Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks: how do they compare?

Coffee is an excellent drink in the morning when you need your brain fully stimulated. I like coffee for its quality and when served in the best environments, which is why I get torn between Kicking Horse and Starbucks. I have been to Starbucks and Kicking Horse and have enjoyed their coffee. However, I wanted to understand their differences to get the best services and quality coffee. I decided to research and find out the best one, and in this post, you will understand how the two coffee giants compare and which is the best.

What are the differences between Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks?


Kicking Horse



The restaurant is spacious with a standard restaurant setting, including tables and seats. Groups of six to eight can comfortably sit at a single table. Has bright lighting.

The restaurant is spacious, with unique tables and seats that create a unique setting. The lighting is slightly dim. Tables can fit groups of four to eight.


It has 1,545 stores in 6 countries

There are 33,800 stores in 80 countries


The beverage menu has a few drinks

It has a diverse menu of beverages that is slightly dynamic due to the holiday drinks and the secret menu.

Price range

Fairly priced products

Relatively highly-priced items

Beverage sizes

The smallest drink size is 8 oz fl, and the largest is 24 fl oz

The smallest beverage size is 8 oz, and the largest is 31 fl oz

Environmental consciousness

Most of the packaging is eco-friendly, and there is a deliberate effort to minimize water wastage

Encourages the use of reusable cups and minimizes water usage.

Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks – How they compare

Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks


Kicking Horse has ensured that customers enjoy having coffee in their restaurants. They have made the restaurants spacious, creating ample walking and sitting spaces. The big restaurants are perfect for fresh air that is impossible to have in a congested setting. The restaurants are brightly lit, thanks to the artsy light bulbs that also decorate the restaurant.

Starbucks has made sure that customers in their restaurants enjoy an ambient environment by making the restaurants spacious enough and painting them with earthly colors. The slightly dim lighting creates a warm mood and a relaxed atmosphere. Some restaurants have excellent artwork on the walls and have comfortable sits.

There is no winner in this category because both have excellent restaurants


Kicking Horse has 1,545 locations, making it easier to access the restaurant and order from home. The aim is to increase the number of locations, especially in the US and Canada, so many customers can easily access it.

Starbucks is in 80 countries and has a total of 33,800 locations. The US has the most significant number of Starbucks and is easily accessible. The aim is to make it more accessible across the globe by establishing more locations. The locations also increase the beverage variety because each country has a unique demand.

Starbucks wins in this category because it has more stores making it easier to access.


Kicking Horse significantly focuses on coffee beverages and therefore lacks a great variety of beverages such as tea, smoothies, and fruit juice. The leading drinks on the menu include coffee and chocolate. Most restaurants have more food items than beverages on the menu.

On the other hand, Starbucks’ menu has a wide variety of beverages. Some beverages include hot tea, smoothies, juices, Frappuccino, lattes, cappuccinos, refreshers, and hot and iced coffees. During holidays, Starbucks increases the variety of drinks by introducing seasonal holiday drinks that allow Starbucks customers to switch to a celebratory mood.

Additionally, Starbucks allows customers to customize their drinks due to their various drinks. Popular drinks created through customization are featured in the Starbucks secret menu. Such a variety ensures that customers obtain their optimum beverage in terms of flavor and nutritional value.

Starbucks wins in this category because it has a wider variety

Price Range

Kicking Horse beverages and foods are affordable. It is, therefore, a great alternative to Starbucks, especially when your monthly coffee budget is low.

Starbucks beverages and food are relatively expensive. However, they are consistent in their quality.

The Kicking Horse wins in this category because it has slightly lower prices

Beverage Sizes

Kicking Horse provides beverages in 8, 10, 20, and 24 fl oz. If you need a more significant size than 24, you will be forced to purchase two cups.

Starbucks has a variety of cup sizes as they start at 8, 12, 16, 24, and 31 fl oz. You specify the size of your drink as you order.

Starbucks wins in this category because they have a wider variety of cup sizes.

Environmental Consciousness

The Kicking Horse has a coffee bag recycling initiative that ensures customers return their coffee packaging for recycling, thus reducing pollution.

Starbucks recycles its cups and has an initiative for reusable cups, significantly reducing pollution.

Both are winners in this category because they have initiatives and programs to reduce pollution.

Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks – A Comparison Overview

Kicking Horse Overview

How do Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks compare?

Kicking Horse coffee was started in 1996 in a garage in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It started roasting and brewing coffee. It was founded by Elana Rosenfeld, who is still the company’s CEO. It has 1545 stores in 6 countries, ensuring the company is competitive.

It specializes in roasting and brewing coffee. The company boast of having the best coffee roasts and the best-brewed coffee, from certified organic and fairtrade arabica coffee. The roasting process is done meticulously to ensure the production of the best-tasting coffee once ground and brewed.

Their coffee brands have exciting names such as kick-ass and smart-ass. They also package their coffee in dark charcoal packaging, probably to symbolize the level of roast of their coffee beans. The company’s mission is to produce some of the best-tasting coffee brands and to offer quality services to its customers.

Starbucks Overview

Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks

Starbucks was established in 1971 in Seattle and was founded by Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl. It was initially a coffee roasting company that specialized in freshly roasted coffee beans, spices, and tea.

The company has grown over time and has 33,800 stores in 80 countries, making it one of the biggest coffee companies.

The company specializes in making a variety of beverages, the most famous being coffee. Although they started with few coffee options, the company has grown its variety and has the widest variety of coffee compared to all other coffee houses. It also provides excellent online services to customers who order from home or office.

A fun fact about the company is that it produced beautiful reusable cups that caused people to start collecting them. Starbucks reusable cups were in great demand, and collectors paid premium prices to acquire them.

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Kicking Horse Vs. Starbucks

Starbucks is the ultimate winner over the Kicking Horse. The company offers a wide variety of beverages and allows the customers to customize their drinks to their taste and nutritional needs. It also has many locations in different countries. The locations are significant, especially with online orders. It is easier and cheaper to order from a store closer to your office or home than ordering from a distant store. Finally, Starbucks has a wider variety of cups; thus, one can pick a big cup instead of two.


Which is more popular between Starbucks and Kicking Horse Coffee?

Starbucks is more popular

What is the big difference between Starbucks and Kicking Horse Coffee?

The variety, quality, and prices of beverages.

Does Starbucks sell more coffee than Kicking Horse?

Starbucks sells more coffee than Kicking Horse.

Is Starbucks bigger than Kicking Horse?

Starbucks is bigger than Kicking Horse

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