Starbucks Cup Sizes vs. Dunkin’s Cup Sizes: How do they compare?

Coffee is a key part of my daily routine as it is for many people, and I can barely go a day without the popular beverage. Most coffee experts are still unsure about the sizes of the cups at Dunkin’s and Starbucks coffee shop chains. Because I have sampled them enough, this article will compare the cup sizes at Starbucks and those at Dunkin and tell the one with the most reasonable and better cup sizes.

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What are the differences between Starbucks cup sizes and Dunkin cup sizes?


Starbucks cup size

Dunkin cup size

Coffee variety

More varied options

Limited to a few options


Has good quality

Higher quality


Smaller cup sizes and amounts of coffee

More coffee as the cups are larger


Has more personalized products

Less customized for customers


Higher calories and low nutrition value

High nutritional value


Derived its cup size names from Italy

Very simplistic


More expensive

Affordable except for hot coffee

Starbucks cup sizes vs. Dunkin Cup Sizes – How They Compare

Coffee Variety

Starbucks offers a variety of coffee options on its menu. Starbucks sells its drinks in different cup sizes labeled mostly in Italian, after its owner made a trip to Italy, and felt inspired. It has a variety of drinks such as hot and iced teas, lattes, lemonades, hot and iced coffees, hot chocolates, frappucinos, and refreshers. On the other hand, Dunkin also has some options to choose from such as hot and iced coffees, lattes, hot chocolate, iced teas, and coolattas.

Starbucks also sells whole bean coffee so that coffee experts can take Starbucks’ feel back home and brew the strong beverages for themselves. They have a variety of coffee beans to choose from, and most people enjoy this. Dunkin only uses Arabica coffee and brews it freshly from its stores.

Starbucks has more varied options to pick from hence taking the day.


Dunkin allows its coffee lovers to customize their orders by either removing or adding different toppings to the beverages. It is also known for its secret menu customizations, which many of its customers look forward to trying. However, the coffee shop chain has not had so many additives to choose from and clients are limited to only a few options.

At Starbucks, there is so much to do with your coffee. They have a huge variety of options to choose from and you can include different additives to your beverage including creams, sugar, and toppings among others. It also has plant-based beverages for people who prefer this option, and its variety covers the needs of many people at once.

Starbucks takes the day with its wide ability to customize beverages for its clients.

Creative labeling

Dunkin decided to retain its simplicity by having its cup sizes labeled normally and very easily. It has different cup sizes namely small, medium, large and extra large. At Starbucks, the coffee shop chain owner, Howard Schultz, went on a trip to Italy a long time ago and was inspired greatly by the romance around coffee shops.

He came back to put a touch of Italy into his coffee shop enterprise. For this reason, he renamed his coffee cup sizes into different Italian names, and thus Starbucks has more creative names for their coffee sizes. Its sizes include the short, solo, tall, doppio, grande, triple, venti, quad, and trenta.

Starbucks takes the day with its creativity around its cup-size labels.


Both Starbucks and Dunkin offer different coffee cup sizes. However, when you compare the two, the largest cup at Starbucks comes at 30 Oz. This is only available for the iced coffee option. When it comes to hot beverages, its largest cup size is 20 Oz.

At Dunkin’s, the largest coffee cup comes at 32 Oz for iced coffees and 24 Oz for hot beverages. Dunkins is known to have bigger cup sizes as compared to Starbucks’ chain of coffee houses.

Dunkin’s takes the day as it has bigger coffee sizes meaning more quantity.


Starbucks is known to overroast its coffee beans and not every one of its customers is impressed and convinced about the quality of the coffee. It is known to mask its coffee with additives like sugar, cream, syrups, and milk. Most people consume Starbucks coffee, but it is because it is on every street you turn, and it has grown its brand tremendously. Many people simply want to be associated with Starbucks because it offers luxury.

Dunkin is known to medium roast its coffee beans. It has been reported to have lighter coffee hence a turnoff for those in search of a potent brew. It however is identified to produce freshly brewed coffee that most coffee experts enjoy.

