How to order keto coffee at Starbucks (can I take keto coffee on a diet + more information)

If you are on a keto diet, you don’t have to give up Starbucks. You are probably wondering; can I order keto coffee from Starbucks app?

Yes. You can order Keto coffee at Starbucks. You only need to identify keto-friendly drinks through the Starbucks app and customize them properly before ordering. One of the things that I have always looked forward to is my cup of coffee in the morning.

When I went on a keto diet, I did not know what to order at Starbucks since most drinks seemed to have lots of carbs. It took me a while before I finally discovered keto-friendly coffee drinks at Starbucks. I created this post to inform you on how to order keto coffee at a Starbucks store and through the app. Enjoy!

How do I order keto coffee from Starbucks in store?

Go through the Starbucks menu and choose a coffee drink with no carbs or very few carbs, then tell barista what to make it for you. For instance, you can start by ordering a hot cup of brewed coffee at Starbucks. While at the store, feel free to order brewed coffee in roast types such as dark roast, blonde roast, and pike place roast without any sweetener. These are keto-friendly since they contain 0 net carbs.

You can also ask the barista at a Starbucks store for keto-iced coffee without classic syrup. You can order this drink with a splash of almond milk and two pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Though this keto drink is not completely carb free, it only has two net carbs. The almond milk also makes it more interesting.

You can also order Nitro cold brew from a Starbucks store in a cup size you prefer, like venti or grande. This is also another keto-friendly beverage that has 0 net carbs. As you order Nitro cold brew from the store, you can consider asking for a flavoring such as sugar-free vanilla syrup and a splash of heavy cream. This combination can lead to 3g net carbs.

Alternatively, you can also order keto-iced Americano with cold foam. Ask the barista at a Starbucks store to serve you a venti cup of iced Americano that contains four shots of espresso. You can also request two pumps of sugar-free vanilla and cinnamon dolce syrup. The barista can also add a splash of heavy cream to the drink, cold foam, and top it with some cinnamon powder.

How do I order keto coffee from the Starbucks app?

can I take keto coffee on a diet

Start by opening the app and then browsing through the Starbucks menu to identify keto-friendly coffee drinks. Pick the one you like, specify the cup size, then customize your drink. Before you place the order, pay attention to the nutritional value of a drink so that you can get one with low to no carbs.

You can order keto coffee from the Starbucks app with sugar-free syrups and heavy cream. Some of the sugar-free syrups you can order with your keto drink through the Starbucks app include cinnamon dolce and vanilla. Note that there are some ingredients that you cannot order from the Starbucks app, such as cold foam.

Suppose you want to order keto Americano through the Starbucks app. Click on it, then pick the cup option. For instance, you can order a venti americano. Since this drink is dark, feel free to add heavy cream, which is good for keto dieters.

Specify the number of espresso shots you want in the drink. You can also make the beverage spicy by ordering it with sugar-free flavorings like nutmeg or cinnamon. Once you finish customizing your drink, click on add to order and pick the nearest Starbucks location, then go to pick it up.

Suppose you want to order another keto coffee through the Starbucks app, such as cafe mocha. Start by browsing through the drinks available and choose this specific one. You can then pick the cup size you want the drink in, such as grande, venti, or tall. To make it keto-friendly, you can swap heavy cream for milk. Feel free to order it with a light mocha drizzle. Once you customize it, add to order and then go to pick it up.

FAQ section

Are keto drinks healthy?

Yes. Keto drinks are healthy since they contain low carbohydrates and high fat. Many people drink them to boost overall health.

Is Starbucks keto coffee sugar-free?

Not all Starbucks keto coffee drinks are sugar-free. For instance, Starbucks iced coffee comes sweetened, but you can make it keto by replacing the sugar syrup with sugar-free vanilla syrup.

Can I drink Starbucks keto coffee when on a diet?

Yes. You can take keto coffee when on a diet since it will not make you consume more carbs.

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