What is the Starbucks medium Roast? (How it’s brewed, level of roasting beans, caffeine content, nutrition + more information)

Most of us have gotten used to the traditional dark roast coffee to give us the caffeine boost we need. However, on other occasions, you might prefer a lighter coffee offered by a lighter roast. So, what is the Starbucks medium roast?

Starbucks medium roast is a roast level that is not too light, which is referred to as blonde, and is neither too dark and is not heavy when brewed. This is achieved by roasting the beans until it produces an aroma similar to brown sugar. If you are looking for coffee that’s neither too heavy nor too light, the medium roast is the perfect blend.

I recently decided to diversify my coffee from just the traditional expresso, made from dark roast coffee. I decided to start by trying different roast levels, and I fell in love with the medium roast coffee. It perfectly balances the bitter earthy tones that come with dark roast coffee and sweet caramel tones that come from being roasted just right.

If you are looking for a coffee that will give you more caffeine per cup and not be too heavy, the Starbucks medium roast will be the best for you.

How does Starbucks brew its medium roast coffee?

Starbucks uses a variety of ways to end up with the best coffee for its customers. The type of drink you order at Starbucks will determine how your coffee will be made since different coffee types require different techniques.

Some of the methods that Starbucks uses are; the coffee press method, which is the most traditional method of coffee extraction, and it enables you to get the best flavor from the coffee as it does not use filters that would absorb the oils, which contribute to a well-flavored coffee.

Pour over is another method that Starbucks uses; it involves using a paper filter that is first moistened before adding to the coffee grounds. This is followed by a process called blooming, where you pour near-boiling water on the coffee grounds to saturate the beans and allow them to sit for a few seconds. This is followed by pouring the rest of the water and extracting the coffee into a different cup placed underneath the filter.

The last method that Starbucks uses is the coffee brewer, an automated machine that adds all the necessary proportions of water to the coffee. This is the most preferred method as it requires minimal effort.

According to Starbucks, there are some essential factors that need to be put into consideration so as to achieve the best taste profile in your coffee. The main factors are choosing the most suitable grind for the method of extraction that you will be using, having the right proportion of water to coffee, and lastly, the quality and freshness of the coffee play a considerable role in the final outcome.

What does medium roast taste like?

Starbucks medium Roast

Medium roast coffee has a deep caramel flavor with some notes of sweetness at the back; this is achieved by roasting the coffee beans for shorter periods of time than dark roast. Roasting the beans for shorter periods makes the beans have more moisture content in them which is what gives the coffee the sweet notes. This, however, makes them more acidic than dark roast coffee.

During the roast process, the coffee is roasted at lower temperatures and for longer periods. This allows the coffee to develop deeper flavors as the sugars caramelize slower. This also allows the beans to develop a well-rounded flavor which is desired by most coffee lovers in the market.

To identify that the coffee is at a medium roast, Starbucks has a timer for that since different quantities take different amounts of time. The employees also look out for a distinct crack that is heard during the roast process.

When coffee roasts, it produces two cracks; the first one is produced when the outer skin of the coffee bean cracks; this is a violent crack that is just like cracking popcorn kernels. The second crack occurs a few moments after the first one and is normally a less violent crack and is the bean itself cracking to release the internal pressure.

To achieve the best medium roast, roasting is stopped somewhere between the first and the second crack. The amount of time that is allowed to elapse after the first crack determines the level of medium roast; this leaves the coffee beans to have a brown color.

What is the nutrition of a Starbucks medium roast?

The nutritional content of a single cup of medium roast coffee is only two calories, and it has no carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. Coffee is not known for its nutritional benefits since it offers very little to no nutrition. Starbucks medium roast is no exception to this rule as it only provides a few calories per cup, no wonder we still feel hungry after a cup of coffee.

What roast level is medium at Starbucks?

Starbucks medium Roast- How it’s brewed, level of roasting beans, caffeine content, nutrition

The medium roast level at Starbucks is done until the beans achieve a brown color and the skin outside doesn’t have an oily sheen. To achieve this level of roast, it takes a keen eye and years of experience to know the sweet spot and know when to stop roasting.

To achieve the best medium roast level, Starbucks’ employees said that the coffee roasting stops at the midpoint between the first and the second crack. As discussed earlier in this article, the more time is allowed to elapse after the first crack, the deeper the level of roast.

How much caffeine is in Starbucks medium roast?

In an average shot of expresso using medium roast coffee, there are about one hundred and twenty milligrams of caffeine. However, the caffeine levels vary in different types of beans, but these values are for Arabica coffee which Starbucks uses in most of its beverages.

Research has shown that lighter roast beans tend to have more caffeine in them. However, the effects are not noticeable to the people taking the coffee. Since Starbucks like roasting to darker levels, their medium roast has less caffeine than other coffee houses. The lesser the caffeine levels, allow the person taking the coffee to experience fewer adverse caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

However, the darker roast results in the coffee having an acidic taste profile. This makes the coffee preferred more by coffee enthusiasts as it gives them the traditional taste profile that they are looking for. Caffeine has also been known to have antioxidant properties, which help in removing toxins from the body hence making coffee lovers healthier people.

Final thoughts

Starbucks offers a wide range of products. In recent years they have introduced lighter roasts of coffee as opposed to the traditional dark roast. The medium roast is among the latest of its additions. This is a perfect roast level for someone who wants a little bit of both worlds, light roast, and dark roast.

FAQ section

Is Starbucks medium roast strong?

Starbucks is known for roasting its coffee beans to achieve the most of its flavor. Hence It is medium roast coffee is the strongest compared to other coffee houses.

Does Starbucks use medium or dark roast?

Starbucks uses dark roast in its drinks to achieve the most flavor out of the beans to end up with a beverage with a rich flavor profile.

Is medium roast stronger than blonde?

Yes, medium roast coffee is stronger than blonde since it is roasted for longer periods.

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