Dunkin has better quality coffee than Starbucks.


Starbucks Cup Sizes vs. Dunkin’s Cup Sizes
Coffee cups from Dunkin price. Source: Freepik

Dunkin is known to have the biggest-sized coffee cups compared to Starbucks. However, when it comes to price, Dunkin is more affordable than Starbucks. The only expensive products at Dunkin are its hot beverages. Most people assume that this proves Starbucks coffee is better but this is not true.

Starbucks is probably more expensive because of the numerous options it has on its menu, with the different customizations. It might also be costly because it is widely known and has grown tremendously to open branches almost everywhere.

Dunkin has cheaper products than Starbucks.


Below is a table that shows the number of calories in some food and drink examples at Starbucks and Dunkin, and which coffee shop has more nutritional value.

Food or Drink



Which is Better


Apple Bran 350 cal

Honey Bran 440 cal



Plain 280 cal

Plain 310 cal


Baked Goods

Cranberry Orange Scone 490 cal

Strawberry Cheese Danish 320 cal


Protein Breakfast

Protein Bistro Box 380 cal

Bacon Egg Cheese 370 cal


Hot chocolate

Peppermint 360 cal

Caramel 230 cal



Orange Mango Smoothie 270 cal

Orange Coolatta 210 cal


Coffee Drink

Cafe Vanilla Frappucino 310 cal

Mocha Almond Latte 220 cal


Donut or Pastry

Cinnamon Swirl Cake 340 cal

Glazed Donut 260 cal


Lunch to Go

Cheese and Fruit Box 480 cal

Tuna Salad on Croissant 650 cal


Most dietitians agree that Starbucks food and drinks have higher calorie intake than Dunkin.

Dunkin takes the win as most of its products have higher nutritional value.

Starbucks Cup Sizes vs. Dunkin Cup Sizes: Cup Sizes Explanation and Comparison

Dunkin Cup Sizes Explained

Dunkin has maintained its consistency in how it produces and roasts its coffee. It recently changed its coffee packaging to ensure sustainability. Its coffee is now served in double-walled paper cups made with paperboard. Dunkin’s cup sizes are straightforward and come in four sizes namely small, medium, large and extra large sizes. They differ in ounces especially due to their hot or cold offerings where the hot beverages are served in wider cups while the cold offerings are served in larger cups.


Dunkin Large Cup Size- 32 Oz

This happens to be the largest cup size at Dunkin and is only for cold drinks.

Dunkin Medium Cup Size- 24 Oz

This is the most loved by many cold coffee consumers as it is a perfect size that does not require a refill once finished.

Dunkin Small Cup Size- 16 Oz

A small cup size for iced drinks at Dunkin’s.


Dunkin Extra large Cup Size- 24 Oz

The largest hot coffee cup for ardent coffee consumers is this one.

Dunkin Large Cup Size- 20 Oz

This size comes in handy for coffee lovers.

Dunkin Medium Cup Size- 14 Oz

This is the next size at Dunkin’s. It comes in 14 Oz for hot beverages.

Dunkin Small Cup Size- 10 Oz

This is the smallest cup size at Dunkin. It is mostly used by coffee tasters who are not sure what they would want to have yet.

Starbucks Cup Sizes Explained

Starbucks has a variety of cup sizes. It has short, tall, grande, venti, and trenta sizes inspired by Italian names. However, it normally depends on the coffee shop you visit because some may not have these cup sizes on their menu.


Starbucks Cup Sizes vs. Dunkin’s Cup Sizes
short, venti, and trenta coffee cup sizes. Source: Pinterest

Starbucks Trenta Cup Size- 30 Oz

This is the largest cup size at Starbucks. Trenta stands for thirty in Italian and all coffee lovers crave the largest cup of well-brewed coffee. Not all iced drinks however are available in the 30 Oz size. Iced espresso beverages and frappuccinos are not available in this size.

