Does Starbucks Support the Military? (What is a Starbucks Family Store + More Information)

Military life is challenging, especially when the members leave their families for deployment. They need adequate support from corporations and organizations. Hence, you may wonder, as a corporation, does Starbucks support the military?

I have read stories of military members leaving their two-month-old children or bed-ridden spouses for deployment. Almost everyone is familiar with the pain of moving away from family or close friends for a while. When I learned the impact the war has on the military, I realized that there is a need for everyone to support the individuals. Starbucks supports the military by employing veterans, contributing funds to organizations that support their mental health, donating coffee packages, creating family military stores, and offering free coffee on Veterans’ day.

Starbucks partnerships to promote mental health among military members

Starbucks commits to supporting the well-being of military members and their families through collaboration with partners. It donates funds to these partners, who help the military in different ways.

On November 11, 2021, Veterans’ Day, Starbucks donated 25 cents from every cup of hot brewed coffee sold nationally that day to their partners Team RWB (Red, White & Blue) and Headstrong. They shared the amount to support the welfare of military members. Further, Starbucks divided $5 equally to Operation Guide and Blue Star families for every activation of a new Starbucks Military eGift Card in May 2021.

Team RWB

Starbucks Support for the Military

Starbucks has supported Team RWB since 2017. It has helped the organization reach more military communities. Team RWB helps American veterans enrich their lives. They establish events and exercise programs across approximately 200 regions in the nation through their supporters. The donation from Starbucks has helped Team RWB organize activities that remove the veterans from isolation. For example, they get outside for runs and connect with other people.


Headstrong is an organization that offers free counseling services for military members. It provides psychological help to veterans and their families to heal the war trauma. The donation from Starbucks assists Headstrong in reaching military families in different locations and acquiring the needed resources. With enough help from the partnership, the organization hires expert psychologists proficient in dealing with veterans, especially those undergoing post-traumatic stress.

Operation Guide

Operation guide seeks to show appreciation to military members. It honors their service and creates opportunities for other Americans to express their gratitude. Through donations from Starbucks, Operation Guide sends care packages to deployed military members to lift their spirits and remind them that we all appreciate them.

Blue Star Families

Starbucks Military Support

Blue Star Families organizes community events that assist military families to feel connected. For example, the organization supports new mothers left with young children by ensuring they have basic amenities.

Starbucks’ donations help Blue Star Families establish events that bring military families together so they can feel safe in their communities. For instance, community events support the families because they do not feel alone, which improves their mental health.

Starbucks military commitment

Starbucks hires veterans and their military spouses to help them switch to civilian life. According to Starbucks statistics, it has employed over 30,000 veterans and their partners since 2013. The employment assists the veterans in improving their mental health because they engage in the communities and do not feel isolated. Moreover, they get opportunities to utilize their skills and develop new passions that change their lives positively.

Further, the Starbucks military commitment supports active members deployed across the world. For example, by October 2021, it had donated over four million coffee cups with whole-bean coffee to the members’ locations. In addition, Starbucks offers free 12 ounces cup of hot brewed coffee on Veterans’ Day to active military members, veterans, and their spouses.

Does Starbucks do military discount?

What is a Starbucks Family Store

Starbucks does not provide daily military discounts. However, active military members and veterans can enjoy other offers from Starbucks. For example, they can get free hot coffee on Veterans’ Day. Additionally, Starbucks has daily offers, and military families can look out for them.

What is a Starbucks Family Military Store?

A Starbucks Family Military Store is a coffee hub near military bases countrywide that serves veterans, the community, active military members, and families. They help create connections among military families through organizing events to make them feel appreciated and connect with the community. Moreover, the Starbucks Family Military Stores hire veterans and their spouses to enable them to adapt to civilian life.

FAQ Section

What does Starbucks do for Veterans’ Day?

It offers a free 12 ounces cup of hot brewed coffee to active military individuals, veterans, and spouses.

Does Starbucks do free coffee on Veterans’ Day?

Yes. Only active military members, veterans, and their partners receive free coffee.

Does Starbucks pay time and a half on Veterans’ Day?

No. Starbucks does not include pay time and a half benefit on Veterans’ Day.

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