How to order Dunkin Donuts on DoorDash (Can you use Dunkin Donuts app on Doordash?)

Are you suddenly craving glazed donuts😋 from Dunkin Donuts and wondering how to get them delivered to you? Here is how to order Dunkin Donuts on DoorDash.

To order Dunkin Donuts via DoorDash, visit or download the DoorDash app. Fill in your delivery address. Search for Dunkin on the app or website and select a Dunkin store that is near you. Go ahead and scroll for your favorite drinks. You can customize them to your preference. Once you are done customizing, proceed to pay and check out. Relax as your wait for your delicacies😋 to be delivered.

Can you use Dunkin Donuts app on Doordash?


For a long time, I did not know I could have my Dunkin orders delivered to my doorstep. I only knew of their app, which cannot support delivery, but I can only order ahead via it. However, when my best friend visited me a few months ago, she “totally transformed” my life by showing me how to order Dunkin via DoorDash, and have it delivered to my place. I cannot even explain how much time this has saved me. If you are trying to figure out how to order anything from Dunkin Donuts via DoorDash, stick around, as I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Can I use Dunkin Donuts app on Doordash?

How to order Dunkin Donuts on DoorDash
Dunkin Donuts app on Doordash. Image source: Dunkin Donuts

You cannot use Dunkin Donuts app on Doordash, but you can order your Dunkin Donuts favorites via the DoorDash app. The Dunkin Donuts app can only be used when ordering ahead and not placing an order for delivery. However, the company has partnered with delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub to ensure you get your favorite Dunkin items delivered to you😊. Over 6000 Dunkin stores are available on DoorDash app, and you can order from any store that is near you.

Can You Pay with the Dunkin Donuts App on the Doordash?

How to order Dunkin Donuts on DoorDash
Dunkin Donuts package. Image source: Dunkin Donuts

No, you cannot pay with the Dunkin Donuts app on DoorDash. Therefore, you cannot earn rewards for Dunkin orders delivered via DoorDash. 😒I think that this is the only downside about having my Dunkin orders delivered because I am so huge on rewards, and I love the free drinks and foods that come with it❤.

However, DoorDash accepts a variety of payment methods; hence, you cannot miss what to go with. You can pay with cash, gift cards, major debit or credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. I am a PayPal person as I find it quite convenient to use on any app, be it DoorDash or Dunkin Donuts app.

How do I order coffee on the Dunkin Donuts app on DoorDash?

How to order Dunkin Donuts on DoorDash
Dunkin Donuts DoorDash delivery. Image source: DoorDash

You can order coffee from Dunkin Donuts via either the DoorDash app or Door Dash website. If you have been struggling and not knowing how to get deliveries from Dunkin Donuts, I’ll give you a few simple steps to follow and get your coffee delivered.

  • To order coffee from Dunkin Donuts via DoorDash, open the DoorDash app or visit (if you want to order your coffee online via their website).
  • Fill in your delivery address on the DoorDash app, and search “Dunkin,” stores near you will pop up, and choose the nearest one.
  • Go to drinks, select coffee, and customize it to fit your taste.
  • Proceed to pay, checkout, and wait for your coffee to be delivered.

If you prefer a no-contact experience, just indicate on the DoorDash app while checking out so that the delivery person can leave your order at the door. 😍Another attractive feature I love about ordering via the DoorDash app is that you can schedule your order to when or what time you will love it delivered to you.

Furthermore, it is key to note that you can order more than coffee from DoorDash, via the Dunkin app. Though the specific item you want from Dunkin will depend on if your nearest store offers it, some common orders you can make from Dunkin via DoorDash include; espresso, donut hole treats, packaged coffee, Munchkins and donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and even Dunkin K-cup pods are up for delivery via DoorDash.

FAQ Section

How do you get a free coffee on the Dunkin Donuts app?

You can get free coffee on the Dunkin Donuts app through their rewards programs. That is, if you accrue 200 points, you can redeem them for a free beverage, which can be coffee. You can also get a free coffee from Dunkin on your birthday.

How long does it take for Doordash to deliver your Dunkin Donuts order?

The exact time it will take for DoorDash to deliver your order depends on several factors. For example, the order you make and the quantity might affect the delivery time, as the time taken for your order to be prepared is put into account. However, generally, Dunkin Donuts notes that it will take less than 45 minutes (average) to have your order delivered to you.

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