Rolex Kermit vs. Hulk: How do they compare?

I have always been a fan of all things Rolex, and one of my current hobbies is finding out as much as I can about Submariners, and picking them up when my budget allows it. I have learned, within this period, that a green Submariner is pretty special, so I have always had a keen interest in the Rolex Kermit and Rolex Hulk.

I recently had the opportunity to get a hold of both courtesy of a good friend, and I decided to test them out and see which one of the two is a better device. They are both incredible watches built to handle loads of pressure with a lot of grace. Here is a detailed comparison.

What are the differences between Rolex Kermit and Rolex Hulk?


Rolex Kermit

Rolex Hulk

What it’s made of (material)

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Oyster Case




60-minute aluminum bezel in emerald green

60-minute Cerachrom bezel in dark green

Luminous Marker

Super LumiNova


Oyster Bracelet

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Water Resistance

30 ATM (300 meters)

30 ATM (300 meters)


Matte black dial

Shiny green dial

Case Diameter

40mm, with flat crown guards

40mm, with sharp crown guards and lugs

Calibre (Movement)

3135 Automatic

3135 Automatic


$25,000 – First generation

$23,000 – First generation


No longer in production (Collectible)

No longer in production

Clasp Type

Oysterlock clasp

Glidelock clasp


Sapphire crystal

Sapphire crystal

Case Back




Date and Stop seconds function

Date and Stop seconds function




Rolex Kermit vs. Rolex Hulk – How they compare

Hulk vs Rolex Kermit

What they are made of (Material)

Since their inception, Rolex timepieces have always been known for exemplary quality and world-class builds. The Rolex Kermit lives up to this expectation, presenting a stainless steel body that is made to handle loads of pressure in all sorts of environments and circumstances.

The Rolex Hulk, on the other hand, comes with a solid stainless steel build that allows it the capacity to handle all sorts of pressure without sustaining any significant damage. The material keeps the watch from scratching too easily, and from rusting when used in water or in extremely humid conditions.

Because both watches are made using the same material that can handle extreme conditions without rusting or getting easily damaged, they are placed on equal footing in this category so that none supersedes the other where the build material is concerned.

Oyster case

Just like the rest of the body, the Rolex Kermit’s oyster case is made using stainless steel. This adds loads of strength to the case and watch as a whole since the steel allows the watch to withstand lots of pressure from all sorts of activities and environments. The oyster case on this watch is 41mm.

In comparison, the Rolex Hulk also comes with a solid stainless steel oyster case that is very sturdy and strong. This allows the watch the capacity to handle extremely hot and cold temperatures and environments that would cause wear to the device. On this watch, the oyster case is also sealed shut, making sure that it remains water and dustproof. This watch has a 40mm oyster case.

Even though all other characteristics are the same for both watches, they both feature different sizes of the oyster cases, with the Rolex Hulk presenting a slightly smaller case. This makes it the better watch of the two due to the slightly smaller oyster case.


For many people, the bezel is one of the most exciting parts of a Rolex watch, and the Rolex Kermit does not disappoint. This watch presents a stainless steel bezel that has a beautiful emerald green color. The bezel is graduated with 60-minute marks, and it is made using aluminum which is a pretty strong and durable material.

On the other hand, the Rolex Hulk presents a dark green bezel made of Cerachrom, a ceramic material that is extremely strong, durable, and highly resistant to scratches, wear, and tear. The bezel is also graduated to indicate the 60 digits that are representative of a minute.

Even though the watches have many similarities, the Rolex Hulk proves a better watch than the Rolex Kermit because it has a Cerachrom bezel which is stronger and more resistant to wear than stainless steel.

Luminous Marker

Since the Rolex Kermit was largely in production before 2008, it features Super LumiNova markers which are great for use in dark environments, when deep sea diving, and even when navigating murky waters. The markers are nontoxic and non-radioactive.

The Rolex Hulk, on the other hand, features more impressive luminous markers since it uses Chroma light which is a lot stronger and easier to see. This marker has been proven to last longer and is also non-radioactive and non-toxic.

The Rolex Hulk wins in this category since it has the stronger and longer-lasting luminous marker when compared to the Rolex Kermit.

