How long after taking vitamins can I drink coffee (can I take vitamins with coffee? + More information)

An extra boost of coffee is always worth it as it increases your energy levels. However, if you are on your supplements you might wonder, “How long after taking vitamins can I drink coffee?”

You should wait for a few hours after taking vitamins for you to drink your coffee. However, if you have already drunk it, you can take your vitamins after about 15 minutes or more. This is because it is not advisable to take coffee with your vitamins as it reduces the concentration and absorption of nutrients present in your vitamins in your body.

I was not aware of this until recently when I went for my monthly medical checkups. My doctor was keen enough to mention that I should observe the time frames between taking my vitamins and drinking my coffee, as I am a huge coffee lover.

Therefore, you can always reap the maximum benefits of your vitamins without sacrificing your coffee if you do not take them at the same time.

What happens when I take vitamins and coffee together?

When you take coffee and vitamins together, the tannins and caffeine in coffee interfere with the concertation and absorption of vitamin nutrients in your body.

Caffeine fastens the digestive process hence making food move down your digestive tract at a fast pace.

When you take your multivitamin with caffeine, it will also move quickly down the track hence providing less time to be absorbed by the body.

Furthermore, caffeine increases urination hence decreasing the concentration of vitamins that are soluble in water, like vitamin C and vitamin B complex in the body.

Does coffee affect the absorption of vitamins?

How long after taking vitamins can I drink coffee

Yes, coffee affects the absorption of vitamins. This is because the caffeine present in coffee fastens the digestive process hence giving your body limited time to absorb the nutrients and vitamins in your multivitamins.

Additionally, coffee contains tannins that can decrease the absorption of your multivitamin if it has iron. Tannins limit nonheme iron absorption, an iron mostly found in supplements having iron or plant-based foods.

Therefore, if your vitamins have iron, you can take it with a Vitamin C-rich juice like orange juice to increase its absorption.

How long does it take for vitamins to be absorbed?

How long it takes for your body to absorb vitamins depends on the food you have eaten. Your body utilizes minerals, micronutrients, and vitamins while it digests the food you have eaten at different points across the digestive tract.

The absorption process can therefore take about three to six hours depending on the amount you have consumed.

The period your body will take to absorb vitamins will also depend on the form you consume your vitamins, through supplements or food.

Vitamins present in supplements are rapidly absorbed in the body compared to those in food. For example, when vitamins reach the small intestines, they can be absorbed within minutes.

What vitamins are depleted by caffeine?

Caffeine can deplete vitamins like vitamin B6 as well as interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals like B vitamins, Vitamin D, calcium, Vitamin C magnesium, and iron.

Caffeine depletes B vitamins in the body by flushing them out as soon as they are consumed. This is because these vitamins are highly water-soluble and are flushed out with increased urination caused by caffeine.

Furthermore, caffeine disrupts the metabolism of various B vitamins like thiamine.

Consequently, caffeine depletes vitamin D by inhibiting its receptors. Caffeine achieves this by reducing vitamin D receptors’ expression on the producing bone cells.

Additionally, caffeine can also deplete calcium in your body as it limits its absorption while increasing its loss through urine.

What is the best time to take vitamins?

can I take vitamins with coffee?

Morning is the best time to take your vitamins. This is because taking your vitamins at night will limit absorption as digestion slows when we sleep.

Furthermore, some multivitamins like B vitamins will robe you a good sleep when taken at night as they stimulate brain function and metabolism.

However, the perfect time to take vitamins is still debatable among several experts, as others argue you should take vitamins at night since your body gets nutrients from food during the day.

Generally, doctors will advise you on the best time to take your multivitamins, depending on which one you are taking.

How long after drinking coffee should I take my vitamins?

This depends on the vitamin you want to take. On average, you should wait for at least 15 minutes or more to take your vitamins after taking your coffee.

This is because coffee is caffeine is diuretic and will flash out your vitamins through urine. Therefore, to ensure efficient absorption of vitamins in your body, you should consume coffee at the same time you are taking your vitamins.

FAQ Section

Can I drink coffee after taking vitamin B12?

No. Though there are no significant interactions between caffeine and vitamin B12, this vitamin is highly soluble and will be flushed out faster from the body due to increased urination that comes with consuming caffeine.

How long does caffeine raise your blood pressure?

You can experience a spike in your blood pressure for 30 minutes to an hour after drinking a beverage that contains caffeine. Your blood pressure is expected to return to normal after a period of three to four hours.

Can I drink coffee after taking vitamin D?

No, research indicates that caffeine interferes with the absorption of vitamin D in the body by reducing Vitamin D receptors expression on osteoblasts: producing bone cells.

Is it ok to drink coffee after taking vitamins?

No, this is because the tannins and caffeine present in coffee will interfere with mineral and vitamin absorption in your body.

Furthermore, it will reduce the concentration of vitamins in your body as you tend to urinate after consuming caffeine.

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