Moes calorie calculator

Moes Calories and Nutrition Facts

Burrito Bowls

White Meat Chicken for Bowl130
Steak for Bowl104
Southwest Vinaigrette for Bowl77
Sour Cream for Bowl68
Shredded Lettuce for Bowl5
Shredded Cheese for Bowl121
Seasoned Rice for Bowl300
Quinoa for Bowl360
Queso for Bowl136
Pork Carnitas for Bowl131
Pinto Beans for Burrito120
Pinto Beans for Bowl120
Pico De Gallo for Bowl16
Pickled Jalapenos for Bowl5
Organic Tofu for Bowl108
Lime Wedge for Bowl3
Guacamole for Bowl53
Ground Beef for Bowl124
Grilled Peppers for Bowl17
Grilled Onions for Bowl23
Grilled Mushrooms for Bowl25
Fish for Bowl106
Fresh Jalapenos for Bowl3
Double White Meat Chicken for Bowl260
Double Steak for Bowl208
Double Pork Carnitas for Bowl262
Double Organic Tofu for Bowl216
Double Ground Beef for Bowl248
Double Fish for Bowl212
Double Adobo Chicken for Bowl296
Diced Tomatoes for Bowl13
Diced Onions for Bowl2
Diced Cucumbers for Bowl4
Corn Pico for Bowl39
Cilantro Lime Rice for Bowl338
Chopped Cilantro for Bowl1
Chipotle Ranch for Bowl71
Black Olives for Bowl37
Black Beans for Bowl129
Bacon Pieces for Bowl99
Adobo Chicken for Bowl148


White Meat Chicken for Burrito130
Steak for Burrito104
Southwest Vinaigrette for Burrito77
Southwest Slaw for Burrito17
Sour Cream for Burrito68
Shredded Lettuce for Burrito5
Shredded Cheese for Burrito121
Seasoned Rice for Burrito150
Quinoa for Burrito84
Queso for Burrito136
Pork Carnitas for Burrito131
Pico De Gallo for Burrito16
Pickled Jalapenos for Burrito5
Organic Tofu for Burrito108
Lime Wedge for Burrito3
Guacamole for Burrito53
Ground Beef for Burrito124
Grilled Peppers for Burrito17
Grilled Onions for Burrito23
Grilled Mushrooms for Burrito25
Fresh Jalapenos for Burrito3
Fish for Burrito106
Double White Meat Chicken for Burrito260
Double Steak for Burrito208
Double Pork Carnitas for Burrito262
Double Organic Tofu216
Double Ground Beef for Burrito248
Double Fish for Burrito212
Double Adobo Chicken for Burrito296
Diced Tomatoes for Burrito13
Diced Onions for Burrito2
Diced Cucumbers for Burrito4
Corn Pico for Burrito39
Cilantro Lime Rice for Burrito169
Chopped Cilantro for Burrito1
Chipotle Ranch for Burrito71
Burritos, 12’ Whole Grain Tortilla300
Burritos, 12’ Flour Tortilla310
Black Olives for Burrito37
Black Beans for Burrito129
Bacon Pieces for Burrito99
Adobo Chicken for Burrito148


Snickerdoodle Cookie170
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie150
Cinnamon Chips439
Chocolate Chunk Cookie160

Junior Burritos

Steak for Junior Burrito63
Southwest Vinaigrette for Junior Burrito52
Southwest Slaw for Junior Burrito17
Sour Cream for Junior Burrito34
Shredded Lettuce for Junior Burrito3
Shredded Cheese for Junior Burrito66
Seasoned Rice for Junior Burrito86
Queso for Junior Burrito96
Pork Carnitas for Junior Burrito71
Pinto Beans for Junior Burrito77
Pico De Gallo for Junior Burrito10
Pickled Jalapenos for Junior Burrito3
Organic Tofu for Junior Burrito66
Mojo Chicken for Junior Burrito100
Lime Wedge for Junior Burrito3
Juinior Burritos, 10’ Flour Tortilla200
Guacamole for Junior Burrito31
Ground Beef for Junior Burrito70
Grilled Peppers for Junior Burrito10
Grilled Onions for Junior Burrito14
Grilled Mushrooms for Junior Burrito15
Fresh Jalapenos for Junior Burrito2
Fish for Junior Burrito55
Double Steak for Junior Burrito126
Double Pork Carnitas for Junior Burrito142
Double Organic Tofu for Junior Burrito132
Double Mojo Chicken for Junior Burrito200
Double Ground Beef for Junior Burrito140
Double Fish for Junior Burrito110
Double Adobo Chicken for Junior Burrito166
Diced Tomatoes for Junior Burrito8
Diced Onions for Junior Burrito2
Diced Cucumbers for Junior Burrito3
Corn Pico for Junior Burrito23
Cilantro Lime Rice for Junior Burrito102
Chopped Cilantro for Junior Burrito1
Chipotle Ranch for Junior Burrito43
Black Olives for Junior Burrito22
Black Beans for Junior Burrito83
Bacon Pieces for Junior Burrito62
Adobo Chicken for Junior Burrito83