Oyster Bracelet

How Rolex Kermit compare to Hulk

The Rolex Kermit comes with a stainless steel oyster bracelet which is pretty sturdy and durable. It is also very comfortable but proves a little difficult to adjust without professional help.

On the other hand, the Rolex Hulk comes with stainless steel oyster bracelet that is built to be strong and durable. It is, however, easy to adjust and does not require complicated steps to do.

The Rolex Hulk wins in this category since it has an easier to adjust the oyster bracelet.

Water Resistance

Because it is a watch that is made to function just about anywhere in the world, the Rolex Kermit is made to be a waterproof watch. It has a water resistance rating of 30 ATM, meaning that it can withstand up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) of water.

The Rolex Hulk follows suit in a similar fashion, offering a water resistance rating of 30 ATM which means it can withstand a depth of up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet. This is why it is a favorite for sailors and people who like to go snorkeling and deep sea diving.

Seeing as both watches have the same water resistance rating, they are both placed on equal footing in this category so that neither supersedes the other.


When it comes to the dial, the Rolex Kermit is fitted with a matte black bezel which stays somewhat true to many classic Rolex watches. The dial is combined with Rolex’s signature 18K gold markings as well as the luminous Mercedes hands.

In comparison, the Rolex Hulk comes with a shiny emerald green bezel which somewhat deviates from the norm and gives the watch a more modern look. The markings on this watch are platinum-coated, giving them something of a shiny chrome finish.

Since the Rolex Hulk features platinum-coated markings, it makes a better watch than the Rolex Kermit in this category since platinum is of higher value than gold.

Case Diameter

The Rolex Kermit’s case has a diameter of 40mm which makes it a sizable but not overly large watch. Interestingly, it has a pretty trim profile and as well as a comfortable fit. This way, it does not get in your way as you go about your day, even when doing strenuous activity. The crown guards on this watch are flat, making it look more compact.

Similarly, the Rolex Hulk comes with a 40mm case, giving it a good size. The watch is also considerably slim, allowing it to fit the wrist pretty well. Unlike the Rolex Kermit, however, the Rolex Hulk has sharper and more pronounced crown guards which give the impression that it is larger than the Rolex Kermit.

Even though both watches have the same case diameter, the Rolex Kermit appears more compact, making it a better watch than the Rolex Hulk in this category.

Caliber (Movement)

When it comes to movement, the Rolex Kermit presents Rolex’s signature type which is the 3135. It is an automatic movement that is COSC certified, meaning that you get the very best. This movement takes into account such activities as diving, making sure that time is always exact.

The Rolex Hulk follows suit in a similar fashion, presenting the same 3135 movement which is currently the most efficient caliber for watches all over the world. It makes sure that this watch indicates the most accurate time no matter what activity you engage in.

Because both watches use the same exact caliber, they present the same accuracy as far as time goes, setting them on equal footing in this category.


When it comes to price, the Rolex Kermit ranks among some fairly expensive watches. I first generation in mint condition will set you back about $25,000 which is pretty high.

The Rolex Hulk, on the other hand, will cost you slightly less, ranging at around $23,000 for a first generation in mint condition and with all its documentation.

Since the Rolex Hulk is cheaper than the Rolex Kermit, albeit, by a small margin, it wins in this category for being the more affordable watch of the two.


The Rolex Kermit has not been in production since 2010, meaning that the chances that you are going to stumble upon a brand new one are next to nil. For this reason, these watches are now considered collectibles, and this is what makes them even more expensive than they were when they were in production.

Similarly, the Rolex Hulk is no longer in production, with the last units being made in 2020. Since these are more recent than the Rolex Kermit, they do not fetch as much money, but they are still very expensive. Since finding a brand new one is also almost impossible, the Rolex Hulk is now also considered a collectible.

Even though both are no longer in production, the Rolex Kermit makes a better watch to have as it will fetch more than the Rolex Hulk, making it the better watch of the two.

Clasp Type

To keep the watch securely in place, the Rolex Kermit has an oyster lock clasp which is a little traditional but very effective. Because of the clasp’s length, however, the bracelet on either side is somewhat shorter, making it difficult to make extremely fine adjustments. The watch can be easily adjusted, just not with extremely high precision.

The Rolex Hulk, on the other hand, comes with a glide lock clasp which makes it a lot easier to adjust the bracelet’s length to an accuracy of up to 2mm.

