Why does Starbucks coffee taste burnt (This will surprise you! + More information)

When I first tasted Starbucks espresso, I almost spit it due to t eh intense burnt taste. With time the flavor grew on me, and I don’t even add sweeteners. The burnt taste comes from the high temperatures that Starbucks use while roasting their beans which causes them to produce a burnt and smoky taste.

I had this friend who thought the coffee was spoiled and threw it away. In this post, we shall tell you why Starbucks coffee tastes burnt. You will learn about the roasting process of your favorite coffee.

Does Starbucks use burnt coffee?

No, it doesn’t. You might have tasted the burnt taste, but this does not mean that Starbucks burns their coffee. What happens is that the processing of Starbucks dark roasts takes a little longer in high temperatures compared to other coffee houses. So, the coffee giant doesn’t burn the coffee but lets it sit a little longer in the roaster and becomes darker and smokier. You can get other less burnt roasts like the blonde roast for your espresso if you can’t stand the bitter taste. You can also add some milk and sweeteners to tone down the strong flavor.

Why does my coffee taste burnt?

Why does Starbucks coffee taste burnt

Your coffee has a burnt taste because the espresso beans took a little longer in the roastery to make them darker and stronger in flavor. This taste is deeply rooted in your coffee ground and has nothing to do with how you brew your coffee. If you bought a French roast or an Italian roast, your taste buds will be treated to a strong bitter taste. This can be rectified by purchasing a light roast which takes less time in the roastery. The flavor will be mild and still have all the caffeine in the world. Alternatively, you can customize your drink by adding milk or sweeteners. You can also add sweet syrups like vanilla to cover up the burn.

Final Thoughts

While some people are in favor of the burnt taste in Starbucks coffee, others love it just the way it is. Starbucks has come up with options such as its blonde and medium roasts for those who can’t stand the bitterness of dark roasts. If you can’t stand the burnt taste, go for medium and light roasts.


Why is Starbucks so bitter?

Starbucks is so bitter because it is made of bitter dark roasts that are roasted for long in high temperatures to give them a strong taste.

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