How much are the grande drinks at Starbucks? (How much drink is in a grande? + more information)

Before stepping into any shop, researching their prices is always nice, as it cuts you some slack on unnecessary surprises and awkward situations. So, how much are the grande cups at Starbucks?

The average cost of grande cups at Starbucks is $3.95, however, there are also some which cost less or more depending on your customization options and location. If you are planning on visiting a Starbucks store, then this article will go a long way in helping you decide your options more easily.

How much is a Starbucks grande drink at Starbucks?

The prices tend to vary from each other due to customization options and the drink itself. In this article, we shall look at a few specific drinks.

Espresso coffee & Tea

How much are the grande drinks at Starbucks?
Espresso coffee. Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a strong drink to start your day, or a drink to calm your nerves after a hectic day, then the espresso is your way to go. Caffe latte, Caffe mocha, white flat, chai latte, chai tea, and Royal English breakfast are options you can try out. The grande cup is 16 ounces and will cost roughly 3 dollars depending on where you live.


Frappuccinos are blended ice coffee drinks sold by Starbucks. These drinks contain flavored syrups, coffee, and creme base and are often adorned with whipped cream or other spices. There is quite a variety to choose from like the pumpkin spice frappuccino, Apple crisp oat milk frappuccino, Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino, Cafe Vanilla frappuccino, java white frappuccino, White Chocolate mocha frappuccino, Mocha frappuccino, Caramel frappuccino among others. The average price of a grande frappuccino is 3.95 dollars. The price may slightly vary due to your customization options and location. The most expensive frappuccino at Starbucks is the Sexagintuple vanilla bean mocha frappuccino.


After a long hot day, Starbucks refreshers are just perfect to lighten your moods again, with a blend of real fruit juice and mild green coffee, this iced drink performs wonders and is just perfect for people who love coffee but don’t like its taste. The average price of a grande cup of Starbucks refreshers is 3.45 dollars. Also, with the Starbucks refreshers, you are spoilt for choice as there are many options like the Dragon drink, Mango dragon fruit refresher, Pink drink refresher, very berry hibiscus Starbucks refresher, strawberry acai lemonade refresher, and strawberry acai refresher among others.

Iced coffee

Iced coffees are just the way to go when you are basking in that summer heat sun. It is the perfect drink to cool your body in that much heat. It has a wide range of drinks to choose from, from iced lattes to ice-shaken espressos, and iced Caffe Americano among many others. The average price of a grande size iced coffee is 2.65 dollars depending on your location.

FAQ section

What is the most expensive drink size at Starbucks?

Trenta is the largest size at Starbucks, with 30 ounces of drink. It is also the most expensive drink size.

How many calories are in a grande cup at Starbucks?

The average calorie level in a grande cup is 190 calories.

How much caffeine is in a grande?

The medium-sized grande cup contains 330 milligrams of caffeine.

How much drink is in a grande?

A Starbucks grande drink contains 16 ounces of fluid in it.

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