or office. But how do you order chocolate milk at Starbucks?

You can order Starbucks chocolate milk by asking the barista for a Grande size milk, four pumps of mocha, and one pump of vanilla syrup. I love milk and chocolate, so the combination produces one of my favorite beverages. Although you may not find chocolate milk on the Starbucks app, you can creatively order the drink on the app. In this post, I will explain how you can order chocolate milk at Starbucks. Kindly read on.

How do I order chocolate milk from Starbucks in the store?

There are several ways you can order chocolate milk from the Starbucks store.

First, if you want Grande-size chocolate milk, request the barista to serve you with milk in a Grande cup; add four pumps of mocha and one pump of vanilla syrup. The four pumps of mocha provide the chocolate flavour you need in your milk.

Alternatively, you can request the barista to serve you the signature hot chocolate. The signature hot chocolate is made with Starbucks steamed non-fat milk, Starbucks exclusive cocoa, and topped with whipped cream. You can also request the barista to serve you with hazelnut signature hot chocolate. Baristas in the Starbucks location understand the order and will serve you with creamy chocolate, hazelnut flavor, and whipped cream topping.

I also found it easy to order milk in the cup size of your preference, mocha sauce, and the flavors you prefer. Some of the flavors include vanilla flavor. The mocha sauce provides chocolate without adding coffee to your milk chocolate drink.

You can enjoy your chocolate milk beverage, iced or hot. When you need it iced, you have to tell your barista so that ice can be added to your drink. Remember to request the sweetener of your choice if you prefer an extra sweetness in your drink.

How do I order chocolate milk from the Starbucks app?

How to order chocolate milk at Starbucks

First, open the Starbucks menu on the app, click on the menu, and select the type of milk you prefer- 2% milk, non-fat milk, whole milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or oat milk- add your favorite flavors and then add mocha sauce. Remember to choose between warm, steamed hot, or extra hot milk. The mocha sauce contains several ingredients: citric acid, potassium sorbate, natural flavors, cocoa, water, corn syrup, and invert sugar. a Grande serving of chocolate milk contains four pumps of mocha sauce.

You can order hot or iced chocolate milk from the app. When ordering iced chocolate milk, order cold milk, and add mocha and ice.

Is there chocolate milk on the Starbucks app?

There is no chocolate milk in the Starbucks app. You have to order milk and mocha sauce. The Starbucks menu has two drinks that have a significant resemblance to chocolate milk. The resemblance is in that they both contain milk and chocolate.

First, the menu has white hot chocolate. This beverage is made of 2% milk, milk foam, 4 pumps of white chocolate syrup in a Grande serving, and a whipped cream topping. You can customize the type of milk you want, and the other options available include non-fat milk, whole milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or oat milk.

The second drink on the menu that resembles milk chocolate is hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is made with 2% milk, milk foam, four pumps of mocha for a Grande serving, mocha drizzle, and whipped cream toppings. The two beverages in the Starbucks app are a perfect alternative to milk chocolate.

You can order the two drinks from the Starbucks app by opening the menu, navigating to hot drinks, then to hot chocolates, and selecting either hot chocolate or white hot chocolate. You can customize by choosing the type of milk, type of milk foam, flavors, temperature, and toppings.

Final thoughts

Even though there is no drink named chocolate milk on the Starbucks menu, you can still enjoy it by ordering milk and adding mocha sauce or chocolate syrup. Alternatively, you can order white or hot chocolate and customize them in your preferred manner.

FAQ Section

Can you add chocolate milk to coffee?

Yes, you can add. A coffee-chocolate flavor is delicious. Adding it to coffee creates a drink with a more balanced taste and reduces the bitterness in coffee. It also increases its nutritional value because milk is rich in calcium and proteins.

What is chocolate milk in coffee called?

The drink is commonly known as Café mocha.

Is coffee mixed with chocolate milk good?

Coffee mixed with chocolate milk is a good drink. It has a more balanced taste and has lower caffeine compared to a plain coffee drink such as a shot of espresso.

Can you froth chocolate milk?

Yes, you can froth chocolate milk. Frothed chocolate milk has a smooth texture. It is airy and creamy and provides a nice bubbly feeling in the mouth.

Is chocolate milk better warm or cold?

Chocolate milk is good warm or cold, depending on the weather. In hot weather, chocolate milk is better cold. On the other side, cholate milk is better hot than freezing in a cold weather

Can you order just chocolate milk from Starbucks?

Yes, you can, and the easiest way to do it is to order milk and then add mocha.

Is chocolate milk healthy?

Chocolate milk is healthy because it contributes more than 30% of an average adult’s daily protein requirement. Additionally, it is a source of calcium, an essential mineral in the growth and development of bones and teeth.

Will chocolate milk make me fat?

A Grande serving has more than 400 calories and can significantly contribute to weight gain. Additionally, milk has high cholesterol and fat levels, considerably contributing to weight gain.

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