Does Starbucks have chocolate milk? (Chocolate milk-like drinks at Starbucks + More information)

If you work out and are looking for a recovery drink, one of the options that you can consider is chocolate milk. So, does Starbucks have chocolate milk?

Yes, it does. Some of them include Starbucks caffe mocha, mocha cookie crumble frappuccino, java chip frappuccino, and chocolate cookie crumble creme frappuccino. Some new Starbucks customers assume that this company focuses on only coffee and miss out on some chocolate milk drinks.

When I started working out, I had to look for recovery drinks after intense exercises. I came across Starbucks chocolate milk. This drink helps my body recover better. I created this post to help you determine whether you can get it from Starbucks. You will also discover some chocolate-milk alternatives by the end of this post.

Does Starbucks have chocolate drinks?

Yes, it does. Some of them include the following.

  • Starbucks caffe mocha

Starbucks makes this drink with steamed milk, espresso, and mocha sauce. If you choose this drink, you can ask the barista to top it with some whipped cream. You can also ask for more mocha sauce without worrying about being charged extra. A grande Starbucks caffe mocha has four pumps of chocolate.

  • Iced caffe mocha

If you want a cold chocolate milk drink that can help you cool down on a hot day, you can order this from Starbucks. It is the iced version of the previous drink. A grande iced caffe mocha contains 350 calories and 175 mg of caffeine.

  • Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino

Do you want a caffeine boost but still love mocha? If yes, you should try this chocolate milk drink. Starbucks makes it with whole milk, mocha sauce, whipped cream, frappuccino chips, ice, and coffee frappuccino syrup. You can also top it with chocolate cookie crumble.

  • Java chip frappuccino

Starbucks adds Frappuccino chips into this mocha frappuccino drink to make it more delicious. The chocolate milk drink is also made with whole milk, ice, coffee frappuccino syrup, and whipped cream. It contains 440 calories, 105 mg of caffeine, and 60 g of sugar.

  • Chocolate cookie crumble creme frappuccino

You will also find this chocolate milk on the Starbucks regular menu. It is made with milk, ice, mocha sauce, chocolate cookie crumble, and whipped cream. You can ask for a topping of mocha drizzle and vanilla whipped cream. If you want the drink to be spicy, request cinnamon.

Can you order chocolate milk at Starbucks?

Chocolate milk-like drinks at Starbucks

Yes, you can. Start by specifying the type of chocolate milk drink you want, then customize it. If, for instance, you would like to order a drink with mocha sauce and want it to be sweeter, you can ask the Starbucks barista to sweeten it with syrup-like vanilla. The white chocolate mocha sauce is also a great alternative. If you want more chocolate in your drink, you can ask for chocolate drizzle, cookie crumble toppings, or chocolate curls.

Chocolate milk alternatives at Starbucks – what Starbucks drinks are like chocolate milk?

Though Starbucks prepares most chocolate milk drinks with whole milk, you can tell the barista to add a dairy-free milk alternative to your drink if you don’t take dairy products. Some of the chocolate milk alternatives at Starbucks include the following.

  • Iced Chocolate almond milk shaken espresso

If you have been looking for a low-calorie chocolate milk alternative, you should consider ordering this from Starbucks. It is a tasty chocolate drink that is ideal for vegans. It has notes of chocolate malt powder, blonde espresso, ice and is topped with some almond milk. The drink contains 1000 calories, 255 mg of caffeine, and 16 g of sugar.

  • Toffee almond milk hot chocolate

This is also another chocolate milk alternative that you can try out. It is made with steamed almond milk, toffee nut syrup, and mocha sauce. You can also ask for a topping of caramel Brulee. To keep it dairy-free, do not ask for whipped cream.

Final thoughts

Starbucks keeps on adding more drinks to its menu to attract more customers. Does Starbucks have chocolate milk? Yes, it does. You can find different Starbucks chocolate milk drinks to pick from. Though these drinks are delicious, you should consume them in moderation since they contain a lot of fat and sugar.

FAQ section

How to order chocolate milk drinks at Starbucks

Tell the barista the title of the chocolate milk drink you want. Specify the cup size and customize the drink. You can ask for a sweetener like syrup or make it creamier by requesting whipped cream. You can either ask for a drink with whole milk or a dairy-free milk alternative.

How do you order a chocolate shake at Starbucks?

You can first specify the cup size so that the barista can pick the correct size. Next state, choose the chocolate shake you would like to have from Starbucks and tell the barista its name.

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