Starbucks Venti Cup Size- 24 Oz

Although venti stands for twenty, this cup size comes at 24 Oz, probably to create room for the ice that is included in the drink. The cup is interestingly long, and easy to use.

Starbucks Grande Cup Size- 16 Oz

This grande size equals two and a half cups of coffee. It comes with two shots of espresso. It is good, especially for coffee lovers who consume two cups of coffee before going about their business as they will not need a refill as this cup size will just do.

Starbucks Tall Cup Size- 12 Oz

This is the smallest size for cold coffee drinks. It also compares to the small size at Dunkin’s. The tall cup size is made up of a single shot of espresso though one can always ask for an extra shot. It is perfect for those who want a lighter drink.


Starbucks Venti Cup Size- 20 Oz

Venti is the largest cup size for Starbucks hot coffee.

Starbucks Grande Cup Size- 16 Oz

Grande is an Italian word for large. This used to be the large size of Starbucks before venti was introduced. It also happens to be the small cup size at Dunkin’s. It is 16 Oz and is used by coffee lovers who just cannot get enough.

Starbucks Tall Cup Size- 12 Oz

The tall size is usually used by most clients at Starbucks who are on a low-calorie diet. It is one of the original small cups that Starbucks started with when it came into existence.

Starbucks Short Cup Size- 8 Oz

This small size only exists at Starbucks and is the smallest drink you can order at Starbucks on the hot coffee menu. It is mostly used for espresso shots plus other free samples that a customer may want to try.


Starbucks Cup Sizes vs. Dunkin’s Cup Sizes
Pouring espresso shots in a cup size. Source: Pinterest

The total number of espresso shots in each cup size also varies. Starbucks hot and cold drinks have different amounts of espresso. The Starbucks espresso shot sizes are also labeled in Italian.

Quad- 3 Oz

refers to four shots of espresso. This gives a caffeine kick to anyone craving a strong brew, as it has 300 mg of caffeine content in it. Its calorie content is 20 cal and caffeine content of 300 mg.

Triple- 2.25 Oz

It refers to three shots of espresso with 15 calories. This shot is appreciated by most Starbucks frequenters as one of the fulfilling ones of the four shots. The caffeine content for the triple shot is 225 mg.

Doppio- 1.5 Oz

It refers to two shots of espresso. It has a calorie content of 10 cal because of its 150 mg of caffeine.

Solo- 0.75 Oz

It refers to a single or one shot of espresso and has 5 calories. The caffeine content is 75 mg.

Starbucks vs. Dunkins Cup Sizes: Small Cup Size

Dunkin’s small iced cup size comes in 16 Oz while the Starbucks tall that compares small size comes in 12 Oz for both hot and cold offerings. The Dunkin hot cup size on the other hand is the 10 Oz one. Starbucks has the smallest cup size known as the short for 8 Oz and this is only on the hot cup menu. It is used mostly for shots as well as for tasters who are unsure about the coffee they want.

Starbucks wins the category since it has two small cups thus a variety to offer.

Starbucks vs. Dunkins Cup Sizes: Medium Cup Size

Starbucks and Dunkin medium cup sizes vary in terms of hot or cold servings. The Dunkin medium hot coffee size cup is 14 Oz while the Starbucks hot grande cup that compares to a medium cup is 16 Oz. On the other hand, iced medium coffee-sized cups at Dunkin are 24 Oz whereas at Starbucks they come in grande cups of 16 Oz. The main difference between these two is in their hot or cold offerings.

Starbucks wins in this category because it has more medium offerings. When you look at its offerings, it has two categories which are considered medium while Dunkin just has one.

Starbucks vs. Dunkins Cup Sizes: Large Cup size

Starbucks Cup Sizes vs. Dunkin’s Cup Sizes
Dunkins cup size variations. Source: Dunkin

A large iced coffee at Dunkin goes for 32 Oz while a hot large-sized coffee cup comes in 20 Oz. When it comes to Starbucks, a large cup size for an iced coffee is the venti that comes in 24 Oz and a hot cup of large coffee comes in a venti cup at 20 Oz. The main difference between the large cup sizes for these two coffee houses is in the cup ounces that vary depending on the hot or cold offerings.