Kids Burritos

White Meat Chicken for Kids Burrito57
Steak for Kids Burrito45
Southwest Vinaigrette for Kids Burrito52
Southwest Slaw for Kids Burrito17
Sour Cream for Kids Burrito34
Shredded Lettuce for Kids Burrito3
Shredded Cheese for Kids Burrito66
Seasoned Rice for Kids Burrito54
Queso for Kids Burrito96
Pork Carnitas for Kids Burrito50
Pinto Beans for Kids Burrito41
Pico De Gallo for Kids Burrito10
Pickled Jalapenos for Kids Burrito3
Organic Tofu for Kids Burrito43
Lime Wedge for Kids Burrito3
Kids, Tortilla, 6’ Corn Tortilla65
Kids, 8’ Flour Tortilla120
Kids, 6’ Flour Tortilla90
Guacamole for Kids Burrito31
Ground Beef for Kids Burrito55
Grilled Peppers for Kids Burrito10
Grilled Onions for Kids Burrito14
Grilled Mushrooms for Kids Burrito15
Fresh Jalapenos for Kids Burrito2
Fish for Kids Burrito38
Double White Meat Chicken for Kids Burrito114
Double Steak for Kids Burrito90
Double Pork Carnitas for Kids Burrito100
Double Organic Tofu for Kids Burrito86
Double Ground Beef for Kids Burrito110
Double Fish for Kids Burrito76
Double Adobo Chicken for Kids Burrito112
Diced Tomatoes for Kids Burrito8
Diced Onions for Kids Burrito2
Diced Cucumbers for Kids Burrito3
Corn Pico for Kids Burrito23
Cilantro Lime Rice for Kids Burrito68
Chopped Cilantro for Kids Burrito1
Chipotle Ranch for Kids Burrito43
Black Olives for Kids Burrito22
Black Beans for Kids Burrito44
Bacon Pieces for Kids Burrito62
Adobo Chicken for Kids Burrito56


White Meat Chicken for Nachos130
Steak for Nachos104
Southwest Vinaigrette for Nachos77
Sour Cream for Nachos68
Shredded Lettuce for Nachos5
Shredded Cheese for Nachos121
Seasoned Rice for Nachos300
Queso for Nachos136
Pork Carnitas for Nachos131
Pinto Beans for Nachos120
Pico De Gallo for Nachos16
Pickled Jalapenos for Nachos5
Organic Tofu for Nachos108
Lime Wedge for Nachos3
Guacamole for Nachos53
Ground Beef for Nachos124
Grilled Peppers for Nachos17
Grilled Onions for Nachos23
Grilled Mushrooms for Nachos25
Fresh Jalapenos for Nachos3
Fish for Nachos106
Double White Meat Chicken for Nachos260
Double Steak208
Double Pork Carnitas for Nachos262
Double Organic Tofu for Nachos216
Double Ground Beef for Nachos248
Double Fish for Nachos212
Double Adobo Chicken for Nachos296
Diced Tomatoes for Nachos13
Diced Onions for Nachos2
Diced Cucumbers for Nachos4
Corn Pico for Nachos39
Chopped Cilantro for Nachos1
Chips for Nachos693
Chipotle Ranch for Nachos71
Black Olives for Nachos37
Black Beans for Nachos129
Bacon Pieces for Nachos99
Adobo Chicken for Nachos148


White Meat Chicken for Quesadilla130
Steak for Quesadilla104
Southwest Vinaigrette for Quesadilla77
Sour Cream for Quesadilla68
Shredded Lettuce for Quesadilla5
Shredded Cheese for Quesadilla242
Queso for Quesadilla136
Quesadillas, 10’ Flour Tortilla200
Pork Carnitas for Quesadilla131
Pinto Beans for Quesadilla120
Pico De Gallo for Quesadilla16
Pickled Jalapenos for Quesadilla5
Organic Tofu for Quesadilla108
Lime Wedge for Quesadilla3
Guacamole for Quesadilla53
Ground Beef for Quesadilla124
Grilled Peppers for Quesadilla17
Grilled Onions for Quesadilla23
Grilled Mushrooms for Quesadilla25
Fresh Jalapenos for Quesadilla3
Fish for Quesadilla106
Double White Meat Chicken for Quesadilla260
Double Steak for Quesadilla208
Double Pork Carnitas for Quesadilla262
Double Organic Tofu for Quesadilla216
Double Ground Beef for Quesadilla248
Double Fish for Quesadilla212
Double Adobo Chicken for Quesadilla296
Diced Tomatoes for Quesadilla13
Diced Onions for Quesadilla2
Diced Cucumbers for Quesadilla4
Corn Pico for Quesadilla39
Chopped Cilantro for Quesadilla1
Chipotle Ranch for Quesadilla71
Black Olives for Quesadilla37
Black Beans for Quesadilla129
Bacon Pieces for Quesadilla99
Adobo Chicken for Quesadilla148


