Does Dutch Bros take cash? (Can I use cash at Dutch Bros? + More information)

If you are a loyal customer at Dutch Bros, you are familiar with the various payment methods. However, if you are new to the store, you might wonder which payment method to use. Does Dutch Bros accept cash?

Yes, Dutch Bros does accept cash. However, Dutch Bros’ payment methods vary by location. I am a huge fan of Dutch Bros, especially their rebel energy drinks. In 2020, it was a bit frustrating for me while ordering at Dutch Bros as they had stopped taking cash due to Covid. However, I recently visited my hometown Dutch Bros store, and they now accept cash both for their online and in-store orders. I love paying in cash, mostly because I have grown to see my payment prefer cash payment options. Keep reading to learn more about Dutch Bros payment options.

Does Dutch Bros drive-thru take cash?

Yes, Dutch Bros drive-thru now accepts cash. However, in 2020 during the coronavirus peak, Dutch Bros stopped using cash and only accepted credit/debit or gift cards as the only payment method. This was a precaution taken by almost every restaurant to reduce the contact between customers and baristas, preventing the coronavirus spread.

However, now you can order at Dutch Bros and comfortably pay in cash. However, it is key to note that this depends on the specific Dutch Bros location you are ordering from. Most locations allow their customers to pay in cash.

Can I order online from Dutch Bros and pay in cash?

Yes, you can place your order via the Dutch Bros website or mobile application and choose to pay in cash. Dutch Bros offers various payment methods for their customers who order online. However, the different payment methods available vary depending on Dutch Bros locations and their policies for online ordering.

Generally, most locations allow you to pay using your Dutch Bros mobile payment app, deduct from your credit or debit card, or pay on delivery using your gift card or cash. Some locations allow all these modes of payment, while others may only allow one.

Therefore, always ensure you check with the specific Dutch Bros location you plan to order from and confirm their policies for online ordering and payment before you make your order. If the information is not available online, you can call the specific Dutch Bros store customer care to inquire.

What are other payment options accepted at Dutch Bros?

Does Dutch Bros take cash?
Payment options. Image source: Pixabay

Other than cash, Dutch Bros offers their customers a variety of payment options. You can use your credit or debit card to make a purchase at Dutch Bros stores. Most Dutch Bros stores accept major credit and debit cards like Discover, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.

You can also pay for your order at Dutch Bros using accepted mobile payment apps. Some of the apps accepted by the coffee house include; Samsung pay, Apple pay, and Google pay. However, not all these apps are accepted by every Dutch Bros location. Therefore, it is always great to confirm which ones are accepted at the Dutch Bros location you intend to visit before your visit.

A payment method accepted by all Dutch Bros participating stores is using Dutch Bros gift cards. Either way, always make a prior confirmation of the payment policies of the store you intend to visit.

Final thoughts

Dutch Bros allows customers to pay in cash when they make an order. They had stopped taking cash for a while during the Covid-19 outbreak, but they are back at it. However, the payment method at Dutch Bros varies depending on location. Therefore, it is not safe to assume and visit a Dutch Bros store blindly without information on their payment policies. Always check on the Dutch Bros website or call customer care to inquire about the payment policies of the store you intend to visit beforehand.

FAQ Section

Are there policies governing the use of cash at Dutch Bros?

There are some cash policies governing the use of cash at Dutch Bros. However, the policies vary by location and are subject to change over time. For example, some Dutch Bros locations do not accept cash from bills large than certain amounts. Like a bill of $100, you will have to use a soft payment method. Furthermore, if the specific Dutch Bros location you have visited is experiencing a shortage in small bills, they request customers who are paying in cash to pay the exact change required.

Can Dutch Bros return my money if I cancel my order in-store?

If you order your drink in-store and it does not meet your expectations, Dutch Bros will not return your money but will offer to make you another drink according to your specifications. However, if you paid in cash, some Dutch Bros stores will refund you.

Can I pay cash in-store before my order is done?

Yes, you can make your payment in cash before your order is completed.

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