How much is water with strawberries at Starbucks? (Why is water with strawberries charged as a tea at Starbucks +more information)

More often than not, we tend to feel thirsty after taking caffeinated drinks. For this reason, you may want to know, does Starbucks charge for water?

Water at Starbucks is free with zero charges imposed on it. So, I do not find the need for me to buy bottled water when I can get it for free when at Starbucks. Starbucks gives you water in a grande cup or any size you want. Simply ask the barista for filtered water, and they will give it to you without any charges.

How much is strawberry water at Starbucks?

Starbucks strawberry water became popular through a TikTok trend that went viral on how to get water with strawberries at an affordable price. This trend, however, made people believe that the drink costs 0.60 dollars, which is not true. Starbucks water with strawberries costs around 4 dollars as it is charged as a custom tea and not just filtered water with strawberries in it. However, the price of this drink may be influenced by your location.

Does Starbucks only charge for strawberry inclusions?

Why is water with strawberries charged as a tea at Starbucks

Contrary to what many people believe, Starbucks does not charge the drink categorically as many may have been led to believe through an online trend of this drink. Starbucks does not consider it as filtered water with strawberry inclusion. Rather, it considers it a custom tea and is hence billed like one. So you pay for the drink as a whole which costs 4 dollars on average.

Why is Starbucks strawberry water charged the same as a custom tea?

According to Starbucks, it is a standard policy to charge the strawberry water as a custom tea. Though many customers at Starbucks complain about it and go on and on ragging that it should only be 90 cents for the strawberry inclusion as filtered water is free, the policy remains the same and the charges too.

How much is venti water at Starbucks?

Venti water is simply fresh filtered tap water, put in a venti-sized cup at Starbucks . This water is free at any Starbucks store, and you can get it by simply requesting filtered water. If you wish to have more flavor or frozen fruit inclusions, you can order a venti strawberry water, which costs approximately dollars depending on where you buy it.

FAQ section

Can I get water at Starbucks if I am not staying?

Yes, Starbucks will give you free water with ice in a grande cup, even if you are not staying.

Can I get water at Starbucks if I am not buying anything else?

Yes, you can. Regardless of whether you are purchasing anything else in the store, Starbucks is very generous with their water and will give it to you in a grande size cup at no cost.

Can I get free water at Starbucks if I order it in the app?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to order free water on the Starbucks app; you need to be in a physical store to get it.

Does Starbucks deliver strawberry water?

No, you cannot order strawberry water on the Starbucks app as it is not on the menu.

How do you ask for free water at Starbucks?

You can get your free water at Starbucks by simply asking the barista for cold or iced filtered water.

Are the strawberry inclusions in strawberry water dried?

Yes, the strawberry inclusions are frozen and dried up to prevent them from going bad.

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