Dutch Bros Portal Guide (How to Login to Dutch Bros Portal + More Information)

As a newly recruited or prospective Dutch Bros employee, you may not be familiar with the Dutch Bros Portal and have probably asked, “what is Dutch Bros Portal?” Keep reading to find out what the Dutch Bros portal is and more.

The Dutch Bros Portal is a unique online system curated by the coffee company to allow employees to access their records and data. It also contains useful resources for their employment e.g., the Dutch Bros employee handbook. When I first joined Dutch Bros as a barista, I had never used an employee portal before. That isn’t shocking because this is my first real job, after all. I was completely clueless, but now I think I can operate it with my eyes closed. The Dutch Bros Portal is a fantastic handy tool that I use almost daily now because it is so convenient. If you are new to the system and don’t know where to start, this is the article for you. It will guide you on how to access the portal, log in, and use it.

How To Get Dutch Bros Portal

Now that we know what the Dutch Bros Portal is, where can you access it? Well, it is online. All you will need to get the Dutch Bros Portal is a mobile device or laptop and an internet connection. The portal has both a mobile application and a desktop version.

Where Can You Get the Dutch Bros Portal?

You can access the Dutch Bros Portal via the official Dutch Bros Portal website. For first-time enrollers, they will first have to access the portal through the Dutch Bros Enroll Portal, where they will sign up and get their official login details. These web pages usually work well, but in the event that they are not working or the system is down, the human resource department can be directly contacted to access the portal or seek help. You can also download the Dutch Bros app and access it from there.

Login and Password

How to Login to Dutch Bros Portal 
Login form. Image source: Freepik

To gain access to the Dutch Bros Portal and view all their work details, employees must have correct login credentials. You will then be able to follow the steps below:

How Do You Log In to Dutch Bros Portal?

Logging into the Dutch Bros Portal is a fairly simple task that almost always runs smoothly. Here are the steps:

  1. Using a web browser, go to https://portal.dutchbros.com/. If on a mobile device, open the Dutch Bros App.
  2. Click ‘Login’ on the loaded webpage.
  3. Enter your login email address and password. All headquarter employees should use their @dutchbros.com emails. Field leadership employees can use this email address if they have it. Regular store workers use the email address they received from Workday and/or Deputy. The password is the unique code made during setup.
  4. Click ‘Continue.’
  5. Once the login details are authorized, you will gain access to the portal.

How Can I Reset My Password for Dutch Bros Portal?

Resetting your Dutch Bros Portal password is a straightforward process. This is what you need to do:

  1. Go to https://portal.dutchbros.com/ or open the Dutch Bros app for employees.
  2. Click ‘Login’.
  3. Click the ‘Forgot Password’ button at the bottom of the page.
  4. You should be asked to give your email address. It is a @dutchbros.com email or an email from Workday or Deputy that is authorized by the Dutch Bros Portal system.
  5. Click the ‘Continue’ button.
  6. Instructions will be sent to the email address provided so long as it is in the system.
  7. Check your email and look for communication from the Dutch Bros Portal.
  8. Follow the instructions in the received email, which will be to follow the unique weblink provided.
  9. A webpage will load, and you will be required to reset your password.
  10. Input your new password of choice.
  11. Once verified, your password has officially reset.

If this does not work because of a system bug, the portal has the option of directly contacting the human resources department via email. There is a prompt button at the very bottom of the login page where complaints or issues can be reported.

How Can I Recover My Password If I Forgot?

Recovering a forgotten password is similar to resetting your password. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to https://portal.dutchbros.com/ or open the Dutch Bros app.
  2. Click ‘Login’ on the webpage.
  3. Click the ‘Forgot Password’ prompt.
  4. You will be requested to input your email address. It may be a @dutchbros.com email or an email from Workday or Deputy.
  5. Click ‘Continue.’
  6. Instructions shall be sent to the provided email address if it is a Dutch Bros registered one.
  7. Access your email.
  8. Follow the instructions given, which will be to follow the unique weblink provided.
  9. The link will take you to a webpage where you will be required to reset your password.
  10. After resetting the password, you will be prompted to log in.
  11. Login as per usual.

How To Use Dutch Bros Portal

Dutch Bros Portal Guide 
Dutch Bros Portal. Image source: Dutch Bros

To use the Dutch Bros Portal as an employee, one needs a stable internet connection. From there, there should be no problems. Various tabs ranging from ‘Profile’ and ‘Pay’ to ‘Resources’ and ‘Benefits’ will be found in the portal. All one needs to do is click the buttons to access the data they wish. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows employees to find their records and resources effortlessly. It also has the option of printing them out. The Dutch Bros Portal can also be used as a tool of communication between employees and management.

FAQ Section

Can you access your Dutch Bros portal app after you stopped working at Dutch Bros?

No. After the termination of a work contract, one’s employee profile in the app is no more.

Can I log in to the Dutch Bros portal app on behalf of someone else?

Yes. If you have someone’s login credentials, you can log into their portal. That is why these details should be kept private.

How often is the Dutch Bros portal app updated?

The Dutch Bros Portal app is updated frequently to correct the system failures that regularly occur.

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