How to order Earl Grey Tea at Starbucks (What Earl Grey Tea does Starbucks use + more information)

If you are a fan of Earl Grey tea, you’re probably asking yourself, “Can I order Earl Grey Tea from the Starbucks app?”

Yes. You can order Earl Grey Tea from the Starbucks app and also in-store. I have loved teas since I was in high school and I love trying out various kinds of teas from various shops. Earl Grey Tea at Starbucks is one of my favourite teas and after years of having it, I have become well versed in ordering the drink and customizing it. In this article, I have shared with you the details on how to order the Starbucks Earl Grey tea and what Earl Grey tea the company uses, so learn about this and more, continue reading.

How to order Earl Grey tea from Starbucks in-store.

To order a Starbucks Earl Grey tea at the store, simply ask the Starbucks barista for “Earl Grey tea” then mention the size you’d like for your beverage and the customizations you’d want to be made. Earl Grey tea at Starbucks is an infusion of black tea, water, lavender flowers and bergamot essence. The available sizes of the Starbucks Earl Grey tea are; short (8fl oz.), tall (12fl oz.), grande (16fl oz.) and venti size (20fl oz.). You can also have sweeteners added to your Earl Grey tea.

Additionally, if you’d like to have your Earl Grey tea with milk, it is recommended you use plant-based or creamy nut milk. Request the barista to first warm your cup, then pour the milk before adding in the Earl Grey tea. The recommended milk options at Starbucks are; almond, soy, coconut and oat milk. To sweeten use sugar packets or the Starbucks classic syrup.

How do I order Earl Grey tea from the Starbucks app?

How to order Earl Grey Tea at Starbucks

To order from the app first, download the Starbucks app from the app store or play store, fill in the needed details including the delivery address and then log in. On the app under the menu navigate to the drinks sections and select “Hot Teas” then choose “Earl Grey tea”. Here, select the size of the beverage from the options displayed then proceed to “Customizations”. Under customizations scroll down to “Add-ins”, click edit then scroll down to the “Creamers” section. In the creamers category choose the kind of milk you’d like with your tea (if you want milk) from the options listed. Remember that plant-based milk is the recommended kind for amazing flavours.

Then, if you want your tea sweetened, navigate to the “Liquid Sweeteners” section and select the “Starbucks Classic syrup”. This is the perfect liquid sweetener to use as it sweetens the beverage without adding any flavours. However, if you prefer sugar, select it under the “Sweetener packets” section, then click done. Proceed to the “Tea” section where you’ll select the number of tea bags you want in your beverage. Typically, the short and tall sizes have one tea bag while the grande and venti sizes have two tea bags. But, you can change it if you want. Finally, place your order.

Can I put milk in my Starbucks Earl Grey tea?

Yes. If you prefer to take your tea with milk. However, remember that plant-based milk is the best with Earl Grey tea and note that at Starbucks the tea will cost a bit more if you decide to add milk. A major worry most people have with adding milk to the Starbucks Earl Grey tea is the annoying curdling effect. Topping your steeped Earl Grey tea with cold milk will lead to a curdling effect because the bergamot in the tea blend reacts with the milk. It is therefore wise to warm your cup first then pour in the milk and top with the Earl Grey tea.


Can you get iced Earl Grey tea at Starbucks?

Yes, you can ask the barista to prepare your Earl Grey tea with ice. However, note that iced Earl Grey tea has milk and vanilla syrup (typically called iced London fog latte).

Is Earl Grey tea the same as London Fog?

London Fog is Earl Grey tea with milk and vanilla syrup additions and is available as hot or iced and sold both in-store and on the Starbucks app.

Does Earl Grey tea have caffeine?

Yes. Starbucks Earl Grey tea has caffeine. All the sizes have 40mg of caffeine. Other nutritional values include; 0g of sugar, 0g of fat and 0g of carbs.

Is Earl Grey tea from Starbucks sweet?

Starbucks Earl Grey tea is subtly citrusy, fruity and sweet with floral lavender notes.

Does Starbucks have Earl Grey tea all year round?

Yes. Starbucks Earl Grey tea is available throughout the year both in-store and on the Starbucks app.

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