How to order doppio Starbucks app (how much caffeine is in the doppio + more information)

Starbucks espresso shots come in a variety and can be ordered on the Starbucks app. So, can I order a doppio from the Starbucks app?

Yes, you can order a doppio at Starbucks. In case you are unfamiliar with the Starbucks jargon, a doppio is an Italian word that means double. It refers to double espresso shots added to various coffee drinks. I do not always have the time to walk into a Starbucks, and I prefer to use the app. When one is unfamiliar with the app, it is easy to get confused when placing an order. I have come up with this post to make things easy for you to order a doppio shot on the app. By the end of this post, you will learn all about this shot, so keep reading.

How do I order doppio from Starbucks in-store?

How to order doppio Starbucks app
Double espresso shot. Source: Starbucks

A doppio is another name for a double espresso shot. I’m sure the barista will know exactly what you mean when you say a doppio shot. Like any other Starbucks drink, all you need to do is walk to the counter and ask for an iced doppio. You will get two shots of espresso over ice.

The barista will likely pour ice into a shaker and add your preferred sweetener if any. The espresso shots are added to the mixture and shaken vigorously for a nice foam. You might need to specify the size, and you can ask for a Grande or venti. You can also convert it into a latte by adding steamed milk. This is a hack to get a cheap latte. All you will ask the barista at the counter is for a doppio shot and head straight to the milk table and add some milk. You will have a latte at a lower price than if you ask for an iced latte.

You might wonder what this doppio shot contains. It is pulled using double the amount of ground coffee one would use for a single shot. The espresso is pulled using a larger filter basket. It is pulled with hot water and produces 60ml of drink. A single shot of espresso contains 75mg of caffeine, and when you double that, you get 150mg for a doppio. If you want to cut back on caffeine, you can order a half-caf. This means that one shot of espresso will be replaced with a decaf shot. Venti and Grande sizes of espresso-based drinks come in doppio shots, and you can make them half-caf, too.

I know several people who take espresso shots as they are without additives. When you order a doppio, you will get exactly that without any additives unless you specify. You can order it hot or cold.

How do I order doppio from the Starbucks app?

how much caffeine is in the doppio
Starbucks app. Source: Pinterest

Starbucks has made things easy for those who would rather skip the queue. It is easy to place your doppio on the app as it is with other drinks. The first thing you need to have is the app on your device. You will then sign up and set up a payment method. Finally, you can access the menu and head straight to the menu and select a doppio over ice. You can then head to the milk options and add some milk if you want to make a cheap latte. For syrups, head straight to the syrups category and choose simple syrup.

There are so many ways to have your doppio. You can choose to pick it up later, and you won’t have to queue if you preorder on the app. Do not confuse a doppio with an iced brev. If you order a Brev, you will get any milk drink half and half, and not two shots of espresso and half milk. The doppio is as easy as two shots of espresso where you get two fluid ounces. A doppio will set you back $1.95 at any Starbucks store in the United States. If you order a blonde espresso doppio shot, you will have a stronger drink than the normal espresso in caffeine. It is a great summer drink for those hot summer days for a boot of energy.

Final Thoughts

A doppio is a fancy name for two shots of espresso. The two shorts are standard for a most espresso-based drinks in Grande and Venti sizes at Starbucks. It can be taken over ice or as a latte.


Is Starbucks discontinuing its doppio?

No, Starbucks has not made any official communication of its intention to discontinue its doppio.

How much caffeine is in Starbucks doppio?

The doppio contains 15omg of caffeine.

Is Starbucks doppio bitter?

Yes, espresso has a slightly bitter taste due to its roasting techniques.

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