Starbucks holiday blend (roast level, caffeine content + More information)

If you love coffee with elegantly balanced flavors, try out the Starbucks holiday blend coffee. Read on to find out more about it.

The Starbucks holiday blend coffee is among the coffee chain’s most popular coffees. This is because of its complex flavors with notes of maple sweetness and subtle herbs. I am a big fan of seasonal drinks at Starbucks, as the coffee house goes the extra mile to give us the most delicious seasonal drinks. The holiday blend coffee from the coffee house is not an exception, as it is among the coffees I can’t wait for. I was introduced to this coffee by my cousin, a barista at the coffee chain, and since then, I have kept returning for more. I love the different flavors in the coffee that balance out perfectly, making it sweet.

What is in the holiday blend from Starbucks?

Starbucks holiday blend coffee is simply a combination of rich Sumatran coffee with bright Latin American beans. This coffee is of medium roast to bring out its flavor complexities. The Starbucks website says its holiday blend coffee also features baking spices like clove and cinnamon. This enhances the taste and flavor of this coffee. It is important to note that no sugars are added to the holiday blend coffee from Starbucks.

What is the roast level of Starbucks holiday blend coffee?

The Starbucks holiday blend coffee is of medium roast. This coffee is roasted to bring out its flavor’s complexities and allow it to retain its high caffeine content. Additionally, because this coffee is a medium roast, it is smooth and slightly acidic. The roast level of this coffee gives it a vibrant, full-bodied feature, making it the perfect holiday drink.

Starbucks holiday blend coffee nutritional facts

Starbucks holiday blend coffee is relatively healthy. A K-cup serving of this coffee has 2.4 calories. The same serving has 0.1 grams of total fat and no saturated fat, equaling 0% of the daily value required. Additionally, this coffee has 4.7mg of sodium, no carbs, and 116mg of potassium, equivalent to 3% of the daily value required.

Moreover, Starbucks holiday blend coffee has no sugars and only has 0.3 grams of protein. This coffee also has some calcium content and no iron content.

How much caffeine does the Starbucks holiday blend have per serving?

Though there is no exact caffeine content of the Starbucks holiday blend coffee available online, most medium roast coffees from Starbucks have 65mg of caffeine in one serving. Generally, this figure ranges from 65 mg to 175 mg of caffeine, depending on the serving size you are using. The holiday blend coffee is strong and can keep you awake and alert the whole day. Additionally, it is essential to note that the caffeine content will vary depending on the amount of coffee you decide to use.

What does Starbucks holiday blend coffee taste like?

Starbucks holiday blend

Starbucks describes the flavor of this coffee as complex, with a taste profile of layers of maple and herbal notes of sweetness. On the other hand, the package of this coffee describes its flavor as a nutty, roasted, and sweet molasses flavor. Additionally, this coffee is sweet as some natural flavors are added. It is also made of baking spices. This means you might feel hints of clove and cinnamon while enjoying your cup of the holiday blend coffee. True to its description, this coffee’s flavor and taste profile are complex. However, you can be assured that it is smooth and with low acidity since it is a medium roast.

Does Starbucks still have holiday blend coffee?

Yes, Starbucks still has its holiday blend coffee. This coffee is always available at the coffee chain each year at a specific time since it is a seasonal item. The Starbucks holiday blend coffee is always made available on 3rd November alongside other seasonal drinks like the chestnut praline latte, caramel Brulee latte, toasted white chocolate mocha, and peppermint mocha.

Where can you buy holiday blend coffee?

If you love the seasonal holiday blend from Starbucks, you can easily purchase it from Amazon. To purchase this product from Amazon, click here. One bag of Starbucks holiday blend coffee is 10 ounces.

Final thoughts

If you are still wondering whether to purchase the holiday blend coffee this holiday, you have my go-ahead. You cannot afford to miss the complex and sweet flavors that come with this coffee. Additionally, it is quite healthy, and its caffeine content is enough to keep you awake all day. It is also less acidic and so smooth, and therefore you have no reason why you should not try it out. However, if you want a dark roasted version of the holiday drinks coffee, you can try out the Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks.

FAQ Section

Is Starbucks holiday blend strong?

Yes, the holiday blend coffee offered at Starbucks is strong as it has high caffeine content. Additionally, this coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans, meaning it is strong.

Does Starbucks holiday blend have sugar?

No, the holiday blend offered at Starbucks does not contain any sugar.

Is there cinnamon in the Starbucks holiday blend?

Yes. According to Starbucks’ website, its holiday blend is made of baking spices; therefore, there is a huge possibility that cinnamon is among the spices used in the Starbucks holiday blend. Additionally, a sip of the Starbucks holiday blend coffee will give you an aftertaste of clove and cinnamon.

Is the Starbucks holiday blend the same as the Christmas blend?

No, Starbucks holiday blend and Christmas blend are not the same, even though their ingredients are almost similar. The Christmas blend from the coffee chain features dark-roasted beans from Guatemala, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea blended with age Sumatra. On the other hand, the holiday blend combines rich Sumatra coffee with bright coffee beans from Latin America. However, historically, these two coffee blends were the same.

Is the Starbucks holiday blend the same every year?

No, the Starbucks holiday blend is not the same every year. Though the key ingredients are similar, the additional flavors are different, making this coffee unique each year. This year’s Starbucks holiday blend is made of herbal and sweet maple notes.

What Starbucks coffee is closest to the holiday blend?

Apart from the Starbucks Christmas blend coffee, which is almost similar to the holiday blend coffee, the Starbucks Reserve Aged Sumatra Lot .571 is the other coffee close to the holiday blend. The distinctive and complex flavors in these coffees make them almost the same. It is important to note that the significant difference between the Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks and the holiday blend is the roast level. The Christmas blend coffee is dark roasted, while the holiday blend is medium roasted.

When does the Starbucks holiday blend come out?

Starbucks holiday blend coffee comes out on 3rd November alongside other favorite holiday drinks like the caramel brulee latte and the peppermint mocha, among other seasonal holiday items.

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