While both clasps are great, the Rolex Hulk wins in this category since it is easier to adjust thanks to the type of clasp.


The face of the Rolex Kermit is covered with a thick sapphire crystal which is very beautiful, and that is quite large. The crystal is not flat at the top, but it has a nice rounded shape that gives the watch’s face a characteristic roundness.

On the other hand, the Rolex Hulk also comes with a sapphire crystal which is thick and nicely rounded. The crystal is pretty tough and can withstand loads of pressure without breaking.

Since both watches sport the same type of sapphire crystal, they are placed on equal footing in this category.

Case Back

To keep the inner intricate parts of the watch protected, the Rolex Hulk features a stainless steel case back. It is very hardy and durable and is fitted to be completely waterproof. It is also very comfortable on the wrist as it sits just right.

The Rolex Hulk follows suit in a similar fashion, presenting a stainless steel case back which keeps the watch waterproof, and which is made to fit the wrist just right for comfort.

Both watches have the same stainless steel case in the back, placing them on equal footing in this category.


While the Rolex Kermit is designed and built for multipurpose use, it mainly features two complications. It comes with a date feature located where the digit 3 should be, and it also supports the stop-seconds function.

The Rolex Kermit, in comparison, also comes with the same complications, offering a date function in the same position and a stop-seconds function as well.

Since both watches have the same complications, neither of them is the winner in this category.


When it comes to size, the ole Kermit is a 41mm watch which is pretty sizable but very practical. It is a comfortable size that will not be a hindrance as you go about your activities.

On the other hand, the Rolex Hulk comes with a 40mm size which makes it a slightly smaller watch, but the difference is negligible. You would hardly be able to notice it. Because of its sharp and prominent crown and lugs, however, this watch seems larger.

Even though slightly larger than the Rolex Hulk, the Kermit wins in this category because it gives the illusion that it is smaller and more compact.

Rolex Kermit vs. Hulk: A Comparison Overview

Rolex Kermit Overview

Rolex Kermit vs. Hulk

This watch was introduced into the market in the year 2003 during the 50th anniversary of Submariners. It was the first green Rolex, and it became very popular because of this. The Rolex Kermit maintains many classic features of its predecessors, and it is just as functional a watch.

This timepiece was made for divers, and this is why it is a Submariner. It is a comfortable watch that is highly reliable and made of high-quality material that would not easily wear or tear.

What we liked;

  • Very strong and sturdy build
  • Made for professional diving
  • Has a beautiful green bezel
  • Very comfortable

What we did not like;

  • It is a very expensive watch

What do people say?

Dr. OA on Amazon says that it is a great watch and rates it 10/10 for its reliability and accuracy.

Rolex Hulk Overview

How do Rolex Kermit compare to Hulk

This timepiece was first introduced in 2010 but was discontinued in 2020. For this reason, it is now considered a collectible. The watch is built for excellence, and that is why it is waterproof, extremely hardy, and very accurate.

This watch has a dark shade of green, deviating from the norm when it comes to classic Rolex watches. It is, however, the very feature that sets it apart. It is a pro divers’ watch and is one of the most sought-after watches in the world.

What we liked

  • Waterproof to 1,000 feet
  • Very hardy
  • Features a premium build
  • Very comfortable

What we did not like;

  • It is very expensive

What do people say?

Manuel Orta on Amazon calls it the most beautiful watch ever and states that it is a must-have for collectors.

Final Verdict: So, which is better – Rolex Kermit or Hulk?

Both timepieces are exceptional watches that would be great to have. At the end of the day, your preference in color is what will determine the one you settle for. They have similar functionality and are both very reliable.

FAQ Section

Which has a better appearance between Rolex Kermit and Hulk?

Both watches have green features, but the Kermit stands out because of the black tones.

Is the Rolex Kermit more expensive than Hulk?

Yes, it is, because it is slightly older.

Which is more popular between Rolex Kermit and Hulk?

Both watches are very popular, and they enjoy the same ratings from users.

Which is rare between Rolex Kermit and Hulk?

Both are rare, but the Kermit is a little harder to find because it is older.

Which one has better movement between Rolex Kermit and Hulk?

Both watches have the same type of movement.

Which one is easier to service between Rolex Kermit and Hulk?

They come with similar features, meaning that they both need the same kind of service.

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