Does Starbucks Cover IVF? (Does Starbucks give IVF Insurance Coverage to Employees? +More Information)

Many people continue to struggle with infertility, but technology has made it possible for couples to enjoy parenthood. Many companies do not cover IVF insurance in their health covers, but does Starbucks cover IVF?

Yes, it does. Starbucks is one of the few companies that offer IVF insurance to its employees. This came to my attention when I read about an employee’s struggle with infertility and how she is now a proud mother of a beautiful baby thanks to the Starbucks insurance cover. What came as a surprise was that the employee was a part-time worker. It is quite impressive for a company to offer such a wonderful gift to its workers. Infertility is still a great struggle and IVF is also not affordable to all. Health insurance with this option is a gift to employees.

Does Starbucks give IVF Insurance Coverage to its Employees?

Yes, it does and what is more impressive is that it is available to both full-time and part-time employees. The company offers this service to all eligible employees. A Starbucks employee was once reported to have asked for employment at Starbucks just to get the IVF insurance cover. She said that she takes home zero dollars, but walks away with a top health insurance cover.

This can only mean that she works another job and only works for Starbucks for insurance. It works for both Starbucks and the employees, so it’s a win-win situation. The coffee giant made this announcement in 2019 and added that the cover would include surrogacy reimbursement. Starbucks has been known to be at the forefront of supporting new technology to improve the lives of its people.

How Does Starbucks IVF Insurance Coverage Work?

Starbucks IVF Insurance Coverage

The fertility coverage offers a payment of $ 10,000 per event and a life cover of $30,000. This cover caters to all employees including baristas, dishwashers, and all those who are eligible. The 10,000 dollars cater for any attempted or successful procedure. The 30,000 dollars insurance policy is a lifetime cover.

All you need to do to qualify for the cover is be a partner of Starbucks for three months. This cover is available for both men and women who suffer from any fertility issues. This coverage has been known to attract all sorts of employees. Others have quit their lucrative jobs and become Starbucks baristas just to get access to this cover. If you look at the benefits, they are worth the sacrifice. Other fertility procedures and medication covers have a different amount attached to them.

How long do You Have to Work at Starbucks to Get the IVF Benefits?

Does Starbucks give IVF Insurance Coverage to Employees?

One employee said that she became eligible after working for 240 hours. This is 3 months since employment for part-time workers and the first day of the second month of employment for full-time workers. The three months must be consecutive for one to qualify. This is why many people are opting to take a job at Starbucks to benefit from the cover. IVF coverage is available for those who work in the Mainland USA.


The IVF insurance cover by Starbucks has changed numerous lives and given them a chance at parenthood. People continue to benefit from these kinds of schemes as they work for this giant coffee store. It is a job well done by Starbucks.

FAQ Section

How much does IVF Cost?

In most fertility clinics, the IVF charges are $ 12,000-14,000 for one cycle. Other fertility treatments are significantly cheaper.

Does Starbucks IVF insurance cover all employees?

Yes, it does. It covers all employees including dishwashers and baristas.

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