Does Tim Hortons Have Chai (Is Chai available at Tim Hortons + More Information)?

Are you looking to enjoy a great drink at Tim Hortons to complete your day complete? If yes, you probably wonder, “does Tim Hortons have chai?”

Yes. It does. Tim Hortons has included Chai as one of its drinks on its menu. If your goal is to enjoy a great Chai that will give you the perfect thrill, you always get the Tim Hortons Chai to address your needs. Well, this came to my knowledge recently when I was in the mood for something unique. I asked the barista, and she recommended the Tim Hortons Chai. I loved the drink so much. So, if you are in a similar situation, you can always get the Tim Hortons Chai and enjoy it.

How do you order Chai at Tim Hortons?

You can order Tim Hortons Chai online through Tim Hortons App, or you can do this in-store. To order this drink online, you first need to download the Tim Hortons app, create an account, then choose your preferred payment option, load your account, select the location, on the hot beverages, select the chai options you want, customize it, the place an order.

To order in-store, state the size of the Chai drink you want to consume, make customization it and pay for your order. For instance, you can ask for a small cup of Chai infused with ginger and add milk.

How much is Chai at Tim Hortons?

Is Chai available at Tim Hortons

To enjoy the Tim Hortons Chai, you will part with anything from $ 1.99 for a small cup size to $ 2.39 for an extra-large cup. You should also note that the prices of the Tim Hortons Chai will vary depending on the locations and customization made to it. What are you waiting for? Feel free to drop by any Tim Hortons store and enjoy this company’s Chai

How many calories are in Tim Horton’s Chai?

Like any other drink at Tim Hortons, the Chai has its nutritional information, including the calories. You will be supplied with 19 calories in a medium Chai tea, while the Tim Hortons Chai Tea Latte will give you 100 calories. The number of calories in Chai will be determined by the customization you make to it. Adding more milk or sweeteners will increase the number of calories.

Final Thoughts

Tim Hortons Chai is available at this company. You can order it and pay depending on the size you want to consume. Additionally, you can make customizations to it to suit your needs.


Is Tim Hortons chai vegan?

Yes, it is. The good thing with Tim Hortons is that you can enjoy a vegan chai. Nonetheless, if you have customized your Chai to have milk, you can use plant-based milk, and you will enjoy it.

Is Tim Hortons chai served hot or cold?

Well, you can enjoy Tim Hortons Chai which is mainly served hot or cold. This will depend on your preference.

Does Tim Horton’s Chai contain caffeine?

Yes, it does. However, the amount of caffeine in it is moderate.

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