Is the Starbucks app safe (is Starbucks app vulnerable to hackers)?

If you are among the 30% of Starbucks customers who use the Starbucks app, you may ask, is Starbucks app safe? Read on to find out.

Starbucks’ mobile application is not safe always since it has vulnerabilities that make the customers who use it susceptible to hacking😰.


My friend was always complaining about the long queues at Starbucks. I decided to inform him about the Starbucks app. However, he told me he can’t use the app because it is vulnerable to hacking. I didn’t believe him since I have been using the app for almost two years now and have never suspected any fraudulent activities on my account. So, I decided to research to learn more about this information. I have decided to write this article to inform you whether the Starbucks app is vulnerable to hacking and how you can protect yourself from hackers while using the app, so read till the end.

Is the Starbucks app vulnerable to hacking?

is Starbucks app vulnerable to hackers?
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According to News reports, Starbucks App is vulnerable to hacking. In 2015, CNN reported that hackers😎 had found ways to hack into the Starbucks app and drain bank accounts via the app. Many magazines and News Channels have reported this Starbucks App’s problem to warn its users.

In response, Starbucks said it is true they have encountered unauthorized activities connected to their customers’ app accounts. However, these activities are not caused by any hacking of their apps, but rather, when hackers get reused names and passwords from other sites and attempt to use the information on the Starbucks app. Therefore, Starbucks management has denied the accusation that the Starbucks app is vulnerable to hacking.

Should I be worried about my personal information on the Starbucks app?

Is the Starbucks app safe?
Starbucks app. Image source: Starbucks

There is no need to get worried about your personal information on the Starbucks app. According to Starbucks, there is a team of engineers working to advance the app’s security and prevent any fraudulent activities via the app. The coffee chain does not disclose any customer’s details to the public.

How can consumers protect themselves from hackers when using the Starbucks app?

Starbucks encourages its customers to use different user names and passwords for different sites, especially the ones with financial information. Since hackers access the Starbucks app accounts through usernames and passwords, you can protect your personal information by using a confidential username and password on the Starbucks app that has not been used on any other site. I never use one password for any site or App I sign up to. I know it is a big deal to remember the passwords, but I would rather deal with a password reset than a hacker.

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If you believe that your Starbucks app account has been subjected to any hacking, Starbucks encourages you to immediately contact📞 Starbucks customer service at 1-800-STARBUC (1-800-782-7282) to take action and prevent any fraudulent activities.

Is the Starbucks app worth it if it’s vulnerable to hacking?

Yes, the Starbucks app is worth it, even though it is vulnerable to hacking. You don’t have to worry about hacking while using the Starbucks app since Starbucks has taken action to protect all its customers. Starbucks is always ready to keep its customers’ personal information safe; hence, if you note any suspicious activities on your Starbucks app, immediately contact📞 Starbucks customer service at 1-800-STARBUC (1-800-782-7282).


What makes Starbucks app vulnerable to cyber-attack?

Starbucks App is vulnerable to cyber-attack because most customers who use the app have the same usernames and passwords for different sites. This makes them easy targets for hackers.

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