When does Starbucks’ summer game start? (How long is the Starbucks summer game? + More information)

Summer is here once more, and at Starbucks, it means time for fun and games. If you participated last year, I am sure you must be wondering, when does Starbucks summer game start?

The 2022 Starbucks summer game began on May 16th. The 2022 game has been dubbed “Road to Paradise” and is available on “starbuckssummergame.com”. I know a few people who got bonus stars and gift cards last year. The Starbucks summer game gives you a chance to win gift cards, bonus stars, and, if you are very fortunate, a new electric car. Read on to get more information on this year’s edition.

What is the Starbucks summer game?

Starbucks’ summer games are a sweepstake and a puzzle game open to Starbucks Rewards members. Anyone in the United States aged 18 years and over can take part by signing up for the Rewards program on the ‘starbuckssummergame. com’ website. You participate by either “playing” or “spinning” in the game. You get a game play when you sign in for the first time.

After this, there are 2 ways to earn game plays. The first way is by making a purchase using a linked payment, scanning your Starbucks app, or using a Starbucks card. To receive your game play, make sure to visit the promotion site and sign in to your rewards account.

As with other Starbucks promotions, you also have a chance to win without making a purchase. A form to fill out is provided at the bottom of the promotion site. An email with a unique link is sent to your email address. By clicking through, you have a chance to win an Instant Game prize or a Sweepstakes entry. A maximum of 2 game plays per day is set for each entrant.

When you have a game play you can “spin” to earn prizes. With each spin, you get a chance to receive a postcard. The 2022 grand prize is won if you get all 4 postcards, featuring an Electric desert, Moonbeams, a Recharge hotel, and a fourth hard-to-get postcard whose features are Unknown. Postcards will also win you instant prizes or a booster. You can win additional spins by completing challenges, including earning 25 or 50 stars in one order, redeeming 50 stars, pre-ordering using the Starbucks app, buying 2 iced drinks together, or a non-dairy sip, or even loading your Starbucks card.

How do you start a Starbucks summer game?

To start a summer game, access starbuckssummergame.com, also known as the Promotion Site, and sign in to your Starbucks Rewards account. The first time you sign up for the game, you get one free game play. You earn additional game plays each day when you purchase a qualifying Starbucks in-store item, when you complete tasks, or even without making a purchase, by filling out and submitting an online form.

How long is the Starbucks summer game?

Starbucks’ summer game runs for 33 days, which is about five weeks. In 2022, the dates are May 16th to June 17th.

What are the Starbucks Summer Game prizes?

How long is the Starbucks summer game?

The Starbucks summer game prizes are a new Volvo XC40 Recharge 2023, instant prizes of Starbucks gift cards, and bonus stars.

There are 4 possible winners of the grand prize of a Volvo XC40 Recharge Electric Car with a ChargePoint Home Flex. This prize is valued at $84,449.00. Other than this, the game has six instant gift card wins. First Prize $100 Starbucks Gift Card, with 1,000 possible winners; Second Prize $75 Starbucks Gift Card with 1,000 possible winners; Third Prize $50 Starbucks Gift Card with 2,000 possible winners; Fourth Prize $25 Starbucks Gift Card with 8,000 possible winners; Fifth Prize $10 Starbucks Gift Card with 10,000 possible winners, and Seventh Prize $5 Starbucks Gift Card with 10,000 possible winners.

It also has six instant win bonus stars, comprising of: Sixth prize 30 bonus stars with 15,000 possible winners; Eighth prize 150 bonus stars with 24,000 possible winners; Ninth prize 50 bonus stars with 28,500 possible winners; and Tenth prize 25 bonus stars with 1,150,000 possible winners. Eleventh Prize 10 Bonus Stars with a potential winner pool of 1,200,000 and Twelfth Prize 5 Bonus Stars with a potential winner pool of 2,600,000

There are about 5 million random winning instants in the 2022 summer game.

Final Thoughts

The Starbucks summer game is a creative avenue that the company has used to promote products and the use of electronic payment systems. The number of potential winners is high and can be exciting. However, it remains to be seen how many people actually win prizes in the sweepstake.

FAQ Section

1. How often are Starbucks summer games?

The Starbucks Summer Games is a promotion that runs every year in the summer. 2022 is the sixth edition. Before Starbucks’ summer games, the company ran a Starbuck for Life-summer edition promotion.

2. When does Starbucks’ summer game end?

The 2022 edition ends on June 17th, after 33 days of play, spins, and wins.

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