Starbucks demi drinks (What Starbucks drinks are available in the demi cup size + more information)

Starbucks serves their beverages in various sizes including demi cup sizes. So, what is a demi at Starbucks?

A demi at Starbucks refers to a 3-fluid-ounce cup size. Besides the short (8fl oz.), tall (12fl oz.), grande (16fl oz.), venti (20fl oz.) and Trenta (31fl oz.), Starbucks also offers the demi (3fl oz.), which is the smallest cup size at the coffeehouse.

I had always thought the smallest cup size at Starbucks is short (8fl oz.). It wasn’t until I had a chat with my barista a few weeks ago, that I learned of the demi size at Starbucks.

In this article, I have discussed in-depth everything I learned about the Starbucks demi cup size, including the drinks that are served with this cup. So if you aren’t aware of these Starbucks cups and demi drinks, keep reading to learn more.

Starbucks drinks served in demi cups.

Starbucks demi drinks

Starbucks espresso shots are the only drinks that can be served in demi cups. Starbucks espresso shots are prepared with brewed espresso, which is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans that have been roasted.

The calories of Starbucks espresso shots vary depending on the number of shots. A solo (1 shot) has 5 calories, a doppio (2 shots) has 10 calories, a triple (3 shots) has 15 calories and a quad (4 shots) has 20 calories. You can order Starbuck espresso shots both in-store and on the Starbucks app.

Depending on the roasting time, an espresso shot can either be a dark roast, light roast or medium roast. Also, Starbucks offers shots in decaf espresso, 1/3 decaf espresso roast, ½ decaf espresso roast or 2/3 decaf espresso roast.

Since demi cups can hold up to 3 ounces only, not many drinks at Starbucks can fit in them, aside from espresso shots. One shot of espresso at Starbucks is 0.75fl oz., therefore, demi cups are the perfect size for up to four espresso shots.

Besides calories, other crucial nutritional values of Starbucks espresso are as follows; a solo shot (0.75fl oz.) has 75mg of caffeine, a doppio (1.5fl oz.) has 150mg of caffeine, a triple (2.25fl oz.) has 225mg of caffeine and a quad (3fl oz.) has 300mg of caffeine. The sugar and fat levels in all Starbucks espresso sizes are 0g.

To order an espresso shot at Starbucks, simply ask the barista for an “Espresso shot” and mention the roast and the number of shots you want. To order on the Starbucks app, navigate to the “Menu” section and under the “Hot Coffees” section, choose “Espresso” and select the size you want. Proceed to “Customizations” where you’ll choose the roast type you prefer and place your order.

The term “demi” is short for the French name “demitasse” which is typically used to refer to small coffees and espresso cups as well as the small spoons usually accompanying these cups. Note that four espresso shots will fill a demi cup to the brim.


How much is a demi coffee?

The price of a demi coffee depends on the number of espresso shots in the demi cup. However, two shots of espresso cost around $3 at Starbucks.

How many shots of espresso per demi cup?

A demi cup can hold up to 4 shots of espresso. A shot of espresso from Starbucks is typically 0.75fl oz and a demi cup has a capacity of 3fl oz. However, note that 4 espresso shots will fill a demi cup to the brim so, to comfortably hold the cup, 3 espresso shots are perfect for this cup size.

Are demi drinks stronger?

Yes. Starbucks demi drinks are stronger, in regards to caffeine content, as they hold up to 300mg of caffeine. A shot of espresso has 75mg of caffeine and a demi cup can carry up to 4 shots. The more espresso shots used, the stronger the beverage. However, in terms of flavour and taste, the strength of a demi drink will be determined by the espresso roast type. Dark espresso roast has a strong bold, robust and bitter taste and flavour compared to the light, fruity and subtle taste and flavour of the blonde roast.

Do all Starbucks locations have demi cups?

No. Not all Starbucks locations have demi cups. Therefore, in some locations, when you order a shot or two of espresso, it may be served to you in a short cup, which is the next smallest cup at the coffeehouse, after the demi cups.

Do demi drinks contain more caffeine?

Yes. Since demi drinks have more espresso shots, they have more caffeine content. A full demi cup of espresso has 300mg of caffeine. The more the number of espresso shots served in the demi cup, the more the caffeine amount.

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