Does Starbucks cold foam have sugar? (What is Starbucks cold foam made of? + More information)

Does Starbucks cold foam have sugar? If you are on a sugar-free diet or are thinking of starting and wondering whether Starbucks cold foam has sugar, this article will tell you all about it.

Regular Starbucks cold foam has about seven grams of sugar per serving but you can have it sugar-free as well. Recently, I had a barrister walk me through the details since the doctor had me cut back on sugar because I was recently diagnosed as diabetic. Since then, I have gone into deep-dive research to know what I can and cannot take. There are different types of cold foam. You can have it sweetened or unsweetened. Regular cold foam is normally sweetened with vanilla syrup so it does have sugar. However, there is a sugar-free vanilla syrup that can be added to the unsweetened cold foam, making it a sugar-free option.

What is Starbucks cold foam made of?

Starbucks cold foam is made of whipped skimmed milk made into a tasty smooth froth which is then poured at the top of a cold drink. In it, is heavy cream that makes it thick and foamy too. When sweetened, a dolce of vanilla syrup is added. It can also be unsweetened. There is 2% normal milk poured into the mixture and together, they are blended in a cold foam blender. Normally, this is what sits at the top of most cold Starbucks drinks, transforming each drink into absolute perfection. In some cases, cinnamon is included in the recipe and when sweetened, cascara may be added instead of vanilla syrup. Cascara is a type of naturally sweet coffee cherries.

Does Starbucks have an unsweetened cold foam?

What is Starbucks cold foam made of?

Yes, Starbucks does have an unsweetened cold foam. There is sugar-free vanilla that you can have as an alternative to the normally sweetened vanilla syrup. This gives it a decadent flavor but with no sugar.

Another option is to have it mixed with unsweetened almond milk if you also want to make it dairy-free. However, ordering it dairy-free will make it less thick due to the different textures. Though you can add cold foam to any drink, it is best to add it to cold drinks so that it does not melt into the whole cup. If you do not mind it melting, you can go ahead and have your unsweetened topping on any drink you fancy.

FAQ Section

How much sugar is in cold foam cold brew?

A tall cup has 5 grams of sugar and 30 calories in total. A grande cup has 7 grams of sugar and 35 calories in total. A venti has 7 grams of sugar and 40 calories in total and lastly, a Trenta cup has 8 grams of sugar and 45 calories in total. (source)

At Starbucks, how much sugar is in the sweet cream cold foam?

For a serving size of 16 fl Oz, the amount of sugar present is 14 grams. The total calories are 110. (source)

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