What does Starbucks Support? (What Organizations do Starbucks Support? + More Information)

Many companies use their profits for social good through their contributions to nonprofit organizations. So, what does Starbucks support? Let’s find out.

I have known Starbucks for its generous contributions to the youth, women, and girls through its Starbucks Foundation. I am always conscious of where I take my business and I would rather work with people who think about others and the well-being of society. Most people also feel this way and would want their money or at least a portion of it to go to a good course. In this post, we shall look at the organizations Starbucks support and you will see what your favorite coffee house stands for and contributes to.

Who Sponsors Starbucks?

Starbucks, in most cases, is always the sponsor through its Starbucks Foundation. The Starbucks Foundation which was established in 1997 has impacted people in amazing ways with numerous sponsorships and grants around the world. These grants include youth empowerment, hunger relief, inclusion and diversity, and coffee and tea farmers worldwide.

In 2021, the foundation prioritized global community impact grants, a drive that was launched in 2022. The Starbucks Foundation has also been at the forefront of giving neighborhood grants. The beneficiaries were chosen by the Starbucks partners in 2019 who nominated over 2500 organizations that benefited from $5 Million grants.

The foundation has instilled disaster response programs in the prone communities to strengthen preparedness. This program swung into action after the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The foundation responded by giving emergency assistance and a path to recovery and resilience in over 400 neighborhoods. Some of the notable events include the Australian wildfires, the port explosion in Beirut, and hurricanes in the United States.

What are Starbucks’ Core Competencies?

What Organizations do Starbucks Support?

Starbucks has stood on five core competencies since its establishment. They include resolute quality focus, exceptional customer care services, care for its partners, the continuous advancement of its products, and a drive to be available everywhere.

The focus on improvement of its quality has been seen in Starbucks’ partnerships with top players in the industry such as Nestle and Teavana tea to offer the best quality of coffee and tea. The company has continuously updated its menu and added more items to the list to add variety to its customers and has opened stores in most major cities worldwide.

Starbucks has always emphasized top-notch customer service to its partners. The company knows the importance of treating customers well. I can attest to this as I have never had any nasty episodes at any of its stores. However, there is always a rotten potato in every bag. Starbucks faced a great nightmare after some of its employees had two African-American gentlemen arrested for sitting in their store in April 2018. However, the company organized a racial awareness campaign for its employees to avoid future occurrences.

What Milestones is Starbucks Known for?

Starbucks has achieved many milestones since it was first established in 1971. In 2019, Starbucks celebrated the global milestone of opening its 30,000th store in Shenzhen, China in 50 years. Starbucks has continued on this trend and has added 2000 more in recent times. The same year saw the opening of Starbucks’ largest store in Michigan with over 200 employees.

In July 2017, Starbucks coughed out $1.3 Billion for the remaining 50% stake in Uni-president Enterprises Corporation (UPEC) and President Chain Store Corporation. Three years earlier in 2014, Starbucks had transitioned from a singular worldwide brand to a more local approach where products would be designed based on the tastes and preferences of the local community of each store.

In 2009, the coffee giant launched its Starbucks app. In-app payments, however, came much later in 2011. By the close of 2014, the app offered mobile pre-order and pay and has continued to do so till today.

What Organizations do Starbucks Support?

Starbucks has been known to fund the Planned Parenthood organization through its corporate donations. This has been an issue of controversy between the pro-life and pro-choice groups in the world.

Most of Starbucks’ philanthropic support is done through its Starbucks Foundation. In Latin America, this foundation has partnered with Alsea Foundation to support youth and hunger relief. Through its origin grants, the foundation has expanded its wings to include 1 million women and girls. It has partnered with nonprofit organizations such as the Wakami foundation in Guatemala for this cause.


What is Starbucks’ Vision Statement?

The vision statement is to establish Starbucks as the best source of the premium coffee in the world while preserving their uncompromising values while they develop.

What is Starbucks’ current Mission?

The mission statement is to motivate and cultivate the human spirit – one cup, one person, and one locality at a time.

What are the values of Starbucks?

Creating a culture of friendliness and belonging, acting with valor, challenging the status quo, being present, connecting with transparency, poise and respect, and holding ourselves liable for results.

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