How much are refills at Starbucks? (Does Starbucks Have a Free Refill Policy + more information)

Freebies are great, and they make life interesting, and if you are a Starbucks fan, you would know a thing or two about refills. So, how much are refills at Starbucks?

Refills at Starbucks can be free for rewards members or 50 cents for hot or iced coffees and teas for nonmembers. The good news is that you can get these refills even if you had ordered a latte as your original drink. I love refills as they save me a big deal of cash. Most Starbucks do not know much about refills and how much they cost. I wrote this post to enlighten you about refills and how to get them. You will also learn about available free refill policies.

Does Starbucks Have A Free Refill Policy?

Yes, Starbucks has a free refill policy for Starbucks rewards members. A rewards member can purchase a beverage at any Starbucks participating store using their rewards card and claim a refill on the app or in the same store.

The free refill must be a hot or cold brewed coffee or tea. You cannot get a free lemonade refill or any other handcrafted drink. You can get the refill even if you ordered a Frappuccino or a latte, but the refill is limited to the mentioned drinks. The free refill should be claimed at the same store of purchase. The moment you walk out of the store, your visit is considered over, and refills after that are claimed after a new purchase.

This means that free refills for members are viable in a single visit and cannot be postponed or extended to other days or visits. Starbucks customers without Starbucks cards can only get refills at a cost. However, the cost is significantly low.

What Drinks Can I Get For My Free Refills?

Does Starbucks Have a Free Refill Policy

Starbucks has specific drinks that qualify for refills. You can only get a free refill on brewed hot or cold coffee. You can also get it on hot or iced teas available at Starbucks and any iced or hot coffee. The trick is to make a purchase with your registered card and claim your free refill in the same store on the same visit. In regards to original drink purchases, you can get any of your favorite drinks and claim your refill.

Can I get free refills at Starbucks if I Don’t Have a Rewards Account?

Unfortunately, no. These free refills are only available to registered rewards members at Starbucks. The freebies are part of the coffee chain’s loyalty program. However, all is not lost if you are a non-member, as you can get a refill at a reduced cost.

The refills go for 50 cents, plus the cost of your original drink. The same rules apply when you purchase your refill. You must claim it in the same store as your original purchase and on the same visit. As earlier mentioned, a visit comes to an end when you leave the store.

How Many Free Refills Can I Get At Starbucks?

The good news is the refills are limitless. If you are a Starbucks rewards member, you can get as many refills as your body can take. The only limit is your body and the amount of caffeine you can handle. The time you can stay in the lobby is also limitless, so you can keep getting refills all day.


Will Starbucks Refill Any Cup?

Yes, Starbucks refills any cup size of your original drink.

Do I have to refill the same drink I originally ordered?

No, refills are restricted to specific, low-priced Starbucks drinks.

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