Does Starbucks make bulletproof coffee? (How Do I order Bulletproof Coffee at Starbucks? + More Information)

Bulletproof coffee is a game-changer when it comes to ketosis. So, does Starbucks make bulletproof coffee?

Let me be honest; when I first heard about bulletproof coffee, I couldn’t help but get taken aback. The name does it all. When you hear about it for the first time, you become curious and want to know how it looks. When checking for the bulletproof coffee, the first place that came to my mind was Starbucks. I realized that Starbucks does not specifically make bulletproof coffee, but one can customize some drinks to get it as the final result.

Bulletproof coffee was introduced to help in watching one’s diet. Those on the Keto diet use bulletproof coffee as it comes highly recommended. For those who love coffee, bulletproof coffee might not be new to you, but many people might be hearing this for the first time. This write-up will help you to familiarize yourself with bulletproof coffee, get to know whether Starbucks has bulletproof coffee and how to order one from Starbucks.

Why is it called bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee got its name from Asprey, the originator of the ‘Bulletproof diet.‘ The name suggests protection, and in this case, bulletproof coffee supposedly helps keep the mind active and gives one a satisfying feeling that encourages food consumption control.

According to the founder, the bulletproof coffee is free from mycotoxins. Asprey is also the founder of the bulletproof diet, which suggests consuming foods that have high fat, low carbs, and moderate protein content.

How do I order bulletproof coffee at Starbucks?

Bulletproof Coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks does not have bulletproof coffee on its menu. However, you can customize some drinks to create a bulletproof coffee. You can achieve this by ordering sugar-free iced or hot coffee with a customized addition of creamers high in fat content (heavy cream), then add Kerry gold butter. One cup of bulletproof coffee should amount to 450 calories. Whether this is healthy or not has been the subject of debate since its inception into the market.

What is the point of bulletproof coffee?

The founder, Asprey, created bulletproof coffee intending to introduce something into the market that is keto-friendly and can be an option for those on a carb diet. The whole idea was to make one drink have a lot of fat content and calories that will push one throughout the day. It is the idea behind the keto diet.

According to Asprey, bulletproof coffee will make someone feel full for the rest of the day; this, however, has been opposed by some who have reported feeling hungry after consumption. Once you break the fasting chain, the essence of being on a keto diet is lost.

Is Starbucks bulletproof coffee harmful?

How Do I order Bulletproof Coffee at Starbucks?

Bulletproof coffee is not healthy and can pose health risks. Starbucks does not have bulletproof coffee on their menu; however one can customize to make one. The customization will contain the same calories as in an original bulletproof coffee.

Whether it is harmful or not, there have been several reports of people admitting to having stomach problems after consuming the high-fat content coffee. Health experts advise that you should not make it part of your daily keto diet.

Bulletproof coffee may lead to a high cholesterol level due to the consumption of large amounts of fat. Another potential risk is reducing the amount of calorie intake. The coffee drink could lead to unhealthy weight gain amongst those not on a keto diet.

Does Starbucks bulletproof coffee put you in ketosis?

Starbucks bulletproof coffee may help you reach and maintain ketosis. However, this will depend on how low the carbohydrate content is and if it is sugar-free. Ketosis is when the body burns fat since it lacks enough carbohydrates to burn energy. For this reason, bulletproof coffee contains high levels of fat to be keto-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Bulletproof has gained popularity, especially among those on a keto or carb-free diet. It would help if I informed you that Starbucks had not included bulletproof on its menu, but you can customize your order to make one. The high-fat content of coffee supposedly helps with mental health by engaging the mind and maintaining a good mood. Despite these benefits, it poses some health risks. These include high cholesterol levels, high-fat levels, and low nutrient intake. Therefore when deciding whether to include it in your Keto diet, carefully consider the possible health risks.


What’s the difference between bulletproof coffee and regular coffee?

Regular coffee, such as black coffee, has little calorie count than bulletproof coffee, with 450 calories in one cup. Bulletproof coffee has a lot of fat and carbohydrate content than regular coffee.

The ingredients of bulletproof coffee are different from that of regular coffee. Black coffee beans, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter make bulletproof coffee, as originated by Asprey, the founder of bulletproof coffee.

People use bulletproof coffee on a keto diet due to its high-fat content. However, almost anybody takes regular coffee without expectations of achieving any health target.

Can I drink bulletproof coffee without a keto diet?

Yes, you can. However, you should be aware of the possible side effects. You expose yourself to ketosis despite not being on a diet. Bulletproof coffee has a lot of fat which is necessary for ketosis. By taking bulletproof coffee, you can raise the level of cholesterol in your body. You risk getting stomach problems.

Therefore, whether you are on a keto diet, you should consider your health and well-being before consuming it. Bulletproof coffee may be effective for those looking to get a heavily packed drink without necessarily being on any diet.

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