Do You Need a Health Card To Handle Food and Drink At Starbucks? (Do You Need a Food Handler’s Card to Work at Starbucks? + What You Need To Know)

As someone who has worked at Starbucks for over ten years, I understand the anxiety people often experience before securing a job. Up to date, whenever my family or friends meet someone who would love to work here, they send them over to me for advice. Many often worry that lacking a health card makes them ineligible for the job. Are you one of these people? Read on! This article is for you.

No, a food handler’s card is not an essential requirement to work at Starbucks. However, it is worth noting that depending on the location of the Starbucks where you work, you may be required by the state’s law to have a food handler’s card.

Do You Need a Food Handler’s Card to Work at Starbucks?

No, you do not. A food handler’s card is not essential to qualify for a job at Starbucks. However, this does not mean you should dismiss the idea of owning one. Complete a food safety course to obtain the license if you can.

Although it is not a requirement at Starbucks, you may need to have it depending on the location of the store where you work. For instance, in California, you will not be allowed to work at a food and beverage company without this license.

For your good, I suggest having a food handler’s card is safe.

How to Get a Food Handler’s Card for Work at Starbucks

Do You Need a Food Handler’s Card to Work at Starbucks?

To get a food handler’s card, you first need to familiarize yourself with the certification policies in your location. Take a food handler’s course, and do the exam upon completion. If you pass, you will be issued a food handler’s card. You are now a fully certified food handler.

It is important to take note of the deadlines if you live in a state where it is required. You need to obtain your license in good time to avoid penalties.

Final Thoughts

Having a food handler’s card is not a primary requirement at Starbucks. However, take the course and obtain the certification if you can spare some time. You will learn important tips on food safety and proper food handling techniques. Also, you may need to change locations to a state where it is required.

FAQ Section

Is a food handler’s card required in California?

Yes, you must have a food handler’s card to work in the food industry if you are located in California.

Do you get trained to work at Starbucks?

Yes, you will be trained. Afterward, you will have someone to guide you as you familiarize yourself with the job.

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