White Meat Chicken for Salad130
Steak for Salad104
Steak for Salad104
Southwest Vinaigrette for Salad77
Sour Cream for Salad68
Shredded Lettuce for Salad5
Shredded Cheese for Salad121
Salad Greens455
Queso for Salad136
Pork Carnitas for Salad131
Pinto Beans for Salad120
Pico De Gallo for Salad16
Pickled Jalapenos for Salad5
Organic Tofu for Salad108
Lime Wedge for Salad3
Guacamole for Salad53
Ground Beef for Salad124
Grilled Peppers for Salad17
Grilled Onions for Salad23
Grilled Mushrooms for Salad25
Fresh Jalapenos for Salad2
Fish for Salad106
Double White Meat Chicken for Salad260
Double Steak for Salad208
Double Pork Carnitas for Salad262
Double Organic Tofu for Salad216
Double Ground Beef for Salad248
Double Fish for Salad212
Double Adobo Chicken for Salad296
Diced Tomatoes for Salad13
Diced Onions for Salad2
Diced Cucumbers for Salad4
Corn Pico for Salad39
Chopped Romaine for Salad17
Chopped Cilantro for Salad1
Chipotle Ranch for Salad71
Black Olives for Salad37
Black Beans for Salad129
Bacon Pieces for Salad99
Adobo Chicken for Salad148


Tres Jalapeno Salsa15
Tomatillo Salsa8
Space B’Green Us Salsa27
Kaiser Salsa10
El Guapo Salsa9


Spicy Queso626
Southwest Vinaigrette205
Sour Cream68
Pico De Gallo16
Hard Rock And Roll Hot Sauce6
Chipotle Ranch241
Chili Con Queso645
Black Bean Queso636
Baja Enchilada Soup280


White Meat Chicken for Stacks130
Steak for Stacks104
Stacks, 12’ Flour Tortilla310
Southwest Vinaigrette for Stacks77
Sour Cream for Stacks68
Shredded Lettuce for Stacks5
Shredded Cheese for Stacks132
Queso for Stacks136
Pork Carnitas for Stacks131
Pinto Beans for Stacks120
Pico De Gallo for Stacks16
Pickled Jalapenos for Stacks5
Organic Tofu for Stacks108
Lime Wedge for Stacks3
Guacamole for Stacks53
Ground Beef for Stacks124
Grilled Peppers for Stacks17
Grilled Onions for Stacks23
Grilled Mushrooms for Stacks25
Fresh Jalapenos for Stacks3
Fish for Stacks106
Double White Meat Chicken for Stacks260
Double Steak for Stacks208
Double Pork Carnitas for Stacks262
Double Organic Tofu for Stacks216
Double Ground Beef for Stacks248
Double Fish for Stacks212
Double Adobo Chicken for Stacks296
Diced Tomatoes for Stacks13
Diced Onions for Stacks2
Diced Cucumbers for Stacks4
Corn Tortillas for Stacks130
Corn Pico for Stacks39
Chopped Cilantro for Stacks1
Chipotle Ranch for Stacks71
Black Olives for Stacks37
Black Beans for Stacks129
Bacon Pieces for Stacks99
Adobo Chicken for Stacks148


White Meat Chicken for Tacos57
Tofu for Tacos43
Steak for Tacos45
Southwest Vinaigrette for Tacos52
Southwest Slaw for Tacos17
Sour Cream for Tacos34
Shredded Lettuce for Tacos3
Shredded Cheese for Tacos66
Shredded Cabbage for Tacos4
Queso Fresco for Tacos20
Queso for Tacos96
Pork Carnitas for Tacos50
Pinto Beans for Tacos77
Pico De Gallo for Tacos10
Pickled Red Onions for Tacos4
Pickled Jalapenos for Tacos3
Mojo Chicken for Tacos100
Lime Wedge for Tacos3
Guacamole for Tacos31
Ground Beef for Tacos85
Grilled Peppers for Tacos10
Grilled Onions for Tacos14
Grilled Mushrooms for Tacos15
Fresh Jalapenos for Tacos2
Flour Tortilla for Tacos89
Fish for Tacos38
Double White Meat Chicken for Tacos114
Double Tofu for Tacos86
Double Steak for Tacos90
Double Pork Carnitas for Tacos100
Double Mojo Chicken for Tacos200
Double Ground Beef for Tacos170
Double Fish for Tacos76
Double Chicken for Tacos112
Diced Tomatoes for Tacos8
Diced Onions for Tacos2
Diced Cucumbers for Tacos3
Crispy Corn Tortilla for Tacos50
Corn Tortilla for Tacos53
Corn Pico for Tacos23
Chopped Cilantro for Tacos1
Chipotle Ranch for Tacos43
Chicken for Tacos56
Black Olives for Tacos22
Black Beans for Tacos83
Bacon Pieces for Tacos62
Avocado Lime Crema for Tacos11

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