Why does coffee sometimes taste like chocolate (what makes coffee taste like chocolate + more information)

Coffee lovers understand its distinctive taste and will always know if the taste is different, especially when it tastes like chocolate. But why does coffee sometimes taste like chocolate?

Sometimes, coffee tastes like chocolate because of the origin of the coffee beans used and the roast level of the coffee beans. Coffee and chocolate are excellent-tasting drinks that I like, but I get disappointed when I get the chocolate taste when I am craving coffee. Sometimes I like the blend of the two flavors. Recently, I complained fervently to my local coffee house when they delivered chocolate-tasting coffee. I thought they added chocolate to my drink, and I was not impressed. Have you ever had such an experience? Read on, because I will tell you why sometimes coffee tastes like chocolate.

What makes coffee taste like chocolate?

Coffee tastes like chocolate because of the roast level of coffee beans and the origin of the coffee beans.

Roast level of the coffee beans

what makes coffee taste like chocolate

The roast level of coffee beans is a significant factor influencing coffee’s taste. Coffee beans have a soft texture and a light color when harvested. They, however, become dark and hard because of roasting. Roasting involves exposing the coffee beans to hot temperatures to harden them for grinding. It also enhances the flavor of the coffee produced.

Roasting is done at different temperatures and different periods. Therefore, the roasting process produces varying types of coffee beans. The roast levels include light, medium, medium dark and dark. For light roast levels, beans are exposed at low temperatures and for a short period, while dark roast levels are exposed at high temperatures and for more extended periods.

The roast level determines the concentration, flavor and color of coffee. In this case, coffee beans produce chocolate flavor at the medium-dark roast level. The coffee produces the chocolate flavor because, at this roast level, the sugar in coffee beans starts to caramelize. The caramelization of the sugar in the coffee beans produces the chocolate or cocoa flavor. However, when the coffee beans are roasted at dark levels, the caramelized sugar burns and loses the chocolate flavor.

Origin of the coffee beans

Coffee is grown in different regions across the world. Coffee taste varies on the area where it is grown. Some areas are known to grow coffee that has chocolate flavors. In most cases, low-attitude regions produce coffee beans that have chocolate flavor. For instance, coffee grown in Brazil, Guatemala, and Colombia produces coffee beans with chocolate flavors. On the other hand, coffee grown in high-altitude regions does not produce coffee beans with chocolate flavor. Such areas include Kenya and Ethiopia.

Which coffee beans taste like chocolate

Coffee beans that taste like chocolate include Cameron’s Coffee Chocolate Covered Cherry, Door County Coffee Mocha Mint, Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Chocolate Flavored Ground Coffee, and Jim’s Organic Coffee – Double Chocolate.

Cameron’s Coffee Chocolate Covered Cherry

The coffee is made from light roast coffee and blends with chocolate. It is an excellent coffee if you don’t like the bitter coffee taste that is characteristic of coffee at dark-medium and dark roast levels. You will enjoy the coffee-chocolate flavor without enduring a bitter coffee taste. Additionally, the brand has cherry undertones that make it taste even better. The cherry flavor is unique and much desirable.

Door County Coffee Mocha Mint

Why does coffee sometimes taste like chocolate

The coffee is made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans at a medium roast. It is then blended with chocolate mint, which significantly improves its taste. The medium roast coffee is excellent for you if you prefer coffee without the bitter taste. The chocolate mint makes it delicious, and you will crave more.

Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Chocolate Flavored Ground Coffee

This brand provides coffee only made from quality arabica coffee beans. It is made using organic coffee and uses only natural flavors. Organic products are characteristically expensive, but this brand is relatively affordable and does not compromise on coffee standards.

Jim’s Organic Coffee – Double Chocolate

This brand is organic and has an excellent chocolate flavor. The chocolate flavor is natural and a good complement to organic coffee. Experienced coffee lovers and newcomers will enjoy the coffee from light roast beans that do not produce the characteristic bitter flavor in dark or medium dark roasts.

What to order when you want coffee that tastes like chocolate

You can always get coffee that tastes chocolate from your favorite coffee shop – order Caffe mocha. A Caffe mocha is prepared using two espresso shots with an ounce of chocolate powder, chocolate syrup, and steamed milk. Request the barista to top it with chocolate shaving and whipped cream. Alternatively, you can request hot chocolate with added espresso. Add two espresso shots so the chocolate flavor does not dominate the drink.

The Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino is a coffee-based drink with a chocolate taste. It is made of mocha syrup, coffee, Frappuccino syrup, whole milk, whipped cream, chocolate cookie grind topping and ice. You can ask for extra chocolate cookie grind topping if you prefer an intense chocolate taste.

Additionally, the Starbucks Java chip Frappuccino is an excellent coffee drink with a chocolate taste. The drink is made of Mocha Sauce, coffee, Frappuccino syrup, whole milk, Frappuccino chips, whipped cream and ice. This cold drink will provide a perfect coffee-chocolate flavor.

Finally, you can order Starbucks Iced Chocolate Almond milk Shaken Espresso, made of chocolate malt powder, espresso, almond milk, and ice. The iced drink has an excellent flavor of coffee and chocolate and will cool you down on a hot summer day.

Final thoughts

Most coffee shops, especially Starbucks, allow customers to customize their drinks, and you can always add some chocolate toppings to your favorite coffee drinks.

FAQ section

Does coffee taste better with chocolate?

Coffee tastes good with chocolate. However, it is a matter of preference because some like it while others don’t.

Should I drink coffee that tastes like chocolate?

If you love chocolate and coffee tastes, you should try blending them, and you will likely love the combination.

Does coffee that tastes like chocolate have more caffeine?

Coffee that tastes like chocolate is made from beans at dark medium roast level. Darker roast levels produce coffee with less caffeine content. Therefore, coffee that tastes like chocolate because of its roast level is likely to have slightly less caffeine.

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