Do Starbucks energy drinks need to be refrigerated (Can I store Starbucks energy drinks on a shelf or do they need to be refrigerated?)

Who doesn’t love the taste of a chilled energy drink? I was recently craving the Starbucks energy drinks because I love their extra flavor and natural sweetness, but this brought up an important question in my mind – does it makes sense to keep them on my shelf or in the fridge? I’m sure many people wonder the same thing, although common wisdom states that it is always better to keep them cold and drink them in this state.

As a general guideline, you will not need to refrigerate these drinks, but it is always best to do so before consuming the drink for the best quality and taste. Once you open the can, keep it in the fridge to ensure it lasts longer. They can last for up to 4 days in the fridge, compared to a day or two when you leave them at room temperature.

The question led me to do some investigation about their storage, and why it is a better idea to keep them at cold temperatures. Read on to see what that entails, and what you should look for when figuring out your Starbucks energy drink is safe for consumption.

What do Starbucks energy drinks contain?

Do Starbucks energy drinks need to be refrigerated

The energy drink offerings from the brand are quite recent compared to their other coffee offerings, and it is only set to grow. Their BAYA lineup of drinks is their initial attempt at the market, and you can get them in three flavors – Pineapple Passionfruit, Raspberry Lime, and Mango Guava. The drinks will appeal to you if you want energy boosts without the bloating you may associate with the typical energy drink.

Each can has 160mg of caffeine instead of the standard 180mg, and contains 90 calories rather than the 150 to 180-calorie count in most energy drink cans. It also adds vitamin C content, which adds a healthy antioxidant component you may not find in other energy drinks.

Instead of using ginseng or guarana as it uses in its double shot espressos, the drinks source their caffeine from coffee beans and berries. They also contain green coffee bean extracts, beta carotene, cane sugar that gives the drink its taste and calorie count, and white grape juice concentrate.

How long do Starbucks energy drinks last?

It depends on whether you opened the drink or not. Usually, the shelf life can go for up to 6 months if the drink is unopened and its container is in good condition, but opened drinks can go for a maximum of four days before showing signs of spoilage.

How you can tell the Starbucks energy drink has gone bad

Whether you refrigerate the drink or not, it is always a good idea to check for signs of expiration – after all, the last thing you want is acquiring health issues from consuming spoilt foods.

The first thing to check, similar to all energy drinks, is the expiration date. You will find this information on the bottom section of the can, and this is the official manufacturer expiry date.

The other tip is checking the can itself. If it appears ‘expanded’ or bloated, that may happen due to one of two reasons:

  • Poor food processing – indicates the can has bacterial or micro-organic infestation, and these are feeding on the content in the can. They produce carbon dioxide, which will make the can swell.
  • Hydrogen swelling – this will happen when the can’s sides are going through corrosion from the acidic components of the energy drink. Hydrogen gas becomes a byproduct of the process, and the can will swell.

The rule of checking the can will apply to any canned drink or food. If it is swollen, the food inside is already contaminated, so you should not consume it.

Additionally, you might spot some discoloration around the cap, which will indicate that some fluid escaped the can. This can also be a good indicator that the drink is not safe for consumption.

The best conditions you should store Starbucks energy drinks in

If your energy drink is unopened, the expiry date and condition of the can should guide you on whether it is best to drink it. Once you open it though, you will also need to add the storage conditions, because it will still go bad if the conditions are poor even with a faraway expiration date.

best conditions you should store Starbucks energy drinks in

To ensure the drink remains in good condition, always store it in a dark and cool area to avoid heat and sunlight exposure, which are responsible for energy drink spoilage.

You can consume the drinks after their stated expiration date, although they will need to show that they are still safe for consumption – like keeping them in good condition. There is one thing you should note though about these dates:

  • Expiry date – this indicates when the active ingredients in the drink lose their potency, or whether they are still active. Expired products are usually more harmful to consume.
  • Best Before date – this tells you what the manufacturer, Starbucks in this case, suggests as the best time to consume the product before it begins to go bad. You can work your way around this time, by storing it in the best conditions and leaving the can unopened, as it does not apply once you open the can. This date will also indicate the quality, so consuming the drink after the date means you are probably consuming a reduced quality of it.


Like all foods, Starbucks energy drinks can go bad. However, you can slow down the chances of this happening by ensuring you keep the drinks refrigerated and discarding them when they begin showing signs of spoilage. Pay close attention to the expiry dates and the condition of the can as well since these will be good indicators of the drink’s quality.


Does consuming Starbucks energy drinks weaken my immune system?

Not likely, as they do not contain detrimental ingredients in their composition. If you are unsure, you can always check the list to see if it may contain allergens or ingredients you are sensitive to.

Does Starbucks Double Shot energy drink need to be refrigerated?

This depends on whether you like it cold or at room temperature. It does not require refrigeration unless you enjoy the drink chilled. If you have opened it, it is best to keep it in the fridge as well as consume it within 4 days to reduce the chances of spoilage.

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