How Much Does a Cheese Danish Cost at Starbucks? (How Big is the Starbucks Cheese Danish?+ More Information)

The cheese Danish is famous for holidays like Hanukkah, Easter, and Christmas. It can also be taken at any other time. How much does a cheese Danish cost at Starbucks? Let’s find out.

A piece goes for $2.90 to $3.50 depending on the Starbucks store. I love the holidays, and nothing spells holiday like a Starbucks Cheese Danish. This flaky pastry is a low-fat food item that is made of wheat, milk, eggs, cream, and butter. I prefer hot Danish and the Starbucks one always does the magic for me. The price is reasonable considering that you are going to get it ready and hot and the size is decent too. If you want a Starbucks cheese Danish, a Starbucks will have it at the above-named price.

Does Starbucks Have Cheese Danish?

Of course, it does. Starbucks does not just deal with coffees and Frappuccino but has introduced a wide range of food items. If you are bored and you need to spice up your traditional croissant, a cheese Danish is your best bet. I love the fact that it is low fat. Starbucks has continued to update its menu and includes various pastries like the cheese Danish. I love this pastry for breakfast as it leaves me energized for the rest of the day. A cheese Danish at Starbucks has quickly become a favorite among its consumers. The Starbucks cheese Danish is available at all Starbucks stores.

What is a Cheese Danish at Starbucks?

How Big is the Starbucks Cheese Danish?

A cheese Danish at Starbucks is comprised of pastry dough that is puffy and flakey with a buttery taste. It is topped with soft cream cheese at the center. If you are wondering why it is called ‘Danish’, it is because of the cheese used that has its origin in Denmark. The Danbo Danbo cheese is a Danish cheese commonly known as the Denmark national cheese. However, Starbucks prefers to use the Neufchatel cheese as it is low fat.

The Starbucks version is 290 calories, 11g of sugar, and 14 g of fat, making it suitable for vegetarians. It is always advisable to be cautious about allergens such as milk and eggs in pastries. The sugar plum cheese Danish at Starbucks is a dreamy combo of the puffy, buttery pastry puff with a cream cheese filling and a topping of spicy sugar plum. It is such a delightful and beautiful way to start your day.

How big is Starbucks Cheese Danish?

A piece of cheese Danish is 80 grams at Starbucks or 5.25 ounces. This is 14.1 inches in length, 11.3 in width, and 2.1 inches in height. The Starbucks one is light and puffy making it appear large. The cheese is concentrated in the middle of the pastry puff. Other items are also added. The weight of a cheese Danish is similar to six chocolate chip cookies. It cannot be described as huge, but the size is still decent.

Final Thoughts

You can spice up your mornings with this tea and coffee accompaniment. If you are tired of your usual croissants, this is the best item to consider as an alternative. The Starbucks cheese used is low fat to keep your health in check, and as we said, always be keen on the allergens especially if you have a known allergic reaction to any of the items used to make the cheese Danish.


What does cheese Danish taste like?

It tastes like a fluffy and soft croissant with a tangy, cheesy taste.

What is cheese Danish filling made of?

It is a mixture of cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar, lemon extract, vanilla, and sour milk.

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