Dunkin wins in this category because its biggest cup size has more ounces.

Starbucks vs. Dunkins Cup Sizes: Extra Large Cup Size

Dunkin has an extra large cup for 24 Oz that is only available hot. There is still hope that there will be an extra large cup of iced coffee soon. The largest hot coffee cup for Starbucks is the venti which comes in 20 Oz while the largest cold size cup is the trenta which comes in 30 Oz.

The main difference between the Starbucks and Dunkin extra large cup sizes is their quantity. Dunkin is ahead because it has bigger cup sizes as compared to Starbucks.

Final Verdict: So, Which is Better? – Starbucks cup sizes or Dunkin Cup sizes

Both Starbucks and Dunkin are great coffee shop chains that continue to grow each day. Despite the variance in their cup sizes, they both have their advantages and are just as appealing in their ways.

Starbucks is appealing because of its variety in customization as well as its luxurious experience. At Dunkin, there exists great coffee at an affordable price, and in good quantities. For this reason, there are no better cup sizes when it comes to Dunkin or Starbucks and it all depends on how much coffee you will crave that day, and from which coffee house.


Does Dunkin offer more cup varieties than Starbucks?

No. Starbucks has more cup varieties than Dunkin.

Which one has more coffee for large cup sizes between Starbucks and Dunkins?

Dunkin has more coffee for large cup sizes than Starbucks. A venti blonde roast size cup at Starbucks is 16 Oz with 360mg caffeine while a hot large cup size of coffee at Dunkin is 20 Oz with 396mg of caffeine content.

Does Starbucks offer more quality coffee in each cup size than Dunkin?

No. Dunkin is preferred when it comes to quality than Dunkin. At Starbucks, coffee is overroasted and makes it seem a bit burnt, and it has to be filled with additives to get sweetened. At Dunkin’s, coffee is not quite strong, but the quality is much better.

Is Starbucks coffee per cup size more expensive than Dunkin?

Yes. Starbucks is considered to have the most expensive coffee among the two coffee retailers. The only difference is when it comes to the hot coffee category where Dunkin now has expensive cups to offer.

Can one get a trenta frappucino?

No. Unfortunately, the trenta comes in limited beverages. Frappuccino, espresso drinks, iced tea lattes, nitro cold brews, and bottled drinks do not come in this size.

Why are cold drinks larger than hot drinks?

The cold drinks are larger because of the space that the ice takes up. For this reason, Dunkin and Starbucks ensure that they give you the same amount of coffee you would get for a hot cup, but with additional space for the ice. This also interferes with pricing, and cold drinks are more expensive than hot ones.

How many ounces are found in Dunkin’s large hot coffee?

The large cup size at Dunkin’s has 20 Oz in the hot offering. The medium cup comes in 14 Oz, and the small cup comes in 10 Oz. These cup sizes can be bought from all Dunkin locations.

Why can’t Starbucks just use small, medium, and large as their coffee cup sizes?

Starbucks is all about luxury and brand image. Using Italian names sounds classy, and most people just want to be seen drinking a Starbucks beverage because of this fact. It seems more sophisticated and exotic. Small, medium, and large would sound basic to them. It also represents the culture that the Seattle-based coffee house is built on.

Do Starbucks employees correct customers who order small, medium, and large coffees instead of saying short, tall, and grande?

Some may not really mind. However, there are others who stick by the rules and even correct the customers at the counter. It is good, therefore, to know what you want and learn the right terms.

What do the small, medium, and large cup sizes at Dunkin compare to at Starbucks?

Cup sizes are a bit complicated at Starbucks and Dunkin. The cup sizes between the two companies mostly vary in ounces despite being compared to each other. However, small, medium, and large cup sizes are considered to be the tall, grande, and venti cup sizes at Starbucks.

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