What is a blonde latte from Starbucks (How to order, how to make, nutrition + more information)

If you’re new to the coffee scene, you’ve probably just learned about the various coffee roasts at Starbucks and the beverages made with the coffees. So, what is a blonde latte from Starbucks?

A blonde latte from Starbucks is a latte prepared with the brewed Starbucks Blonde espresso and milk. However, the contents of this beverage can be customized. The Starbucks Blonde Latte comes in four sizes; short (8fl oz.), tall (12fl oz.), grande (16fl oz.) and venti (20fl oz.).

I prefer the balanced flavours of the blonde latte and whenever I’m craving a latte, the Starbucks blonde latte is my go-to. In this article, I have shared everything about the blonde latte at Starbucks, including its nutritional contents, ingredients, how to order it and how you can prepare it in your kitchen. To learn more about the Starbucks blonde latte, continue reading.

What is in a Starbucks Blonde Latte (Ingredients)?

The Starbucks blonde latte is prepared with the brewed blonde espresso and milk. Starbucks customers are also given the freedom to customize this beverage.

Note that Starbucks doesn’t guarantee allergen-free beverages in their stores, especially when unpacked. The blonde latte is prone to be contaminated with allergens because the equipment used in the store to prepare, serve and store, is shared. Customers who are prone to allergies should, therefore, be watchful when purchasing the latte.

How do you make Starbucks Blonde Latte at home? (Recipe)

How do you make Starbucks Blonde Latte at home?

To prepare the Starbucks Blonde Latte at home, the main ingredients you’ll need are; two shots of blonde espresso and one cup of whole milk (or any other kind of milk).

There are several ways of preparing blonde espresso shots at home. You can make the espresso shots either with an espresso machine, Moka pot, AeroPress or French press. Generally, you’ll need 15g-18g of ground blonde roast coffee beans for one shot of espresso. An espresso shot is a 30ml or 1fl oz. and you’ll require two shots of the espresso for this recipe.

So, to prepare the blonde latte, brew two shots of espresso using your favourite method. Then, steam the whole milk or whatever kind of milk you’re using and make sure there’s a layer of foam on top as the milk steams. Finally, placed the steamed milk into a glass and let it settle for a few seconds then, gently pour the hot blonde espresso shots on top of the milk and enjoy your latte.

It is crucial to let the steamed milk settle because this will give your blonde latte the nicely defined milk layers, that a good latte needs. If you prefer, you can add sweeteners like syrups, to your latte.

How is the Blonde Latte from Starbucks ordered?

You can order a Blonde Latte from Starbucks either at the store or via the app. To order at the Starbucks store, simply ask your barista for a “blonde latte” and specify the beverage size you want. Be sure to let the barista know if you’d like more or fewer blonde espresso shots in your beverage. The latte’s default milk is whole milk, therefore, if you want non-dairy milk, let the barista know. You can get the latte either in almond milk, coconut milk or oat milk. You can also add sweeteners to this latte. Additionally, if you’d like an iced blonde latte, request the barista for ice in your beverage.

To order the Blonde Latte via the Starbucks app, log into the app, under the menu, choose “hot coffee” and scroll down to lattes. Under the Latte section, select the caffè latte, choose your beverage size and move on to customizations.

To customize your blonde latte, choose your preferred milk under the milk section and then scroll down to “Espresso & shots options”. Under this section, select the number of blonde espresso shots you’d like and then proceed to “Espresso roast options”. Below this section, make sure you choose “Blonde espresso” and then under the cup options, choose the cup size of your beverage. Finally, place your order.

Nutritional information of a Starbucks Blonde Latte

Nutritional information of a Starbucks Blonde Latte

The Starbucks Blonde Latte has 100 calories in a short, 150 calories in a tall, 190 calories in a grande and 250 calories in a venti size.

Other nutritional facts of the short Starbucks Blonde latte are; 35 calories of the total calories are from fat, total fat- 3.5g, saturated fat- 2.5g, trans fat- 0g, cholesterol- 15mg, sodium- 85mg, total carbs- 10g, dietary fibre- 0g, sugars- 9g, protein- 6g and caffeine- 85mg.

The dietary facts of a tall blonde latte at Starbucks are; 50 calories of the total calories are from fats, total fat- 6g, saturated fat- 3.5g, trans fat- 0g, cholesterol- 25mg, sodium- 135mg, total carbs- 15g, dietary fibre- 0g, sugars- 14g, protein- 10g and caffeine- 85mg.

The nutritional information of the grande size blonde latte at Starbucks is; 70 calories out of the total calories are from fats, total fat- 7g, saturated fat- 4.5g, trans fat- 0g, cholesterol- 30mg, sodium- 170mg, total carbs- 19g, dietary fibre- 0g, sugars- 18g, protein- 13g and caffeine- 170mg.

Out of the 250 calories of the venti Starbucks blonde latte, 80 calories are from fats. Other nutritional facts are; total fat- 9g, saturated fat-6g, trans fat- 0g, cholesterol- 40mg, sodium-220mg, total carbs- 24g, dietary fibre- 0g, sugars- 23g, protein- 16g and caffeine- 170mg.

The nutritional figures provided above are based on a daily diet of 2000 calories.

What does a Starbucks Blonde Latte taste like?

Although taste is subjective, a Starbucks blonde latte has a smooth texture and is bright, subtly sugary and mellow to the palate.

FAQ Section

How many shots does a blonde latte have?

The number of shots in a blonde latte at Starbucks varies depending on the beverage size. A short and tall size blonde latte has one blonde espresso shot and the grande and venti sizes have two shots. However, a customer can request more or fewer shots. Therefore, same-size blonde lattes can have different numbers of blonde espresso shots depending on the customers’ preferences.

A shot of blonde espresso has 85mg and since a short and a tall latte have one shot each, the amount of caffeine in these sizes is 85mg each. A grande and a venti have 2 shots each which translate to 170mg of caffeine in these sizes.

What is the difference between a latte and a blonde latte?

The major difference between a latte and a blonde latte at Starbucks is that a regular latte is prepared with the Starbucks dark espresso and a blonde latte is prepared with blonde espresso. The Starbucks blonde espresso is made with lightly roasted coffee beans while the coffee beans for the dark espresso are roasted for longer.

Also, the amount of caffeine in the blonde latte is higher than the amount of caffeine in the regular latte.

Is a blonde latte sweet?

The blonde latte is sweet because the blonde espresso used has a sweet, bright and fruity taste.

Is a blonde latte strong?

The blonde latte is strong since its caffeine content is higher. With 85mg of caffeine, the blonde espresso used in the blonde latte has 10mg more caffeine than the dark signature espresso used in the regular latte.

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